Churp Churp

Tweet Tweet, Churp Churp.. does these sounds familiar? If you don’t know, both of them are related to the well known social networking website, Twitter.

Churp Churp, a Twitter advertising network, has come to town. Now you can earn money by having a Twitter account. The payment structure is currently not clear as the website has only recently been launched. But you can check out the mechanism of this advertisement tool below.

Notwithstanding this brilliant method of doing business, some Twitterers are not happy with it. Some has gone into the extend of “unfollowing” anyone who automates their Tweets with advertisements. I, on the other hand, embrace this new media. When Nuffnang came on board with blog advertisements, it cause some resentment in the blogging community. Many complained that their favourite blogs have been commercialised. I think that the advent of Churp Churp on Twitter would suffer the same fate but eventually may become smooth sailing thereafter. All the best to Churp Churp.

Speaking about Twitter, Messrs Richard Wee Lopez has been appointed by the Bar Council to represent them in the inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock tomorrow. You may follow their Twitter for live updates.

… one last time

If you are not living outside Malaysia or in a cave in Malaysia, you would probably heard about Teoh Beng Hock’s death. Teoh Beng Hock, a member of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and also political secretary to Seri Kembangan Assemblyman, Ean Yong was found dead on the roof of the building next to the MACC in Shah Alam where he had been taken for interrogation by MACC.

His death is still a mystery. Teoh Beng Hock was supposed to get married the next day and his fiancee is current pregnant with his child.

Malaysiakini posted a video of Teoh Beng Hock’s funeral when his fiancee delivered a moving tribute.

The Translation


Beng Hock. You left me so suddenly without any messages.


You said we have so many things we have yet to do together


There are a lot of places we were suppose to visit


You said you would accompany me all the way


Now, what should I do?


How can I see you again?


I think of you constantly.


I’m thinking of you… I want you to come back, come back to my side…


Over the past few days, I keep thinking of you,


But it has been a disappointment.


I just want to know if you are alright, are you in pain…?


Will you make me wait? Let me see you once. Just once is enough.


When my tears are unable to wake up you,


I still cannot believe you have left me forever.


Today, I still have to say goodbye.


I promise you, I will lead a proper life.


But, you must promise to be beside me, and raise (the child) with me.


Beng Hock, journey in this life has ended.


But I hope, if there is a next life, I really hope that you can I can continue our journey.

May you rest in peace.

It brought tears to my eyes 🙁

Pappa Rich

If you have been following my Twitter, I’ve been pimping Pappa Rich’s steamed bread for the past few weeks. I’m not a big fan of food served by chained restaurants but Pappa Rich is an exception.

I must say their steamed bread, which comes with a slice of cold butter and a generous serving of kaya, is orgasmic.

Taste better than its looks!

Coffee and half boiled eggs are excellent too.

However, the price is a little bit too steep. Its almost RM10 for steamed bread, half boiled egg and coffee! I could get the same thing at Yut Kee for rm5.50!

Pappa Rich has couple of branches. The usual ones that I go are those in Kuchai Lama and Uptown.

Last week, I woke up early to go to Pappa Rich for breakfast. Court starts at 9am so I have to wake up early. But when I reach there at 7am, it was closed! I was told that they only start at 9am!!! ZOMG WHY THEY SO LAZY ONE!!!! KANASAI!!!

Then today they served me with odd half boiled eggs…

Can eat one ar??

I asked the staff why the eggs are like that, she answered, “I don’t know. The chicken laid the eggs”


Tow Kee @ Seremban Market

Whenever I have to attend Court in Seremban, I would stop by Seremban Market for breakfast. There is one food court above the market. The food court is a treasure trove of Seremban delights!

Getting up to the food court is not pleasant sometimes as you have to go through the wet market. Sometime the stench of raw meat puts your appetite off. However, there are alternative routes to the food court. Some routes bypasses the wet market.

Some senior citizens scavenging for discarded vegetable. So poor thing 🙁

My personal favorites in the food court are the beef noodles, Hakka noodles and cuttlefish noodles. During my trip last week, I opted for Hakka noodles served at Tow Kee.

The name of this shop is identical to another shop serving hakka noodles as well. I wonder how they are related. Strangely, there is another shop by the name Sin Yee Kee which serves beef noodles and there is one stall by the name ‘Yee Kee’ which also serves beef noodles.

This time round I decided to have hakka noodles. I presume competition is stiff there as just as I walk towards the stall I had other stall owners rushing towards me to greet me.

The hakka noodles comes in a bowl of noodles with slippery texture and clear gravy. Its also sprinkled with some minced meat. The favour is in the noodles!

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Mobile Phones

Some of my Twitter buddies were trying to convince @TimothyTiah to get a Blackberry Bold instead of an iPhone. @Kyspeaks was somehow influenced to get a Blackberry and had been loving it since. I heard from @mellissa that KY built a bed for his Blackberry to sleep. -_-

I must say that Blackberry is one of the best things in the world. It’s like having a computer on your hands. My firm gave me a Blackberry Bold and I have been loving it since!

My phones..

Then today, I saw one review of a handphone made by a local phone company by the name CSL. It has similar designs with Blackberry Bold, with Qwerty keyboard and large screen.

And its called..



The review that I read had the title “A BOLD IMITATION“.

It’s priced at RM438. CSL should give out free Blueberry-I to blogger for free to write funny reviews about it.

Certainly another Malaysia Boleh moment!