Asian Festival of Speed in Jakarta

AFOS comprises of the FIA-Sanctioned Asian Touring Car Championship, Formula BMW Asia Series, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Series and the latest addition single-seater race series, Formula V6 Asia by Renault.
In the past, drivers such as Takuma Sato (F1), Alex Yoong (A1GP & F1) and Narain Karthikeyan (F1), along with many others, were all participants of AFOS.
This year, AFOS will head to eight different circuits around Asia and once again the event will attract great media attention at each venue. In 2005 the AFOS TV programmes were regularly watched by an audience of over 230 million viewers in more than 65 countries. Over 197 publications worldwide carry regularly reports from all AFOS events.
On July 21st – July 23rd 2006, the race was held at Sentul International Circuit in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Of course I was not lucky enough to have covered the event, but Channel [V] was there! Lucky people, our VJs Paula and Sarah. ;P
The VJ’s were there interviewing and conducting vox pops with the various drivers to get them to tell us some interesting and fun facts of racing.
Question: What do you do when you need to go while racing?
Answer: They just go! (Most of them have this tube thing to pee in….)

HOT HOT HOT! Hot weather, I mean..
VJ Paula looking cool under the sun in her sunnies and a white outfit.

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Perpetually Late

I have close to zero tolerance for people who are always late. As in 95% most of the time, always. I’d end up scowling at the person who eventually arrives. By making me wait for more than an hour irritates me seriously and does not make me a happy camper.

People who are habitually late don’t seem bothered about making other people wait.
They’re not bothered, and neither do they have the courtesy of calling to explain that they’ll be a bit late, and apologise for the inconvenience. No, i’m talking about people who don’t apologise at all. OMG, i really get frustrated with them.
Making plans to meet up for lunch, can end up being tea instead. why? The stupid friend is late. By then, I might as well be on a starvation marathon.
Calling up these people and asking where they are, they’d just telll you that “I’m on my way.” No problem if you’re really on your way, but what if they were still at home, just getting ready? I have a friend like that. He makes everyone wait for him that sometimes they just leave him alone at home and go out on their own.
I have a friend who would say he wanted to meet up for supper at 9pm and by the time he’s about to leave his house at 1030pm, I tell him that I’m too tired already.
Seriously, the manners people are lacking nowadays! We, the people waiting for these habitually late people, can actually do something else whilst waiting for them. For instance, I once gobbled up my dinner with friends as I apologised, informing them that another friend was picking me up at 10pm.
I arrived back at home and waited.
And the idiotic friend of mine arrived at 11pm.

I told him if he could have informed me that he was going to be late, I could have spent more time with my friends during dinner. *&$^#*&@#@*#)!@
How do you deal with people like that?
I’ve given up hope and try not to go out with these late people nowadays. I’ve got grey hair and wrinkles due to idiotic friends like these. sigh.
The oldest trick in the book is to tell the person to come an hour earlier than the designated time. But that has backfired before… ;P

Malaysian Advertisement

Advertising your product/services is one of the best and quickest ways to promote your product/service. However, it brings positive and negative impact on your business. One of the negative impacts is the common presumption that when businesses advertise, that means that they are not doing well. Of course, this common presumption is rebuttable.

My friend in the advertisement line once complained that the advertisements in Malaysia are not up to international par. He blamed his clients for not being open minded. Does anyone in the advertising industry feels the same too?

I found an advertisement on the newspaper today. It cracked me up! It’s an advertisement by a property developer promoting their newly constructed residential area. It seems that nowadays the competition between property developers is getting stiffer. I’ve seen some offering free food to their potential customers at their show rooms.

