dr mahathir retires..

Download this video. I got this from Aki. Right click the link and click on Save as.. It’s not a sick video. 😀

Dr Mahathir
Dr Mahathir, our Prime Minister of 22 years retires today. Datuk Seri Ahmad Badawi will take over as the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I watched the swearing of the new Prime Minister on national television. During the ceremony, Dr. Mahathir was granted the title “Tun”, the highest title that could be granted to a civilian (could be equivalent to the English title Sir). The ceremony ended with the King and Queen walking out from the room followed with the new Prime Minister and then Tun Dr. Mahathir with Tun Siti Hasmah (his wife). If Dr. M were still the Prime Minister, he would be in front of Ahmad Badawi. 😀

Despite the fact that Dr. M has been on power for 22 years, I have only seen him once in real life. It was many years ago, while I was still a kid. My parents and I were having pizza at Pizza Hut, The Mall Shopping Complex. He was having pizza with his wife and grandchildren. My parents were pestering me to get his autograph. However, I chickened out, an action that I regretted till today. hehe

Happy birthday to Ryan the “gay magnet” and babysun!

It was raining heavily throughout the night,

I dropped by babysun’s birthday party at her place before heading to Aero where Ryan is celebrating his birthday.

Ryan was party was good, unlimited booze and loads of munchies. By the end of the night, 75% of the people were drunk except for our table. Oh wait! Gavin was fucked! 😀

After 3 or 4 cups, Gavin was so fucked till he didn’t want to drink anymore. So we got Joyce to seduce him to drink more. Joyce was holding Gavin’s hand and poking Gavin’s face. Gavin couldn’t take it anymore and downed couple of more sips. However, he ended up in the toilet puking! Haha. Anyway, Joyce was so good till Gavin had a hard on (ERECTION)!


Gay Leong has asked me countless amount of times to blog but each time i couldn’t log into greymatter which sucks!!! =D Yeah in some ways i do deserve to be kicked off as guest blogger but u can entirely blame meeee. I got to blog in my site, Cris’s and Gavin’s site as well. Yeah i know i don’t do often and its true i tend to procrastinate alot as well. tee heee!

Anyway i’m sure everyone here are familiar with the ‘presenting Gavin Tan’ posts so i’m not gonna do any of that sort. Will leave it up to Leong to handle that. NOTTTTTT!!!! =D Sorry Gavin! Anyway let’s talk bout Gavin a little here. He’s always the center of attention when it comes to nutty topics. Especially when there’s only me, Chen, and Leong there with him. It’s always a mystery on how he always manage to crack all of us up at once.

Unfortunate circumstances usually befalls him wherever he does. I’m sure he’ll earn heaps if he would just listen to me and take up the profesion of a clown. Then the phrase ‘Presenting Gavin Tan’ would be at it’s fullest! I’ll confirm be a BIG FAN! How bout everyone else? Wouldn’t u try hard to get his autograph? Wouldn’t u DIE for it???? huh? huh? HUH???

siewlin is a babe!!

Someone (name witheld) signed a private entry on my guestbook saying.,

Can u put more pics of siewlin. I think she’s a real babe!

Who da fuck is siewlin??? hahaha Is she a cross of Siew Lee, my guestblogger and Sui Lin of www.suilin.com?? Man..if i have the skill, i’ll take Siew Lee and Sui Lin’s picture, cut their faces out and assemble them into a face. I wonder how it would look like. haha

oh wait wait wait!!

Siew Lee’s right eye and lips with Sui Lin’s face 😀

Can anyone touch up the photo for me? haha!

This morning, while having breakfast, a Down syndrome lady came up to me holding a piece of clothe with Chinese writing on it. I couldn?t make out what it says. But bottom line is, she wanted money. She?s a beggar. A Down syndrome lady has to walk on the streets to beg? My god, what has the world become. Who are those fucking sick people who send mentally incapable person to the streets to beg? I?m used to physical incapable person begging on the streets, but wait, a Down syndrome lady? I immediately lost my appetite.

finally got my clp form sorted out!

