Spice Up!

“Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what you want, what you really really want,
So, tell me what you want, what you really really want!”
The latest news in entertainment is that the Spice Girls have reunited for a concert tour this year! Remember Posh, Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby Spice? Yep, they are back as a group!

[screenshot from Yahoo! Music]

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Bah Kut Teh at Atria, DJ

One day, lost and hungry, my friend and I decided to try out this place for Bah Kut Teh (Pork Bone Tea) at Damansara Jaya’s Atria area. When we first arrived, we thought the place was rather deserted with only a table of patrons.
We are rather clueless when it comes to night places for good Bah Kut Teh, hence our choice for this new establishment.

Starving, we ordered the mixed claypot for 2, which had more vegetables than pieces of meat.

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Once upon a time in Hong Kong

Few weeks back, I was listening to one story iterated by DJ KK from 988FM. He was recalling his holiday with a tour group in Hong Kong few years back. In his group, there were, among other, a guy (“the Guy”) and a couple. Since pornography in Malaysia is banned outright, they decided to catch one pornographic movie shown in one local cinema.
With full of excitement, the gang quickly grabbed whatever snacks they could get and rushed into the cinema. The couple was seated next to the Guy – with the girl sitting next to the Guy.
According to him, it was pretty interesting.
Just as the ‘interesting’ part finished, the Guy said to the girl,
“you want…..want to try? :D”
The couple was shocked. Speechless. And then..

Singapore 21.6.2007 – 24.6.2007 – Part I

My trip to Singapore was excellent. It was a shopping + eating trip. I didn’t buy much clothing, only a pair of shoes but I spent RM140 on stamps related product. Heh.

On our first 2 nights, we stayed at one place by the name One Florence Close. It’s actually a one storey house converted into a hostel. Rooms are pretty small and the basic amenities such as kitchen and toilets are shared.

Despite these drawbacks, One Florence Close is extremely cosy. The owners took pains to decorate the place.

Living Room

In addition, there are 2 adorable Persian cats, Romeo and Pepper. Romeo is a white Persian cat, very playful but scratches if provoked. Pepper on the other hand is an opposite of Romeo. Pepper keeps a low profile and hangs out in the toilet, under the toilet bowl.

Romeo – caught in the act of licking himself

Pepper – Blinking (AHAHAHAHHA)

Romeo & Pepper’s plaything


Just a stone throw from One Florence Close lays one Chinese coffee shop famed for its Nasi Lemak by the name Ponggol Nasi Lemak and also TeoChew Noodles. I didn’t have the opportunity to try the famous Nasi Lemak but the Teo Chew Noodles was…zoomgg… EXCELLENT!
On our first day in One Florence Close, the owner, Cynthia brought us around the house. Then she showed us one of the shower rooms. Suddenly, the 3 of us froze. We stared at one blue apparel hanging in the room.

So there we were, staring at a piece of blue apparel for a good 3 seconds.


Guess what is it? 😛

One Florence Close
Tel: +65 90272702 / +65 62899005

The Good Listener

A friend of mine has always been praised as a very good listener. Most of our friends just love to confide in her. Apparently she is so understanding that sometimes the guys want to confide in her, too – as we all know, not many guys reveal their matters of the heart.
So I asked her what was her secret – has she always wanted to be Aunt Agony or a counselor or just born with a good pair of ears?
She didn’t want to tell me her secret. She just said that, “Not everyone wants a solution to their problem. They know how they want their problems solved, but they still want to vent out their frustration or anger.”
What boring advice, indeed. ;P
So the other day, I observed her as a friend of ours chatted to her about her relationship problems.
I felt so cheated! Hehehe.
First, she would look at the speaker in the eyes, and would nod her head accordingly at the right time. But I noticed at times there was a faraway look in her eyes – could her mind have been wandering? ;P
Then, she would often take sips of her drink at appropriate intervals, and say to the speaker, “Well, I’m sure you’ll be alright. You’re just angry, right? You’ll figure out what to do when it’s the right time….”
Bloody hell. She’s just a shoulder to cry on, actually…… I mean, I can do that, too!
Just pretend to listen. ;D

Say You Love Me!

A cousin and I were talking over coffee the other day. She told me that once, her boyfriend got mad at her for not saying “I Love You” in return. She always say, “Yeah, same here…” in reply. ;D
She and the boyfriend even got into an argument once!
“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SAY IT TO ME???” the boyfriend yelled at her.
I told her I had the same problem before as I wasn’t comfortable with saying “Love You” to end each phone call with boyfriends. Don’t know why!
But it’s not fair, isn’t it, when we have informed the boyfriends that we are not comfortable saying those 3 words as easily as calling them “darling” or “honey”, yet we are “forced” to say them after a while. ;D
Once, I was very sleepy and one boyfriend said, “Love You…” to end our telephone conversation. I automatically said, “Thank you!”
He wasn’t too happy about it. ;D
Then again, we’d probably throw tantrums and sulk and assume that our boyfriends don’t love us enough when they don’t tell us they love us. ;D Boys can never win!

