Barbie dolls available

I was rushing around the supermarket for food and drinks to buy for my tiny party tonight and I actually saw this:

Heyyy, when did they start selling Barbie dolls at supermarket?? Twenty years ago, Barbie dolls were considered upper class toys which were only available at toy stores at a pretty steep price. Now that market is competitive, with the Bratz dolls more popular than Barbie, they’re not that expensive anymore.

Nor are they as nice as before.

7-Eleven is going to start selling emergency Barbie dolls, too, last I heard.

So where are you counting down tonight? ;P Have a happy new year 2007!
I haven’t finished with my new year resolutions yet, oops.

2007 Calendar

As 2007 approaches, my faithful Doraemon calendar in my office will be retiring to the shelves. A new 2007 calendar will be taking over Doraemon’s place.

In view of the upcoming festive seasons, one of my firm’s clients, who is involved in the lingerie business, sent me a Christmas card with a copy of their 2007 calendar full of girls in lingerie.

*nose bleed*

The Bitch and her car

Yesterday i was in DJ for lunch and when I came back to my car, a Kancil blocked my car. So i sound my car honk to alert the Kancil’s owner. I honked and honked but no one came. Celaka betul!!! Hence, i got down from my car and went to check whether or not that kind driver left any phone number on his/her car. Nope, no contact number of whatsoever but the car got damn a lot of soft toys.

“FUCKING WOMAN DRIVER!” i shouted out loud. I am not sexist but cars with lot of soft toys are normally woman’s. You will notice this if you are observant enough.

I stood by my car and pressed my car honk for another 2 minutes straight. Everyone around that area was irritated by my noisy car honk. But alas, no stupid woman came to claim that bloody Kancil. Out of anger, i sat in car and tried to read my Newspaper while pressing my car honk occasionally. Thank God, i was on leave yesterday or else i would be late for work, VERY LATE.

Finally 10 minutes later, a stupid aunty came out from the post office, she walked toward me, really slowly, shaking her ass as if she was Jennifer Lopez.

“Could it be the stupid kancil’s owner” I asked myself.

When she walked past my car, I stared at her and pressed my car honk again.


She didn’t apologise at all when she walked past my car. THE WORST THING was she did not drove off straight away, she had to arrange the soft toys in her car!!!

FUCK, I made me even angry.


FUCKING BITCH!!! If it is not for my profession, I would go down and break her windscreen with my steering lock.

AAAAARGH…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Punch the Wall* I hate inconsiderate aunty driver!!!


A few years ago, a friend and i watched a movie at Midvalley. I can’t remember what movie it was, so don’t ask me that.
Thirty minutes into the movie, we heard
Someone in the row behind us (but a few seats away) snoring. We turned to see who it was, wondering if it was a joke.
Several people in our row also turned back to look. My friend gestured to the girl sitting beside the guy, asking her to wake him up. When she didn’t, we started throwing popcorn at him. And he woke up, as we quickly turned back to the screen to concentrate on the movie.
“What’s wrong with his friend? Why can’t she wake him up?” I whispered to my friend.
“Don’t know! Why is the guy sleeping in the cinema in the first place?” My friend whispered back.
Then fifteen minutes later, the snoring started again. It got louder. We quickly turned around to glare at the sleeping guy and his friend, the girl.
“Wake him up!!” My friend whispered to the girl, who looked frightened. She eventually gave him a hard nudge with her elbow nevertheless, and woke the guy up.
Finally, when the movie ended and the lights came on, we had a good look at the guy. As everyone slowly left the cinema, we noticed that the guy wasn’t with the girl and friends. In fact, he was alone!
“Oooh, no wonder the girl didn’t want to be bothered with him! He came alone! Gosh, he paid a movie ticket just to sleep in the cinema? Basket!!!” My friend commented.
See, never jump to conclusions …..

Orang Asli Village @ Taman Negara, Pahang

Orang Asli’ (aboriginal people) are know to be the earliest inhabitants of Malaysia. They consist of many tribes and many are nomadic.

The village that we visited consist of few huts built next to the river bank. The huts are build using wood and leaves except for one hut that was actually a camping tent. O_o

The wooden huts are about 8 – 9 feet high and do not have any rooms or doors. One family may occupy one hut. I really wonder where they go when they feel like making babies.

Further, toilet is no where to be seen.

The orang asli in this village has a strong resemblance with the aborigines of Australia. Both of them have curly hair, dark skin and big noses. I wonder if they are from the same ancestor.

The village chief and his sons gave us a presentation on how to make a fire using wood and bamboo. They rubbed a thin bamboo stick over a hollow wooden rod. However, the first attempt by village chief’s son no 1 failed as the bamboo stick snapped.


Then followed by another failed attempt by village chief’s son no 2. Half an hour later, still no fire. O__O

Only after the village chief intervened, we had the fire started.

Then we got to play with the blow pipe. Our target was….a small teddy bear. O___o

It was no easy task though. I couldn’t shoot the bugger!

We were then given a tour at one hut.
We: What do these people do everyday?
Nat: The men goes out hunting for food and the women stays home to cook or take care of the children. If they’re lucky, the men will get some animals.