I finally completed the procedural requirement for the application of CLP (cert1ficate of legal pract1ce) today. It’s pretty troublesome, as I need to certify all my documents (education certificates and identification documents). Certification of documents is done by a Commissioners for Oath (it’s called Persuruhanjaya Sumpah in Malay), which is available almost everywhere. All you need to do is head down to a Commissioners for Oath’s office (it could be a proper office or sometimes a table outside the court house), pay the appropriate fees and get the documents stamped. Fees might vary from places to places. For example, the certification of my documents cost only RM1 per piece in Br1ckfields but in Subang, it costs RM4 per piece.

The commissioner I dealt with today was pretty nice. He lent me all the stationeries that I needed and even wished me good luck for my CLP exams.

The closing date for application is 31st October but no worries if you submit the form after the closing date. You won’t be barred from the exam but you will be fined RM250 for the lateness!

I sent my letter via Post Laju (national express mail). Most of my friends have no faith in Pos Laju and opted to deliver the application by hand (hence driving to the city, enduring the jam and lousy Malaysian drivers).

All I need to do now is pray that my documents arrive tomorrow!

sick as fuck

Muslim’s fasting month of Ramadan starts today. Break it and you will go to hell!

Play this game. Some how burns loads of your brain cells.

Work today
I started work by sleeping for 2 hours in the conference room. The bosses were not here and they had nothing for me to do. I even went to Pertama Complex to get my 3 years old jeans fixed. My jeans used to be dark denim blue but now it’s light blue with many, many holes everywhere. The lady who fixed my jeans, even asked,

“Eh what happen to your jeans? You fell down is it?”

Now you know how bad it looks.

Anyway, work ended hectically. My bosses pushed tons of work for me to finish. Man.. I was multi tasking, printing document, photocopying documents and sorting out documents at the same time.

Night time
The gang was at Breakers playing foosball and chilling out Hartamas Square. While eating, Wei Chen accidentally dropped one of his fried dumplings on the table. I looked at it and suddenly a nostalgic feeling hits me. Wen Dee and I used to cook together while we were in Watson 16 (the house we were staying when we were in England). So on one particular day, I was happily chopping and deboning a chicken. Then suddenly, *piak!*

Me: oh fuck!!

The chicken fell into the filled dustbin. I quickly turned around saw no one and picked it up and started chopping it again. Eh wait, I washed it first ;D

However, unknown to me, Wen Kim (Wen Dee’s sister) was behind me, she witnessed one of the most gruesome events she has even seen. And the best part of all, she ate the chicken. HAHAHAH. Well, all of us did!!

16 Watson Roadians

jason midro tonighT!

Jason Midro @ Voyeur, Bangsar Bar Med, Hartamas, 1AM tonight! Spread the news!

Jason Midro @ Bar Med!
Jason Midro was supposed to spin at Sydney today but instead, he was in Bar Med, Hartamas doing a free 2 hours set for fun. Bar Med used to be packed with yuppies when it first opened but now, it’s filled with Ah Bengs and Ah Lians (if you have no idea who they are, too bad cause you are one of them). Since it’s a Saturday night, the club was fucking pack pack pack. Despite that, it didn’t hamper our support for Jason Midro. We braved through the sea of Ah Beng and Ah Lians, shoving and pushing them away just to listen to Jason Midro’s superb High-Energy Trance set!

His set lasted about 2 hours. It was fantastic but he was better during Reinforced! Shuffling was tough as people kept on walking and moving around our shuffling spot. The sad thing is, majority of the crowd had no idea who Jason Midro is. For your information, he’s a resident DJ in Bass Station, Melbourne, Australia!

By the end of the night, we were happy with his performance. We left immediately after the resident DJ took over cause the fellow started playing some fengtau music. And once again, since the club is packed with Ah Beng, there was a fight right after Jason Midro’s set. I wonder if Jason Midro’s music makes Ah Bengs violent.

P/S Somebody groped Gavin’s cock while dancing. HAHAHHAHA

reinforceed 2!!

Happy Deepavali to ALL MY INDIAN VISITORS!!

Next week will be the Muslim’s fasting month. I overheard this conversation while at Uncle Maverick’s place.

