Twitter Pics – KL Traffic

If you haven’t been following my tweets, you missed out various pictures relating to KL traffic that I posted on my twitter. Since the inception of my twitter picture page in 2009, I gathered some interesting pictures while on the go/contributed by some people. Check it out.

3 cars parked in 2 parking bays for the disabled. Fail!

Saw an accident in front of Batu Caves heading to Ampang. 2 cars pile up.

Car turned turtle at LDP from Kepong to 1 Utama

Taxi squashed like pancake under the bridge next to Bank Negara. Taxi driver survived by the way. Story here

A car named Peggy!

Friend’s tires got stolen broad daylight @ Sunway Mas near Old Town. Beware!

World most expensive TAX1!

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Restoran Juimoon, Mentakab, Pahang

Although I’ve been to Mentakab three times, I haven’t been able to find a hawker stall that serves good food. I tried googling it but nothing came about. All I know is that Patin fish is good in Mentakab.

However, Restoran Juimoon is quite good for dinner. It’s a nice Chinese restaurant. There is a section for people to hold weddings and birthdays. I was there to attend a wedding and also a birthday.

A’s cousin got married and she got a designer from Beijing to make her a Lady Gaga-style-dress.

If you’re in Mentakab and would like to find a good place to eat. You can try Restoran Juimoon.

You must try their fish, roasted piglet and shark fin’s soup (yes, I know its cruel to eat but it mmm yummyyy).

There aren’t many things to do in Mentakab at night. But if you like fishing, try heading to “Relax One” to catch prawns and fishes. It’s just a few minutes drive from Juimoon.

Nice place to relax and remember to release the fishes or prawns back into the pool after catching them.

Other than Juimoon, anyone knows what else is good at Mentakab?

26, 28 & 30, Jalan 2/4, Taman Perindustrian Temerloh, Mentakab 28400
Tel: 09 270 1710, 013 934 8899


Thailand’s Got Talent

If you have not seen this, please do. It’s awesomee!

According to the comments posted, the singer’s name is Bell Nuntita, aka Nuntrita “Bell” Khampriranon (เบลล์ นันทิตา), 27 years old. Here’s a translation of what was said in the video – which I obtained from one of the commentors:

After finishing her song..

1st judge – You fool me right from the moment we met…How is it possible??

2nd Judge – She is pretty right??

Crowd – Yes very pretty…

2nd Judge – I have to say that she had talent too… I had a shock on the 2nd part of the song…Everyone were like Hey !!! What do you think ??

3rd Judge – I still believe in my instinct…My sensor said that she isn’t like what i saw…

3rd Judge- When she started singing (female voice) i thought i was wrong but on the 2nd part of the song i know that my instinct was right from the start.

When the 2 MCs hugged Bow.

2nd Judge – I am so jealous, the two male host knew me for 10 years and never hug me before..

During Bow’s interview-

I was teased a lot…several nicknames

But we also had to bear with it all along.

My father can’t accept who i am…

The bad part is my father even beat me in hoping that I will change back to normal….

I wanted to tell Dad, that I love you very much and i finally did it !

Coincidentally, I have a few blog posts on transgenders. One of my highest read entries is the There’s something about Miriam entry.

Here’s Miriam!

Then followed by Hari-su and Nong Poy


Nong Poy

And our very own Malaysian Jessie Chung..

On a serious note, BFM radio interviewed Nisha, the coordinator at the PT Foundation’s transgender programme, about her experiences of living as a transgender individual in Malaysia. Listen to her experience being imprisoned for wearing ladies’ clothes.

NTV7 Breakfast Show Interview – “Privacy and Data Protection” – 2.3.2011

I finally got the video of my interview from NTV7 Breakfast Show when I went for my second interview with them. Check it out!

Thanks to Edwin for posting it up.

NTV7 Breakfast Show Interview – 2.3.2011

Edwin was invited as a guest of NTV7 Breakfast Show for the segment “Know your rights” and he was kind of enough to invite me as a guest as well. The both of us spoke about privacy and data protection.

Our interview was a telecast live from Sri Pentas. Before the show, we were specifically asked not wear green. Edwin and I decided to be traditional and wore black and white.

I tweeted that I got myself brand new shades before the show.

Chocolate filled glasses yo…

Unfortunately, I ate them all before the show.

When I first saw the show, I thought the venue is quite big. Then when we arrived at the set, I find that the place much smaller! And the background was all green!