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“So you wanna act cute” by fanky panky

fanky panky challenged my poses the other day, saying that paperbags do not deliver the message well. I told him it had to be that way, since revealing my ugly stepsister features may shock readers into coma.

fanky panky
volunteered to show me the macho style of posing, and i wanted to laugh till i piss in my pants, just imagining it already at that time – but of course, i didn’t.
“Come, let me show you the macho way of acting cute,” fanky panky gestured me to take out my camera.
I refused.
He sulked.
Like 259,786 times.
And I cannot stand men sulking.
In public.
So I had to give in. ;P

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Pirates – Digital Harbour

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Hi guys, thought i’d pay tribute to Pirates of the Carribean by coming up with this mixset. Hard and Bassy as usual except the last track(which happen to be my favourite track right now) Have fun and don’t explode your speakers.
1)Tiesto – He’s a Pirate (Ochestral mix)
2)Aalto feat supre8 – 5 (Maori’s Deep mix)
3)Scott Matt – Damager 2 (Mark Sherry mix)
4)Ace De Brain – Depths of Doom
5)Tocs – 1(Scott Project mix)
6)Megara vs Dj Lee – For a Moment
7)Elektra – The Freak (Deep mix)
8)Kamui – Ghosts (Energy mix)
9)Hysterie – Be My Lover (Virus Inc. mix)
10)Max Savietto – Alone (Sa.Vee.Oh mix)
11)Tiesto feat. Allure – The Love We Lost
12)Gabriel and Dresden feat. Molly – Tracking Treasures Down

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KL Massage

Recently, I’ve been having a bad backache from working. So few days ago, my friend suggested that we head to a spa cum massage parlour in KL.
Me: Is it a decent place??
Friend: Yeah, it’s decent. HehEe…
The moment I entered the premise, 2 scantily dressed big titties Chinese girls walked pass me. From their accent, I could tell that they are from China.
I have been conned into a brothel! \(*O*)/!!
After all these years of listening to stories on how Malaysian brothels are like, I finally seen one myself.
I saw a group of Chinese girls marching towards a room. I was told that they had to parade themselves in that room so that the customer can choose which girl they want.
Those girls were not those ugly looking middle aged whores I’ve seen in the criminal courts, they were attractive, fair and have big titties like watermelons. I wonder if they went for breast enlargement surgery. I also heard that the youngest girl is only 17 years old O_o

Escort Service in KL anyone? 😛

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is it wrong to flirt when you’re attached?

You’ve heard people using the term “I’m single, but not available” to describe their status. Can’t they just say that they’re seeing someone exclusively instead of being so indirect? geez. Is this considered playing to hard to get??

One of the reasons why you were attracted to your partner in the first place was the way she flirted with you outrageously – you fell for it. (suckerrr! ;P) You believed that she was just flirting with you and not in general.

You realise one day that you were pretty wrong. She flirts with every living thing she comes in contact with. You confront her/him but s/he denies it.

The next time it happens, you confront her/him and again s/he denies it. But it’s obvious to the friends around you that s/he was indeed flirting like there is no tomorrow!

There was once a friend of mine who went clubbing, together with his girlfriend and friends. She acted pretty weird through out the night, not really talking to him, but she spoke to everyone else and flirted like mad with friends and everyone around. (What, sulking in public? I hate people who do that!) There was hugging, she was sitting on laps, holding hands, whispering in ears and giggling, patting of backs, tickling…..and then….. and then… AND THEN
… the girl kissed this stranger in public.


a mega long kiss on the lips.



But that girl! If i was her boyfriend …..

If my partner ever did that to me,

Oh yeah, there was even some groping involved.


f*cking indecent, man!

Other posts on flirting but seriously irrelevant to this post:
innOcent flirting – my crush on someone’s boyfriend.
innOcent flirting 2 – which disappeared.

Batu Pahat & Muar – Part II

Land of the thousand monkeys.

Well, not exactly 1000 monkeys. Probably 100 over of them.

While touring Muar, Lynnzter brought me to this park where they have hundred over monkeys roaming the park.

Those monkeys seem to be very well behaved too. When 2 men came to feed them, they gathered around the men and waited for the men to distribute the fruits. I was quite worried that those hungry monkeys would charge towards the men, rip them apart and eat them up.

