happy new year!

This is an overview of what has happen in the year 2003.

2003 has been pretty shitty for me. It was the roughest time I’ve ever gone through. In the year 2003,

1. Suffered 2 heartbreaks
2. Rejected by Bar schools and eventually had to return to Malaysia
3. The worst financial position that I’ve ever been, my savings of RM10, 000 plunged to RM29
4. My mum crashed her car and days later our house porch collapsed
5. Liquidation of my mother’s business
6. Suffered from depression and suicidal tendencies.

I’m not the only person who suffered such misfortune this year, the human civilization suffered from loads of misfortunes too. For example,
1. The SARS epidemic
2. Iraq War
3. J.W Marriot Bombing in Jakarta
4. Global recession
5. Civil wars in Africa countries
6. Iran earthquake that took more than 30, 000 lives


But on the bright side, I
1. Successfully graduated with a degree
2. Learnt how to cook, eat vegetables and enjoy myself in 16 Watson Road, Sheffield.
3. Been to places that I would never forget
4. Met many friends that I adore, love and never fails to brighten up my day
5. Worked in a great law firm with loads of caring people
6. Learnt Japanese language

I yearn for a better year this time. Welcome 2004!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Back from PD with the 8Hens

I’m back from Port Dickson

Kiang, Hen, sLoonG, Umeng, Lin, Irene, Sohai, Peng, Ping Sheong, Hyong, Mei Pheng, Jin Han, Wai Keong, YK, Chiew Lai and I (16 of us) headed to Port Dickson for a night.

It took it longer than usual cause we got lost halfway. We tried to take a new route but it didn’t work. Bread dipped with Barons (8.8% alcohol stout) was fed to the person to blame as punishment.

We stayed in PD World Marina Resort. We rented 2 apartments, one on the 2nd floor and another one on the 14th floor. The bachelors (including me) lived in the 14th floor. The lift broke down by the way.

We had a barbeque by a lagoon. Well, the usual sausages (but cheese filled ones), seafood and chicken wing. Seafood wasn’t that good though. Before we cooked it, loads of flies were wandering around it. It was really gross. And not to forget barbequed fish marinated with Barons and Beer. It tasted weird.

Fortunately, the lamb chop was fabulous. And as usual, we couldn’t finish the food. We threw them all away.

A carton of Barons, a bottle of Black Label and 3 beers were finished by 16 people. We played drinking games throughout the night. By the end of the night we were a bunch of happy people.

With the amount of alcohol and munchies I had, I feel 10 times fatter today.

DJ Maverick’s world record attempt

I’m off to Port Dickson for a night trip with my friends. Cya guys tomorrow.

DJ Maverick’s world record attempt
DJ Maverick’s 90 hours DJ set started at 10AM this morning. So Ben, Sui Lin, Cris, Iris, Don, Johnson, Wei Hai, Gavin, YS, Ivan and I headed down to Sg. Wang plaza rooftop car park to give moral support. It’s not exactly an open-air car park. It’s actually a row of shops built in the car park.

The decks were located on a make shift stage with load of banners of the sponsors around. The amount of vinyl he has was abundant. Thanks to contributions from other DJs.

By the time we reached there, he has already spun for 14 hours. He looks tired but yet he was still dancing to the music. The song he was playing was pretty chill out and there weren’t many people.

The set is documented through video recording. Witnesses are also needed. Anyone can be a witness; so long they stay for the set for 4 hours. On the other hand, non-witnesses can sign the guest book. I saw Jonathan Kent’s (BBC correspondent) name and a lawyer from a prestigious law firm in the guest book

Paramedics are on standby in case anything goes wrong. A portable toilet is next to the stage. And there?s a little hut outside the venue for him to rest.

At 2AM, the crowd got larger. After his 15 minutes break (he is allowed 15 minutes break every 8 hours), Maverick pumped up the music and people started dancing.

He’ll be ending his set on Tuesday, 2PM. I wonder if Ahmad Badawi, our Prime Minister would be there to present him a medal or something. Hehe

We asked him what is he going to do once he finishes his set. He said, “I’ll rush home to go online and download all the new songs released during my absence”. A true DJ I tell you.

Here are some pictures I took with Sui Lin’s camera..


DJ Maverick

Some of the vinyls he has..

In case anything happens…

The dancefloor

EXCLUSIVE: Maverick’s portable toilet..

xmas dinners

. I headed to Timothy’s house for Xmas dinner last night. The food was absolutely fantastic. Well, it’s a tradition that every year we’ll head down to Timothy’s place for Xmas dinner. I had 4 servings. BURPP. Another great thing about the dinner is that it’s a gathering of my old high school friends. It’s good to see the old faces again.

I rushed over to Cris’s place for his party. Well, the usual blogging and raving gang.

We were in Cris’s room, chilling out, chatting and even dancing. There was once, Ben, Sow, Zing, Ronald (4 big sized guys weighing about 1 ton!) and I sitting and lying on Cris’s queen sized bed. Each of us was sitting on the corner of the bed but an empty space was left in the middle. So Sui Lin decided to move in. As she was about to hit the bed with her butt,


The bed broke.

Sui Lin is the fattest girl ever lived.

xmas eve – at home..

“I don’t believe you’re at home now”
“Hey what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be out?”
“What are you doing at home?”

Yes, that’s what I got when I said I’m not going anywhere for Christmas Eve. I wanted to avoid the crowd, so I ended up in the arcade, yamcha with Khai Fei and sLoonG and watched Infernal Affair 3 bootleg DVD (thank you suilin for spoiling the movie for me, macheepet).

Yeah, I have no life and Christmas is just another day for me…but hey! it’s a pubic holiday!

anti spam law

Everyday I used to get about 20 penis enlargement emails, 15 mails on sex deprived house wife yearning for attention, 10 emails about Paris Hilton sex videos, 5 emails about debt reduction emails and sometimes email from a Pastor telling me grandfather stories about how great god is.

However, with the advent of the new anti spam laws by the US and Australia, the amount of junk mail I received a day has been reduced dramatically. No more penis enlargement emails, thank you. No more sex deprived housewives, thank you (Get a dildo bitch). No more Paris Hilton videos (I’ve seen it, and it sucks). Unfortunately, I still get emails from the Pastor telling me grandfather stories.

I wanna watch

Tupac Resurrection, and
Spiderman 2!!