Nat then showed us a bag of wild yam that the woman had plucked. They were about to cook it for dinner.

Then on the side of the hut, I saw an empty can of sardines and a packet of Boh Tea. O___o so much for hunting..

Merry Christmas to all Readers!


“LAST CHRISTMAS, I gave you my hearttttttttttttttttttttttt,
the very next dayyyyyyyyyy,
you gave it awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …:”

Yep, let’s sing along to WHAM’s “Last Christmas” wOot!!!!
p.s. the above image is of one of the christmas cards made by piffles who makes collage (and customised) cards for sale. ;P

Upcoming year end events 2006

Just a little recap on the upcoming year end events

More info @
Fellow reader knickx commented that many of the year end parties are held outside Kuala Lumpur. Well, Ping found one that is not held outside KL.

Wahlao, Buffet, Free Flow and then Swimming. Sure vomit like waterfall.
More info @
Buy tickets @

VELOCITY will consist of two (2) rooms for all you party goers
ROOM 1 (Dance)
DJ Love
Kyau vs Albert
Ron van den Beuken
Judge Jules
DJ Biggie
Jake Man
RM45 (Presale – starting 27 November 2006)
RM60 (Door Sale)
More info @
HIGH-SPEED DRIFT party! TRANSIT – Sound of Smoke – 31/12/06

For decades, this is what our local DRIFT enthusiasts are waiting for! After the success of Merdeka Speedway Drift Battle!! which was held in conjunction with 50th Merdeka Day celebration, Angle D5 again brings you the first ever HIGH-SPEED DRIFT event in Sepang International Circuit! Come and celebrate this coming new year with our biggest HIGH-SPEED DRIFT party of the year, brought to you by Angle D5!
Spectator Charges:
Drift Only
RM15 with 1 soft drink (*Early Birds)
RM25 with 1 soft drink (Upon Entrance)
Drift + Rave Party
RM45 with 2 drinks with LIMITED TRANSIT GIFT (*Early Birds)
RM60 with 2 drinks (Upon Entrance)
For drifters who wish to participate:
Registration Day: Every Thursday and Saturday, from 8pm to 10pm at PLUS Speedway Circuit
Entry Fees: RM60 per drifter + 2 tickets to the Rave Party worth RM120
Briefing Day: TBA
Please register as soon as possible before the closing date, 23rd of December 2006
For more info, you may contact ALEX a.k.a. monsterv6 at 016-998 1289, 012-285 8121
*Early Birds final date will be confirmed later.
More info @
To warm up for the parties, proudly presents the following mixes for your hearing pleasure.
DJ Damien K – Hardstyle Renaissance 003
More info @
DJ Dontana – digit3ch
More info @

OMG It’s the end of the year!

December sucks. It makes me wonder where the heck has the 11 months gone and what the heck have I accomplished. A time for reflection and to make new year resolutions … and refreshing this year’s one(s) as well. ;P
I made almost 20 for this year but when i checked, i only managed to keep 3 of them.
(1) Survive current job.
(2) Survive blogging.
(3) Check out gay men.
It’s really bad. So that means 17 will be brought forward to 2007. -_-”
Anyway, a hypothetical question:

“If you could turn back time, which year would you want to go back to and why?”

I’d want to go back to my college days to chase after many many boys, wOot! Damn the studying, though. Shit.
xes says he’d go back to 1981 and be a lil sperma swimming around. -_-
P.s. If you happen to be reminded by friendster of my upcoming birthday, please ignore it. Because that’s not my birthday, really.
IT is Bimbobum‘s birthday – my first crappy post on! muahahaha.

Winter Solstice Festival

Today is time for family to gather around and eat sticky dough balls in syrupy water together.

The ‘Winter Solstice Festival’ in Chinese roughly means that it is the day when sunlight is the shortest and daylight is the weakest. The dough balls are called ‘Tang yuan’ in Mandarin, or ‘Tong yuen’ in Cantonese.

‘Tang yuan’ are made of glutinuous rice flour and sometimes brightly coloured. They can be plain or stuffed with red bean paste, crushed peanuts, lotus paste or gula melaka.

It is believed that eating tang yuen will rid bad luck – a belief which originated long time ago in China. The story went something like this:

Frank_omatic and Bimbobum were once eating at a stall in a little town in China. Frank_omatic is always gobbling his food, and he accidentally swallowed some fish bones which were in his Penang Assam Laksa. Choking, he tried drinking water but it didn’t work. Bimbobum whacked him the back but it didn’t dislodge the fish bones.
At the same time, a beggar (actually, he’s xes) came and asked for food.

Frank_omatic and Bimbobum gave him Frank_omatic’s unfinished Penang Assam Laksa and he was grateful.

Seeing that Frank_omatic was turning blue, xes offered him lumps of dough and ask him to swallow. (Frank_omatic actually wanted to throw them away, but Bimbobum was a wise one, and asked him to just swallow them.) Frank_omatic swallowed them, and it worked, the fish bones were dislodged!

So, everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.;P

Hope you guys had your tang yuan already!
reference: wikipedia