The background on TV was super imposed! No wonder we are not allowed to wear green. If we did, we will be “one with the background”.

We initially prepared Q&A for the anchors, Aishah Sinclair and Hansen Lee. However, they did not rely on the Q&A. Fortunately, Edwin and I were ready to answer the questions.

We covered a lot of the upcoming Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and some privacy issues.

Edwin, Hansen, Aishah and me..damn Aishah is hot..and she’s a mother of one!

I’ll post the video up once I get it from the producers. Will be on again on Thursday to speak about social media and the law!

Interview on BFM – 2.3.2011

My firm hooked me up with BFM radio station when BFM was looking for a lawyer to speak about social media.

If you’re wondering who and what is BFM. It’s a radio station with a focus on business. They interview people from various industries daily and even have programs on how to improve your business. I listen to it everyday.

Barely 5 hours of sleep I marched to BFM’s office for my interview and arrived there at 645am.

It was still dark when I got there.

There was only 5 people in the entire office at that time and they were already on air! I didn’t know that you can run a radio program with 5 people.

Khoo Hsu Chuang was my interviewer. He is one of my favourite BFM DJs. I love it whenever he shoots interviewees when they evade or doesn’t answer his questions. But I got a little bit worried when I found out that he was my interviewer. Heh

Chuang and I had a short discussion on the topics to be discussed. I was warned not to swear otherwise they would have to use the “dumb” button to censor me. Hehe. It was difficult for me not to swear!!

You can listen to my interview below. Here’s a synopsis of the interview.

… discusses the legal aspects of social media, focusing in particular on online defamation, admissibility of online data in courts, cybersquatting, domain disputes, and whether there should there be regulation of the Internet and social media, whether directly or indirectly.

He also discusses the fine line between fair Internet policing and control over the Internet, proposed Amendments to the PPPA and the perceived threats to online publications and bloggers.

He also talks about the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (not in force yet) and explains its implications for the ordinary layman.

It was the first time I had to speak live on national radio. Some of the topics can be quite sensitive especially when it comes to Government plans. I have to tip toe the line. I rather be seen as apolitical.

After the interview was done, I took some pictures with Chuang and producer Chun (on the right).

It was definitely a good experience. I initially thought not many people listened to it as it was so early in the morning. However, I was surprise that some of my friends were listening to the radio. Some even tweeted questions to me!

Coincidentally, on the next day, I was invited as a guest at the NTV7 Breakfast Show. Will blog about it later!

Jamie Toh’s Pre-House Warming Party

After winning RM600 from Him, Kiang, Ping and me on the raw siham (cockles) challenge, Jamie Toh (JT) decided to make a living out of the challenge.

After making some money out of the challenge, JT got himself a nice house. To celebrate the occasion, he invited my high school friends and I to his new place for BBQ and drinks.

Hen and Umeng were to first two to arrive. Together with JT and his bro, they started the BBQ pit.

Even JT’s dogs have a new home for themselves.

Soon, guests started trickling in.

Some guest were given a tour of the hour by resident guest, Kiang.

Nice stairs!

Food was plenty. The ladies sat and waited for food while the men cooked it XD

We had live crab. Timothy was tasked to kill them before cooking them.

This is how you kill a crab..

JT’s uncle caught some live prawns for us to BBQ. The prawns’ legs were wriggling even when we were cooking them -_-

Timothy again was tasked to “penetrate” the prawns with skewers. Definitely King’s Scout material.

So after food, we had ‘some’ drinks. Someone decided that we should ‘shotgun’ all our beers -_-

Shotgun is basically a process where one drinks from a can at a single gulp. You can read how it is done here.

Some of my older readers would remember an entry on shotgunning some time in 2006. It was our Old Klang Road v PJ beer drinking contest.

You can read the awesome post here. Brings back good memories!

En Peng ‘shotgun’ a can of 100 plus though. Not one but two cans!!

KF on the other hand, ‘shotgun’ a can of Soya Bean. ZOMG

While some were battling with others with drinks, some spent the night playing JT’s Wii. Like Kiang below..

Slowly, the crowd started thinning away. Each of us thanked JT for his excellent hospitality and great party. It’s always good to see my good friends doing well in life.

p/s I was kidding about him making money from continuing his raw siham eating challenge… what he has today was all hard work. Harder than eating 10 sticks of raw siham.