But they are cute 😀

Cockroach Trap

I spotted cockroaches around my kitchen the other day. I got tired of chasing them around with the spray, so I bought this Cockroach & Lizard Glue Trap to get most of them killed. I was bought by the commercial on tv. ;P

No poison, no spray, no smell!

It was pretty simple. Put the tablet on the glue (it’s actually super duper adhesive tape, i bet) in the trap and fold it like a hut.

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Is it really love? Age doesn’t matter?

In light of xes’ post on Love, the question(s) on everyone’s mind is: Do big age gaps work well for relationships?
Older Men and Younger Women
Recently it was reported in The Star about the 84-year-old Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Yang Cheng Ning and his 30-year-old wife, Weng Fan.
The big age gap has never been an issue to them, Sin Chiew Daily reported.

“We have given new experiences and views to each other. My wife has introduced many young friends to me and I now have a better understanding of young people,” said Yang who married Weng two years ago.

Why do some girls/women ‘fall in love’ with a man older than her by 15 years or more?
1. She’s looking for husband material.
2. She feels there’s a sense of security that he’s settled down and less likely to fool around.
3. She’s actually in it for the money and a comfortable lifestyle.
4. She thinks she’s able to control him.
5. He has learned what physically, emotionally and intellectually satisfies a woman.
“Seasoned men will be more responsible, get things done and have a life beyond their relationship with you. They will not hang on your every word, nor pressure you for sex, but will truly appreciate the time they spend with you. They realize that in today’s busy and complicated world, time is precious.”
Need help understanding? Dating Older Men
Hollywood couple: Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Marshall II
Younger Men and Older Women
The first thing when I was told by a friend the one benefit of dating an older woman was the bedxercise – she’d be teaching him all the tricks in bed. ;P
The reasons for some people preferring this equation:
1. He is not condescending, due to her age and experience.
2. His body is in better shape.
3. She enjoys nurturing him.
4. He is not as competitive as compared to the men her age.
5. She has more sexual experience.
6. She likes the flexibility, and sense of adventurous in him.
7. He finds her more financially stable.
Hollywood couple: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake
Kind of more or less the same, don’t you think?
Money! Sex! Holidays! Luxury cars! Jewellery!
Weeee… something to look forward to, when you refer to security? Security in terms of material goods, too!
Now would I date someone 10 years older and above? 10 years younger? Hmmmm… I cannot imagine myself with a Sugar Mummy/Daddy, neither can I imagine being a Sugar Daddy/Mummy or Toy Boy, Baby Bimbo. MAYBE not now la. ;P
Funny thing is, what if the younger girl/boy sounds like a total bimbo due to lack of intelligent conversations? How does the older partner feel? I’d be bored if my younger partner keeps whining about broken finger nails, how she wants the new handbag and can i please please get it for her, or just MTV talk like “OMG! Beyonce is sooooo hot!” and all sorts – I’d die of eyeball cramps if i kept rolling my eyes at the mundane childish talk.
Like working men and schooling girls, how would their conversation go?
The Man: I’m so tired. Work was a b*tch today.
The Girl: Oh, okay. I give you a massage?
The Man: (desperate to unwind) My stupid boss gave me too much work today. Damn pissed off with the f*cker, man. I almost got the deal through, but the charts were showing a decrease in demand…… etc etc etc …
The Girl: (confused, but does her best to understand) Oh, quite stupid, right, your boss? Slap the f*cker la!
The Man: So, anyway, how was your day?
The Girl: Aiyo, my Chemistry teacher is such a b*tch, you know! Suddenly, she gave us a surprise test today. I didn’t study!!!! I’m going to fail. (pouts) And then this girl, remember I told you about this girl who’s so jealous about my popularity? Apparently she told everyone in school that I’m going out with a Sugar Daddy. I was soooooo pissed off, you know! Stupid girl just thinks she’s hotter than Christina Aguilera just because she can follow her dance steps … etc etc …
The Man: (nods, pretends to understand)

*Not everyone has such immature talk, I’m sure. No offence intended.
But wait a minute, talking about current affairs and politics and stock markets would probably bore me to hell, too. ;P
Does age matter to you?