Forum hacked was hacked. I have removed the old forum and replaced it with a new one.

Although not as bad as xiaxue‘s case whereby her blog and her 3000 emails were deleted by a hacker, its sad to see our 2000 over posts disappear.

I did not bother to trace the hackers as they seem to be foreign based. They seem to have found a bug in the forum script which enabled them to exploit it.

I hope the hackers are happy on their so-called achivement. I pray that the worst will fall on them.
By the way, Mr. So-called hacker,



I wonder if that script kiddie knows the basic rule of hacking etiquette. Never ever remove datafiles unless its necessary. dumbarse.

Organ Donors @ Atmosphere

They were excellent!! Absolutely amazing!
Their set was hard and what made it more unique is that they change tracks every 2 – 3 minutes.
The duo, brothers Scott and Matt Harris, have great showmanship as well. They dance, jumped around and played with the crowd throughout their entire set.

Scott and Matt Harris, also known as Organ Donors.
The event was also like a mini reunion for us old ravers. Those were the days where we would hang out at raves till early in the morning. Now everyone is too busy with their own lives.
Unfortunately, the beginning of the night didn’t start well for us. We were hoping for free entry (9 of us) and we already had the sources to do so i.e. invitation SMS and guest list. However, the SMS invitation ended on 11:30PM. We were few minutes late. Then as for my guest list (many thanks to Jose), it was closed as well!! ARGH!
Fortunately, Edwin settled the matter for us. This wasn’t the end though. While taking pictures/videos of Organ Donors….
Me: O_O!!!
Is this the kind of service we customers deserve?? Where is the courtesy we deserve, man.
But nonetheless, here are 2 videos. Nothing much, just to show how is it like.
Since everything didn’t went well, I was about to plot an anti-Atmosphere club movement. But thank god Organ Donors played a great set, otherwise I would have publicly denounce my support for Atmosphere club. We should thank them for bringing in such awesome DJs.
The club was nice enough to allow Organ Donors play one last track before the night ended. Loads of people swarmed towards the Organ Donors for autograph right after their set.
I hope they’ll come back again!

Russell Peters – Comedy now!

Russell Peters‘s stand up comedy.
The older white folks looks confused right now.
Punani is a Jamaican slang for a woman’s *phewwwitt*
My dad thought it was a tropical fruit
One time when I was a kid I was sick and I was messing with my daddy.
He said, “Oh my god son you’re sick, what can I get you?”
I go Dad…I love Punani..
My dad went to the Jamaican store..
“Hey lady where is your Punani??”
“My son is at home sick and he needs punani right now!”
“Give me two!”
“Is it ripe? Let me squeeze it”
“No No No.. No seeeds”
Download now!
comedy now! – russell peters – complete.mpg.torrent

So U Wanna Meet My Dream Girl….(Part 2)

As promised let’s see how does Vivian Chow looks like 10 years later…
As usual after Vivian Chow went into retirement for a long while, she decided to make a come back to be spokeperson for some product (because the money in her bank account is depleting)

She has not change much.
She even do some shots for magazine which is good news for her fans.

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So U Wanna Meet My Dream Girl….(Part 1)

I have a confession to make. I admit that i am lazy and running out of idea to blog. Life is becoming quite mundane and routine…

So today i am gonna show you my Favourte Hong Kong Singer, VIVIAN CHOW!!!!

Vivian was known as the “Lady of the HK Pop Industry” because of her Lady like image. I can say that she is a woman that can be pretty and cute at the same time, my ultimate dream girl!!!

Here is the pictures of Vivian Chow, taken about 8 or 9 years ago (i think).

But she had retired from singing for a long time and live a very low profile life with her boyfriend.

Coming up next! Vivian Chow 10 years later =P

Last Dock Brief Session

Our legal aid duty ends today. Though it’s been 3 month, it seems that it’s been a long time.

It was a very enjoyable experience. We were able to meet many types of people, criminals especially. The first few sessions were hell for us, none of us got proper training everything ran on trial and error. Nice scolding from Magistrates and even bullied by men in uniform.

We have to dress in black and white when attending court.

In the beginning, we pitied the criminals. They lived in horrid conditions, abused and some didn’t have proper shower for weeks. But after weeks of exposure, our sympathy towards them is almost zero.
One of the most important rules we learn is never trust our clients. Many have lied to us and eventually exposed in court. It was embarrassing sometimes to find our “client” with 2 pages worth of previous convictions and we already told the court that our client is a first offender!

A shy criminal..
It’s actually frank..hehehe

Throughout our 3 months, we encountered grateful clients, ungrateful clients, difficult policemen, irritating people, HIV positive clients and even child molesters. Sometimes our clients cry and sometimes client’s relatives cry.

Eager relatives waiting for their love ones to be unloaded from the police truck

Today our client’s elderly aunt cried.

It was just a small theft case whereby our client wanted to post bail. Since the old lady couldn’t walk much and doesn’t understand Malay well, we assisted her throughout the whole process. There were 8 of us, dressed in suits, helping out an old lady.

Frank posing

We felt sad that our session is coming to an end. Hence, Kevin, Der Lin and I brought our cameras to take pictures. We took loads of picture ranging from our fellow colleagues to fellow prisoners. While waiting for the elderly lady’s application to be processed, we hung around the Court area and took pictures. Loads of pictures until we heard a man from behind saying, “eh..these people are students ah?”.

While waiting….


All good things must come to an end, I dread that this Dock Brief session has come to an end. I will miss the smelly prisoners, my fellow colleagues, the fun and laughter of the Friday Day Brief Batch 41 group. I doubt this would happen again in this legal life. To all new dock brief students, please enjoy every moment of it!

Signing off…

Thrash bin and of where we come from…

Remember when we were young, we used to ask our mummy and daddy where we come from and their answer would sometimes be,

“We pick you from the thrash bin.”

So whenever we pass by the rubbish dump site, we would somehow had a nostagic feeling for it.

That is where we come from?

“Hey look! There is where i come from. Hmmm…but it’s stinky place. No wonder, everytime after mummy bath me, she will put a lot of talcum powder on me.”

And whenever our parents got angry with us, they would say
“I wish that I have never picked u up from that thrash bin. There are plenty of nicer baby for me to choose from last time!”

Then you would have the picture in your head that everytime a man and woman get marry, they dig zealously at the rubbish dump site for a baby.

two women digging for baby?

And also that time when you were angry at your parents, you would look at the dust bin…

That was where we once live before our parents “adopted” us?

“Stupid dust bin, why don’t you have a cover so i can hied myself from this evil parents of mine.”

and not to forgot that time when you were unhappy with your parents because they did not give you enough allowance.

“AAAARG…i wanna get into the dust bin again and let a rich parents pick me!!!”


A friend iterated this story to me:
She was at a bookstore with her housemate. And suddenly she had an urge to *p00t*
She looked left and right and proceed with a silent killer.
Out of no where, her housemate popped out and said,
“Eh did you smell that? Smells like curry!! Smells good!!”
Friend: mmmm yes… smells goood eh…. hehe