Malay Man: Eh.. Is this shop open during the fasting month?
Maverick: yeah, of course!
Malay Man: So… is the backdoor open during the fasting month? ;D

Apparently, the Malay man wanted to break his fasting during the fasting month. It is an offence to break your fasting, and if caught, you’ll be arrested and brought to court with a mortuary car. 😀

Reinforce 2
The rave was one of the best I’ve ever been!

The music was fucking good especially Jason Midro’s set. The crowd was good, with loads of familiar faces and I say, 25% of the crowd could do the Melbourne Shuffle! ;D

Jason Midro’s set started at 4:30AM, and by that time, the dance floor was half empty. I was dead tired by then. However, his high-energy trance was fucking good, it was a waste to sit down and rest!

Despite the uplifting sets of all the DJs, there were fights between some rival gangs. No blood shed though but it was a turn off as raves were supposed to be a place to be enjoyed and not to get into trouble.

While resting outside, a girl joined our group and sat next to Gavin. So to make things clear, Gavin was sitting in between of Johnson and the girl.
Gavin: Hi I’m Gavin. *stretches hand for a hand shake*
Girl has no response. Gavin waves desperately for attention. Then, Johnson, sitting next to Gavin,
Johnson: Hi I’m Johnson.
Girl: Hi I’m Kat. *shakes hand*
Gavin still with his hand stretched out, looked at me. I laughed uncontrollably. Hahahaha

Anyway, Gavin wasnt trying to pick the girl up. It’s just a friendly gesture to introduce each other according to this conversation..

Gavin says:
its just trying to say hello mar since she is don’s friend. how i know I say hello she never respond
Gavin says:
its called friendly gesture. so you see im not licking her up
Gavin says:
oh nia ma…die another typo!!

The best part of all, rave from 11PM to 6AM + entrance + Parking + Drinks + huge space + good crowd + fucking good music = Total Cost = 0 Ringgit!!!

Been a while

Before Leong goes FURIOUS about my sudden disappearance from the blog, ok, here is the major alert…SL is back with some serious blogging session!!! 😀 If I may convince you that I am an ever loyal fan of xes.cx. My daily bread that is 😛 For some reasons, Inns of court school of law (ICSL) does not permit me to access to the website. I wonder why..xes..too scandalous?.ekeke

It is hard to believe that it has been 1 1/2 months since I got back from Msia. Only 1 1/2 months??!! It feels like forever. I am gradually detaching myself from the warmth of Watson 16 *sob *sob. Miss every one of you so much?getting all sentimental..yikes.. Life is nothing like how it used to be in Sheffield, gosh..the BVC workload..it is unimaginable!! I swear I have never worked so hard in my life..not even during SPM..(I thought SPM is the worse and the stweeeepidessssst examanination that I have taken) Well, the BVC is not all that bad after all, at least I get to dine with barristers and occasionally with the Lord Justices. This got to be a once in a life time opportunity, it will be all good.

A series of upheaval have come between me for the past 1 1/2 months. I don’t know where to begin and I don’t intend to. Let’s just say that let the worse come to an end and pray for many happy returns. It is sometimes quite difficult to stay focus when the pain keeps come creeping in..i dread the sight of hospitals and doctors and nurses. *ouch, dammnit!. Many thanks to the people who have cared for me, I simply feel blessed. Remember, health is the most important thing ever!!

Guess what? I have been living without water for 3 long days!! At least, I still can buy drinking water from the confectionary shop downstairs, butttTt..i can’t cook, I can’t shower, I can’t flush, and basically, I can’t do anything without water!! Apparently, no one wants to take the responsibility as to the sudden cut off of water supply. Damn , such a pain in the arse I tell u. How unlucky..this is the 3rd time I?m experiencing the hell. My housemate and I are going to make Thames Water to compensate us, considering the time, energy, costs that we have incurred to call them and the frustration; they must come out with some sort of compensation. I don’t care!!!! hmph!!!! Apparently, my neighbour wrote them a 5 pages long A4 sized complaint letter which made Thames Water wrote him 2 cheques. Anyone good at writing complaint letters?..keke

I promise you guys with some pictures of the fall next time. It is beautiful 😀