Speedzone @ ZOUK, KL – 29 December 2007

Once again, www.xes.cx is proud to be roped to promote this event. Many thanks to the sponsors and organisers for the free tickets (for our readers and VIP tickets for myself).
Just a recap, well known DJ James Zabiela (JZ) was invited to spin at Speedzone which was held at ZOUK, KL. A simple contest was held on www.xes.cx and was won by 5 readers. This was the second Speedzone held in 2007 and in the first Speedzone event at ZOUK, KL, www.xes.cx was engaged to give out free tickets to its readers as well. Also in the aforesaid event, I won a helmet which I sold for RM1300 😀

2 of the winners, Khinko and Amos
The VIP ticket entitled me to a free flow of beer and cigarettes. Unfortunately, unlike the previous event, we are no longer allowed to bring our drinks out from the VIP section Further, unlike the previous event, we are only entitled to free flow of beer and not other liquor.
Since I won a helmet from playing the games at the last event, I was quite determined to try the games again. However, there were only 2 games and no helmet to be won.

Hen and I met up with Big Ben, Sam, the Bass Agents and gang. We were like nomads. We started off at Terrace Bar then to Zouk and then to Loft.

Sharon Dilirius has always been crazy over JZ. Her dreams finally came true – JZ spinning in Kuala Lumpur. Instead of throwing herself at him, she sat by the side of the DJ console to watch him play.
After the warm up set by Joey G, JZ started off with progressive trance and thereafter .. . err.. I don’t know… I left for Loft and Velvet.


New Years Eve Celebration @ The Curve – 31 Decembe 2007

I was torn between Midzone Countdown 2008, Ruums at Kuala Lumpur and Amos Ho’s party at his apartment. In the end, Ping and I decided to spend our new years eve at a club by the name Scarlet @ the Curve shopping centre.
As expected, Ping and I were stuck in a jam heading toward the Curve. We eventually settled for a car park far away from the Curve, which is around 2 KM away.
Kiang and gf on the other hand had to detour from Kuala Lumpur as many roads to Kuala Lumpur were closed for the New Year celebration. The four of us suffered the similar fate, we had to walk around 2KM to the Curve and were drenched with sweat by the time we reached Curve.

Ping & Kiang warming up!

The Curve
We were greeted with bad news by waterleg that Scarlet is full and unable to accommodate more guest. We had to settle by the roadside to watch fireworks.
Then one of us suggested that we buy beer to celebrate to occasion. Ping, waterleg, Kiang and gf and I set out to brave the sea of people at the Curve. However, upon reaching the main entrance of Cineleisure (another shopping centre next to the Curve), we were halted by the sight of “artificial snow” fight. Kids were seen running around with cans which emits snow like foam. I quickly grabbed my camera to snap pictures of them

But just as I put my camera down, waterleg, Ping, Kiang and gf were no where to be seen.
However, instead of looking of them, I had to rush into Cineleisure as the smell was overwhelming and I was almost chocking. I went back to the roadside and found Kiang and gf sitting there. They too had to make a detour due to the ‘snow fight’.
Few minutes before my clock struck 12am, Ping and waterleg came back with 5 big bottles of Skol beer. HEROES!!
We didn’t have any bottle opener with us. Ping used his teeth to open 5 bottles. It was like Shaolintiger kungfu.

As my clock struck 12am, the fireworks displayed started – at 1 Utama, another shopping centre, 2km away from us!! The entire Curve was dumbstruck. No fireworks display at the Curve???

Fireworks @ 1 Utama
After the fireworks ended at 1 Utama, there was still no sign of fireworks at the Curve. Suddenly, fireworks exploded above our head. The Curve’s firework display was 10 minutes late!

But the wait was all worth it. It was magnificent. After all the trouble we went through, it was well worth it.
Yet another memorable New Years Eve, I’m all set for 2008!

Black Eyed Peas @ Genting Highlands – 27.10.2007

Two weeks ago..
ivN: Rave?? Still young meh!!
ivN: By the way, anyone going to Black Eyed Peas concert??
Me: Concert?? Concerts are for school kids la!!! wahahaha!!
Then few days later, I received a call from A..
Hence, begins my journey to Genting Highlands to watch Black eye piss.
It was held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. Arena of Stars is a musical amphitheatre located at the outdoor theme park of Genting Highlands. It has hosted many concerts for famous western and eastern artistes such as Michael Learns to Rock, Sally Yeh, Sammi Cheng and so on.
Kenny and Sui Lin were going too hence we hitched a ride from them. Many thanks.
The amphitheatre wasn’t filled to the brink though. At least 10% of the hall was empty. It was quite surprising as I though such international act would fill a hall easily.
Before the show started, a moment of silent was held for the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong (fondly known as Uncle Lim), the founder of Genting Highlands who passed away after a short illness on 23 October 2007.

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Speedzone @ ZOUK, KL 20.10.2007

Many thanks to the organisers for the media tickets.

Although this event was held indoor, the event was excellent. Every part of ZOUK except Velvet as designated as the venue. A tent with many electronic games was set up for patrons to play.