Doraemon’s Ending – Part III

I blogged about Doraemon’s ending here and here.

I found another fan who created another ending for the Doraemon comic series. Not exactly Doraemon’s ending. More like Nobita’s ending.

(Read from left to right)

If you dont understand the story, it’s basically about Doraemon getting fed-up with Nobita and purportedly gave him a gadget that will help Nobita. All Nobita has to do is put the gadget into his mouth and pull the trigger.

Bang, it’s a real gun.

Unique Advertisement in Malaysia – Part II

Transliteration: ‘Change (motorcycle) Tube’
Recently, local newspaper, the Star featured an article on the mobile repairmen who roam around the city offering technical assistance. It was an interesting read as the above advertisement is quite common in the Klang Valley.
The Star interviewed couple of these repairmen.
Din, 42, is a clerk and has been a repairman in his spare time for the last seven years.

    “Although there is much talk about the Gang Paku, I don’t feel guilty because I am not one of them. I feel there are a few of them who do it but sometimes motorcyclists stare at us as if we are all guilty. I make an honest living and can fetch about RM3,000 to RM5,000 monthly just doing this part-time, especially since I am a mechanic,” Din said.
    “Over the years, I have placed my number at petrol stations in and around Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Buloh. Sometimes, I just can’t handle the calls, especially when some come in as early as 5am. The rule is, when a customer calls, he or she must agree on the price. If not, I would not go and fix the puncture. The normal rates are from RM20 to RM25. After midnight, repairing a punctured tyre will cost RM35,” he said.
    Din said he was especially pleased with the work as he was doing a good deed for motorcyclists.
    On the way: Zaili rushing to the aid of a motorcyclist.
    “My greatest reward is having a motorcyclist say thank you and this is all I need to keep going.
    “Besides repairing punctured motorcycles to feed my family, I also help my wife prepare traditional Malay kuih to sell in the market in Sungai Buloh,” said Din.

Mohd Naza Azhar, 27, one of the youngest repairman, said he does this job because he has to feed his two young daughters.

    “I travel about 300km daily and would sometimes use RM21 worth of petrol just to find motorcycles to repair. I also take money for workmanship for buying petrol for stalled vehicles and fixing car tyres. I use to be a despatch rider about three years ago and had to quit because my wife was pregnant. Now, I am divorced and take care of my two children – Nur Alya Shahira, three and two year-old son Mohd Hakimi Asraf,” Naza said.
    “I am proud of this job as there is cash everyday for me to save. At least I don’t steal and make an honest living. I start work at about 7am and return at 7pm just in time for dinner with my kids. If I am hardworking, I could earn between RM80 to RM100 a day,” said Naza, who is furious over the Gang Paku issue and would charge less for motorcyclists who have nails in their tyres.

Fazalee Mohd Pauzi, 32, said he became a repairman after his motorcycle was punctured and its chain snapped along Old Klang Road 11 years ago and a motorcycle repairman came to his aid.

    “Being a despatch rider and having a pregnant wife, I followed the repairman’s advice and took it up as a profession. Then, I practiced opening my own motorcycle tyre and replacing it until I was confident. I only had RM50 in my wallet for the month and brought a few motorcycle tubes, a pump and a tool set and began my journey, “ Fazalee said.
    “I still recalled the first motorcycle tyre I patched up was a Suzuki RC80 in Cheras and my hands trembled as I was fixing the tyre. It took me 45 minutes to repair the tyre compared to 10 to 15 minutes at present. Today, I have no regrets. I own a car and my income is stable although I have a daytime job as a driver,” he said.
    Fazalee stations himself at the Caltex petrol kiosk in Jalan Tun Razak from 9pm onwards while his friend Zaili Mohd Ibrahim stations himself at the Shell petrol kiosk in San Peng waiting for distress calls from motorcyclists.
    Bad deal: Nails like these are strewn along the road by a group known as Gang Paku.
    “I have been in this business for a long time and the customers I have are loyal. My numbers are not placed at petrol stations or others areas. Some motorcyclist would even owe me money and pay the next day. I do this because it satisfies me while taking care of my family,” Fazalee said.

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My Coke Can Collection

Last week, I returned home to find a group of workers cleaning up my Mum’s room. Mum got hold of a contractor to fix her floorboard and they had to remove everything from my Mum’s room. The contractor made a mess out of the place.
My coke can collection, which is placed outside my Mum’s room, was all over the floor.
Then I realised something. My coke can which I bought from Korea was in Mum’s room. It was opened! Upon inspection, I discovered that they have used it as an ashtray!

Me: Oi boss, I bought this from Korea man, why did you use it as an ashtray??
Contractor: oh, sorry. It fell on the floor and it broke. The coke gushed out. We thought of getting rid of it.
Lies!! Lies!!!
Liar liar!! tetek (tits) on fire!!
I bet he drank it!!
Damn, but I didn’t pursue further after that.
Unknown to him, I bought the coke can 3 years ago. Bet he loved the expired aluminium diluted coca cola. Yeaaaaa tasty tastttyyyyyyyy!