insurance law

Public law is @ 1:30PM tomorrow and after that…..FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
11:22PMInsurance law was perhaps okay but not really that good. 99% of what I targeted came out but I wasn’t really prepared for it! Apparently, one of the problem questions was a past year question that I’ve done! To add insult to injury, that’s the problem question that I asked my lecturer. She went on saying it wont come out! bloody hell. Anyway, the good thing was she gave me the answer for that question however, I left one of the important points out. grr..

1 down 2 to go!

Insurance law is on Wednesday and Public law is on Thursday!
9:29PMOne down, two to go! Jurisprudence B was all right. I had plenty of time left and I managed to put 99% of my planned essay on the exams sheet. weee!


ops, Malaysia lost 4 – 0 to Brazil. Heard Malaysia put up a really good fight
11:45PMplur – peace, love, unity and respect.
That’s the spirit of plur.
Young Israelis ‘rave’ for peace –
2:36PMThe sun rises @ 4am here, cool..
4:50AMI just got back from the Student Union. My union will be open 24-hours as a revision centre prior to the exams period with free coffee and tea!


Today in history:-
1969 – Death toll in Malaysia’s May 13 racial riot exceeds 500, with 90 per cent of casualties Chinese.
8:48PMI spoke to T0ny, my Jurisprudence lecturer today. My initial plan was to dig some tips for my essays but however we ended up chatting. He was telling me which university is good for the bar, namely University of Nottingham Trend and University of Cardiff. Then he was telling me about the judiciary personals he knew in Malaysia. Apparently he knows our ex CLP (Certificate of Legal Practice) board Chairman who got arrested recently for selling exams papers and also Mr Justice Augustine Paul the judge who was in our infamous trial of our ex Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy and corruption. We chatted for about an hour. He talks a lot. I think I spoke less than 15 sentences throughout the conversation.


I’m gonna cut down my internet usage time to 2 hours a day due to my exams.
In 1938, the city of Los Angeles passed an ordnance requiring that man obtain a license before serenading a woman.
In Massachusetts in the 1600s, smoking was legal only at distance of 8km from the nearest town.
In the 1940s it was illegal in California to dress as a member of the opposite sex. Drag queens avoided the restriction by attaching pieces of paper to their dresses which read ‘I’m a boy’. The courts accepted the argument that anyone wearing such notice was technically dressed as a man, not a women.