Since we have to collect our media tickets by 10.p.m and many of our friends had not arrived, we hung out at the gaming zone. The games were pretty simple. There was one which is quite similar to Bejewelled and also one motorcycle racing game which reminds of me the games I play when I was still in primary school. We were given free lighters after completing the Bejewelled-like game.

Huey Meim – thanks for the passes!

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Merdeka Eve @ Marketplace, Kuala Lumpur

Despite being down with food poisoning, I headed to Kuala Lumpur to check out the fireworks. To me, no Merdeka Celebration is complete without fireworks.
ivN suggested Marketplace, a pub cum restaurant at Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. The place has an excellent view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Although we foresee that we will be stuck in a massive jam heading to Kuala Lumpur, it took us less than half an hour to reach Kuala Lumpur from Petaling Jaya vide Jalan Tun Razak.
Marketplace was buzzing with people. The place was crowded.
ivN was with his friends while Sharon Dilirius, Melvin, Angeline and I hung out at the balcony waiting for the fireworks to start. One photographer already stationed herself there to catch the fireworks.
5 minutes before the clock hits 12AM, patrons started to gather at the balcony. Some were equipped with party packs such as poppers and whistles.

We had no clock to countdown hence most people waited for the firework as a signal that the clock has hit 12AM.
Then everyone started to realise something is amiss. There were no fireworks!
The disappointed crowd had to fake their own countdown and make use of all the party packs. I guess the most disappointed person would the photographer.

Those whit and yellow spots are actually balloons.
*groan* it’s Monday again.

Tunku: the Musical @ KLPAC 11 August 2007 – 1 September 2007

From clubs to raves, now xes.cx is bringing you another part of Kuala Lumpur night life. To those who are interested in theatrical performances, you may head to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC).

From 11 August 2007 to 1 September 2007, KLPAC will be hosting the musical play, Tunku: The Musical. Angeline was fortunate to be given free tickets to attend the premiere of Tunku: The Musical. It was attended by members of the media and even some local celebrities like Elaine Daly, Carmen Soo and Hannah T.

Inside KLPAC
According to the synopsis:

    “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka, seven times the Tunku called. Seven times came the deep, excited response.
    The last roaring cheer died away. A roll of drums, a hard metallic command, and as the strains of the national anthem flooded the stadium the flag of independent Malaya was slowly raised. Exactly as the flag reached the masthead came a crash of the first shot of the 101-gun salute…and so marks the beginning of our 50-year journey.”
    Created and directed by Joe Hasham and written by the duo who brought you the award-winning Broken Bridges, Lim Chuang Yik and Teng Ky-Gan, TUNKU The Musical has all the colour, drama, excitement, anticipation, heartache, sorrow and uncertainty of that fateful Saturday morning 31st August, 1957. Aptly timed in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th birthday celebration, this is certainly one production not-to-be-missed!

The cast
However, Tunku is not a character in the play. The story is basically about a love story between a Chinese girl (played by Doreen Tang) raised by a Malay family and a Malay boy whose father is a politician who despise his son’s inter racial relationship. The story covers notable periods of early Malaysia such as the Malaysia’s independence day, Singapore’s separation from Malaysia and the the May 13 incident . Throughout the play, black and white clips of early Malaysia were shown. One can see Tunku Abdul Rahman’s famous “Merdaka” proclamation, Lee Kuan Yew weeping on television after announcing the accession of Singapore, victims of May 13 and also the words “Error Temp” after one of the projectors failed.
Although the play seems to have millions of actors and actresses, there is actually a fixed number of casts in the play. Each and every of these actors and actresses have their background and details printed on the booklet of Tunku: the Musical.
To me, the best performance would be from Ms. Doreen Tang for her excellent vocals. Her singing reminds me of those Disney movies.
The Star Newspaper reported that it was a full house in KLPAC on the premiere of Tunku: The Musical. The Star had also reported that 500 guest attended the premier (maximum capacity is 504 according to KLPAC website). I’m not sure what do they mean by full house as many seats were unoccupied.

Full house? Where??
The play ended with a standing ovation from the crowd.

Jalan Strachan,
Sentul Park
51100 Kuala Lumpur
Map: http://www.klpac.com/Welcome.asp?c=venuelocation
Venue : Pentas 1 Duration : 11 August – 1 September
Category : Musical Price : RM80, RM60 and RM40 (students, sr. citizens & disabled)
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p/s When I told my friends that I went for Tunku: The Musical, their first question was, “Comedy ah??” O_O

Market Place Restaurant & Lounge @ Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Elaine and Kenny and 2 other birthday boys had a joint birthday celebration at Market Place Restaurant & Lounge. I heard that this place is quite new in the Kuala Lumpur night scene. It’s opened by one of the directors of Liquid Club @ Central Market.

Ground floor

Market Place is located in one refurbished bungalow with excellent interior and ambiance. The ground floor serves as a restaurant while the second floor is the mabuk central. Parking space is ample, free of charge. Don’t end up like my friend..

