My neighbor complained of how all his shoes were stolen and he would just go to Uptown to find them and buy them all back. And have them stolen again and the trip to Uptown once again. Seems senseless to pay for the same pair of shoes so many times over. 🙂

There seems to be a wave of crime in my neighborhood these days. Some of you may know my neighbor, Hans and thanks to him, my ?chances of going out? leeway has narrowed substantially coz of him religiously reporting to my mum of all the crime that has been happening in our area. Thanks maannnn? *kicks Hans* Looking at it in the big picture, it?s a pretty noble thing to do but it only gives her more reasons to not let me out. Now all the amount of keychain alarms, pepper sprays, sharp weapons and people in numbers will be redundant to the eyes of my mum. BAH!

Today is a real ?painful? day. First, I was playing with my dog on the sofa when she suddenly felt like biting her own tail (why dogs do that anyway?) and she miss-cue, she bit my hand instead. Then while cleaning my room today, I dropped a bunch of bottles of nail polish on my left foot. After that, while taking my shower, I dropped my shaver on my other foot and now it won?t stop bleeding. Wah-LUN-neeehhhhh? really not my day today, man. Besides all these aches and sorts, I am still nursing a flu which has rendered my voice partially cataleptic. BAH!

This is a day for BAH!s

Here is a mini part of a conversation with YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE:

Dee: Tell me, do you love me?
YKWYA: Yeah, I do
Dee: How much?
YKWYA: Like flies to shit
Dee: (did I hear right?) What?
YKWYA: Flies to shit 🙂
Dee: ?.. wtf?..

Did he just imply that I am a piece of shit? Grrr?. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! But I love you anyway, you piece of shiiiiiiittttttttt 😛 😛 😛 😉

Yup, definitely a day for BAH!s?


poor gavin :D

Ha ha, poor Gavin. This few days are rather unfortunate for him. Firstly, a girl he was interested in insulted him (read Eraine’s website). Then he tried to text me saying, “By the time you received this message, I suicided already”. However, he sent the message to my mother’s helper instead (He got that number from my website). My mother’s helper kept on calling him.

And then yesterday, while we were at Dharoos, Gavin was waiting for the toilet. Then an Indian man came out from the toilet and told Gavin, “Tandas sudah rosak la (The toilet is broken)”. However, Gavin couldn’t take it so he barged into the toilet. He found a big pile of shit left by the Indian man. Ha ha.


Slept at 6AM and woken by loud chainsaw sound at 9AM. The annoying sound went on for more than an hour. I couldn’t sleep at all. It seems that my neighbour (the one my mother screwed her “fuck you”) hired people to cut down the mango tree that has been providing us with sweet mangos for the past 20 years. R.I.P MANGO TREE.

Peak District Adventure – Part II

Continuation from Peak District Adventure – Part I

Once we finish touring Chatsworth House, we had another problem. We don’t have transport to get out. Dad and I had to walk out from Chatsworth (it has a long drive way). It was so tiring that Dad stood on the side of the road, raised his thumb, to hitch hike. Unfortunately, no one was kind enough. We ended up on the main road and found a bus station. Unfortunately again, the bus to our destination, Castleton, doesn’t arrive in an hour. Castleton’s main attraction is an underground cave. It looks good from the picture. Dad and I had to sit on the roadside and wait.

We were subjected to cold chilly wind and hot sun. That explains why I’m down with fever now. There was once Dad ran towards a Peak District Ranger truck seeking help. However, the bloke had a little drink and he couldn’t even see the bus timetable properly.

Minutes later, a bus arrived. We asked the bus driver to take us to the nearest train station that could go to Sheffield. Unfortunately again, there aren’t any. We had to take the bus from the other side of the road to head down to Sheffield but the next bus would be in an hour’s time. He gave us an alternative route. He suggested that we walk to another town nearby to take a bus to Sheffield. However, it’s about 3 miles and Dad is too tired. Dad suggested that we hop into the bus and take a look around Peak District. We did. It was fun. We could see places that no tourist bus would bring us.

The whole area was hilly hence we climbed hills and enjoyed the aerial view of the entire Peak District plus the lovely country houses.

We managed to get back to Sheffield. All credits go to our lovely bus driver.

website back and skrine talk

Sorry about the down time, the server’s initial 3 hours downtime was extended to more than 24 hours.

Anyway, yesterday, Cynthia, Wen Dee and I went to an introductory talk about law profession at Skr1ne, one of the largest law firms in Malaysia. Initially the talk was supposed to be given by Mr. Lee, a senior partner of the firm but he couldn’t make it so Mr. Eow replaced him. Another lawyer, Mr Suaran gave a talk too. The talk was really good and informative.