Friend: (speaking to the parking attendance) Boss, How much?
Attendance: Upppp tooo youuuu laa. 😀
Friend: RM5 enough?
Attendance: ENOUGHHHH 😀

Mabuk Central

The balcony is open for patrons. One can have their drinks there while looking at the Petronas Twin Towers.


A jug of beer costs around RM60, but Kenny struck a deal with the owner to have an all night happy hour rate. Our jug of beer costs around RM30.

Market Place Restaurant & Lounge
4A Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact No : +603.2166.0750

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Smirnoff Two New Flavours One Launch Party @ Sanctuary, The Curve Shopping Centre.

It was another mabuk (drunken) party.

Many thanks to Kimberlycun for the invites and Mypartners Communications and Riche Monde for the free bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple. Initially I’ve no idea who will be attending and why I was invited. I was later told that, in Kimfluttersby’s words, “They chose us for our versatile, fun and colourful lives or persona in our blog”. Yes ah?

Mypartners had gathered 4 bloggers, Suanie of http://www.suanie.net, ShaolinTiger of http://www.shaolintiger.com, Kimfluttersby of http://www.xanga.com/kimfluttersby and I to one Smirnoff vodka tasting session in the ice bar of Sanctuary (Sanctuary is a pub/club). Yes, an ice bar, a bloody freezer made into a bar with minus 15 degrees Celsius. We were there for probably a good 20 minutes. It was freezing cold.

Nevertheless, we were fortunate to be given shots of vodka (in various flavours) and each of us was presented with a bottle of Smirnoff vodka by Ms. Shirley Chan of Riche Monde. People from the media were there as well. Many photos and videos were taken by them.

The new Smirnoff vodka is actually pretty nice. It’s sweet and you can actually drink it neat (without any mixtures)!

ShaolinTiger being presented with a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla by Shirley Chan.

Kimfluttersby being presented with a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla by Shirley Chan

Suanie helping herself.

After the drinking and posing session, we drank some more. My friends and I were given drinks 3 coupons each.

The group

4 person x 3 coupons = 12 glasses of vodka. 12 glasses of vodka/4 + few glasses of vodka with ShaolinTiger, Suanie, Shirley Chan, Kelvin Tan, Kimfluttersby, etc = MABUK MAXIMUM PLUS ONE.

Suania, Kimfluttersby, ShaolinTiger and RedLobster.

I crashed straight to bed with my contact lens intact and in working clothes. I woke up with a hangover and dragged myself to work.
Hours later, my mum called and screamed, “AH BOY!! YOU DON’T GO AND DRINK ANYMORE!!!!”

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Upcoming Events

UV Nation – 9 June 2007
EMI Entertainment sent me their promo pack for the above event. Check it out!

    Internationally acclaimed Benny Benassi who spun dance floors to the ground with sensational dance hit Satisfaction will be pumping up the crowd at Malaysia’s first fully-themed UV dance party. Playing alongside Benassi on One Utama’s rooftop carpark will be Germany’s undisputed tech-trance master, Scot Project and Malaysia’s own smoking hot DJ Desire.
    Hosted by the inimitable Joey G and Junio Hustle, UV Nation will be a four-room concept (Main Arena, Urban Arena, VIP Lounge, Chill-out Zone) dance extravaganza which defy barriers and lift dance parties to stratospheric heights: Main Arena featuring headliners Benassi and Scot complimented by Bass Agents, DJ Desire and Altered Image; inner street culture goes charmingly berserk, Harajuku-style with beat breaking tunes by a dream line-up of hip-hop and R&B artistes including The Stylustiks, DJ Goldfish, DJ Blink, Ben Cracko and Junio Hustle.
    Let these phenomenal masters of their craft take you on an unforgettable journey through sound and light accompanied by accompanied by state of the art 180° LCD displays and LED music synchronised panels. Be warned – paradigms will change and dance will never be the same again.
    Pre-sale ticket prices are priced at *RM 53.00 (inclusive of one drink and an exclusive UV NATION car sticker) available at any Axcess ticket outlets, hotlines or www.axcess.com.my from 4 May, 2007. Tickets purchased at the door are priced at *RM 63.00. For more information, log on to www.uvnation.com, or call 017-287 0385.
    Date : 9 June 2007
    Time : 6 pm – late
    Location : 5th Floor New Wing Roof Top Car Park,
    One Utama Shopping Centre,
    Bandar Utama City Centre
    Early bird special: Purchase 3 (three) tickets at only *RM135.00 from 4 May, 2007. Applies to the first 2000 tickets sold
    * Inclusive of Axcess ticket charges

Sui Lin’s Birthday & Meeting up with Hayden @ Velvet

It was hitting 2 bird with 1 stone, Sui Lin’s having her belated birthday bash at Velvet while Hayden, was in Kuala Lumpur on a 26 hours transit from India back to Melbourne.

I didn’t take many pictures on that night. This collage is taken from winkris’s website 😀 With some alteration 😀

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