Initially, we thought there would be a lot of people attending the talk but surprisingly there were only 18 people who attended.

The law firm occupies 4 stories with 200 plus employees and 90 plus partners. Their reception area was impressive but once we got into the offices, it looks pretty run down. However, the IT department (the one which I’m interested in) is literally full of GIRLS. WOO HOO. Furthermore, the law firm is opposite HELP College with loads of college girls. 😀

The trio cleared up a lot of misconceptions. For example, people say there are too many lawyers around. However, Mr Suaran said in his years of experience, he has never heard of any lawyers who were unemployed. Furthermore, there are 10,000 lawyers in Malaysia for 23 million people in Malaysia, since when there are too many lawyers?

Mr Lee said the law profession is like a marathon. It seems that most starting lawyers quit the law profession in 3 years time. Some couldn’t take the stress and nature of the work. The hardest and stressful part is litigation work, which involves going to court and arguing in court. Sometimes the judges would pick on you and for the girls, even sexually harass them. Mr Suaran gave an example. A lawyer wore black and white attire but his tie was green. So in court, the lawyer puts out his argument clearly but the judge said, “Mr Singh, I can’t hear you”. One pitch goes up, and repeats the sentence. The judge said again, “Mr Singh, I can’t hear you”. Another pitch goes up but the judge said, “I can hear you Mr Singh but I can’t HEAR you in COURT. Go get proper attire! ”. After all hardworking preparation for a case, such incident shatters a lawyer’s ego.

After the talk, we were given a brief tour around the 4 stories office. All I could see is a lot of papers stack everywhere.

I was stuck in the rush hour jam for 2 hours. I was so tired by the end of the night.

Sunday Football @ Balakong

Waking up early in the morning without proper sleep got me thinking. I was still in bed when the alarm rang for the 3rd time. My mind started off with,

“man..I’m so tired”
“hmm, I don’t think I want to play football later”
“I wonder what reasons should I give, ahhh..i could tell them my feet hurts (it’s true!)”
“bla bla bla bla…”

However, my body got up automatically and it brought me to the toilet to brush my teeth and wash my face. Man.. I want my bed!

Football wasn’t so good. We were barred entry to our initial football field cause we didn’t book the field. We tried offering a bribe to the guard but he refused. Then we went up to the administration office but the head of the department wasn’t there. Once again, the 2 employees who were there refused to accept our so-called bribes. He he.

We then headed to Balakong, a dodgy area with low cost housing. It’s a public field but a group of Indians demanded we pay money to them cause they maintained the place. Sick of running around, we paid them RM30 and played under the hot scorching sun for 2 hours.

atmosphere for meng’s bday

Sui Lin, Irene, Cris, Ben and I headed to Atmosphere for Yit Meng’s birthday. He opened 6 bottles of whisky! However, Meng couldn?t bring us in and we had to fork out our own money to get in. The KCC (KENT clubbers) members paid RM20 while, non-KCC members like me, pay RM40. Fuck up KCC, they kicked me out from the club cause I’m not a smoker. Ha ha.

Music was so-so. I thought the Japanese DJ was going to play hard techno for us but it was too slow for me. I want to fengtau!! (Fengtau = a typical Malaysian Ah Beng dance that involves shaking the head non-stop)

Anyway, Hi Eraine, Did you enjoy yourself just now? 😀 Oh yeah, Hi Ben and Nigel, nice meeting you guys 😀 oooohh..not forgetting horny fai, nexus, wheimeng, ccl, tmt and err..fuck it, bumped into too many people .

Meng was almost gone by 2AM. He was running away from his friends and took refuge at our place. My god, he was like a drunken chick, running around hugging people. I bet he doesn?t remember what he did, the next morning.

Alright, I got to sleep now. I have to get out from the house at 7:20AM to play football. Good night everyone.

Pictures courtesy of Sui Lin

Jungle of United Garden

Sometimes I wonder who visits my website other than the regulars who post messages here. helllooooooooooooooo…anyone care to intro? 😀

Anyway, here are 2 pictures of a place. Take a good look at it. Where do you think this place is?

Ok, it’s actually my neighbour’s backyard. Those mother fuckers havent been cleaning their backyard ever since they moved in.

Dad asked me to take photos of the garden so that he could complain it to DBKL (Kuala Lumpur local council). Last week, my tenant was down with suspected dengue and was admitted to hospital (trees tend to breed loads of mosquitoes). He’s alright now but he’s the 2nd person who was down with dengue within this past 12 months. Couple of months ago, my China student almost died of dengue fever.