Doraemon’s Funeral

If you had read the spoof version of Doreamon’s finale, Doraemon didn’t actually died. However, in Thailand, Doraemon actually died and a lady had a funeral for her. WTF

Doraemon Doll Laid to Rest in Elaborate Funeral

A Doraemon doll was laid to rest today in an elaborate Thai Buddhist funeral ceremony that spared no expense and cost the owner of the plush toy 200,000 baht (about $6000 US). Plubplueng Ngamchareon, a 48 year old Thai woman received the Doraemon doll from a Buddhist monk when she was in the hospital being treated for cancer three years ago. After her recovery she began to have dreams where the Doraemon doll would appear to her and give her advice and sometimes lottery numbers. She attributed her recovery, health, good fortune in business and occasional lottery winnings to her Doraemon doll; which she had come to think of as her own child. The doll even went to school! The woman hired someone to bring the doll to school every day where it had its own locker. (Whether or not the doll received good grades is unclear at this time.) In October of 2009, the Doraemon doll visited her dreams once again to say goodbye and told the woman that he was dead. The doll instructed the woman to prepare his funeral. As is tradition, the ‘body’ was laid to rest at the temple for 100 days and the funeral culminated in today’s cremation ceremony which was attended by a hundred people, including his kindergarten classmates.


Picture credits go to: Here & here.

Twitter Pictures

If you haven’t been following my Twitter, you’ve been missing out some of the pictures I took while on the road. However, you may still surf them at

Here are some of my personal favourites 😀

A friendly cat I saw while at Village Park restaurant. I left a piece of tissue on its head and took a picture of it. It didnt move at all!

@weichen and a 40 inch Toblerone!

Bleckberry for only RM4!!

Leonard’s awesome picture of himself if he smokes too much.

Make up in the gym. Love this picture. This was taken in Mad Monkeyz climbing gym. The girls are the strongest climbers in the gym and can take on half of the guy climbers.

Rosmah’s Epic Hairstyle. The top part is round! I hope I don’t need to “resign” for posting this.

Pet bereavement services anyone?

Obituary for dog. liddat also can!

In The Star newspaper, a notice to one Brian Yeo telling him that his new born daughter is missing him

Picture of 10 sticks of raw siham (cockles) which we dared our friend to eat for RM600. He did and was okay the next day. Check out his video here.

Picture of my article of my article about social media and law published in The Star newspaper. My twit was reTwitted a few times and garnered me 600 over hits! You can read the article here.

RM15 English magazine about amulets. Who the heck reads this??

This car gotta be the dirtiest car I’ve seen!

A building with a smile 🙂 !

A Streak of Bad Luck

April has been a pretty bad month for me. It all started with a RM100 parking violation summon after parking in front of Yut Kee.

Note: Traffic Summons chaps come around 10:30am to 11:30am to Yut Kee.

Subsequently, my Mum was involved in an accident where a pizza delivery guy crashed into my Mum’s car. My Mum sent the pizza boy flying out from his motorcycle. He landed on the road and didn’t move for a while. My mum thought he died!

Anyway, long story short, I sent the pizza guy to the clinic and even paid for his medical expense totaling RM100 – even though it was his fault. I even offered to pay for his stupid bike.

At the clinic with pizza boy.

Nia ma sei pizza boy.

On the next day, the transponder of my car key broke. The circuit board came out. I patched them together. However, next day, it fell off again while taking out my files from the backseat of my car while at the Palace of Justice.

After finishing my matter, I couldn’t start my car (my Proton Saga SE is less than 6 months old BTW!). A colleague of mine was there and I tried using her car to jump start my car. It didn’t work. Then an elderly Malay man dropped by with his young daughter to help. It was very nice of them especially they spent more than half an hour helping me to start the car.

My Proton Sage SE

Then a police officer got me a mechanic to fix the car. However, the mechanic couldn’t determine the source of the problem even after checking for half and hour. He was plugging and unplugging all sorts of things on my bonnet.

He recommended that I send my car to a workshop for further inspection.I immediately called my friend Adrian to help out. He helped me the last time when my car couldn’t start after my battery died 2 days after I bought my car.

So Adrian was a real big help again especially when he drove all the way to Putrajaya with a battery booster.

Battery Booster

Typically, if a car battery is dead or low, a battery booster can be used to start the car. It worked the last time when my car died 2 days after I bought my car.

Unfortunately, the battery booster couldn’t work. We even exchange car battery to see whether it was the battery problem. It still couldn’t start even though we exchanged car battery.

Adrian then arrange for a tow truck to tow my car to a EON workshop at Jalan Chan Sow Lin. There I was, in a run down tow truck – No seat beat, no air con, no radio. It was me and the tow truck guy. What an experience!

Then it started raining. The tow truck was leaking. AAAAAAAA

Anyway, the trip costs me only RM130 which I think is quite cheap. The EON workshop mechanics fixed my car in a jiffy. They found the source of the problem within minutes. It was my car keys! Apparently, a chip in my transponder fell off. The chip is supposed to deactivate the immobilizer of my car.

Fortunately, I found the chip in the back seat of my car. Phew. I thanked the EON guys profusely. They were a great help.

2 days later, my tyre punctured while driving along MRR2 -__-

I parked my car along a MRR2 bus stop. It was quite dangerous as the punctured tyre was facing the highway. I could have been knocked down while changing my tyre.

While changing my tyre, a Indian/Bangladeshi man on a motorbike approached me.

Man: Where is this?
Me: Kepong
Man: You talk to the guy on the phone and tell him where we are and ask him how to go to Kota Damansara (hands me his handphone).

I was sweating under the hot sun and worrying about my car and this guy rudely gives me a phone to talk to some stranger. Anyway, I decided to be kind and help him out anyway.

I couldn’t decipher anything the guy on the other line was saying. I told the Indian/Bangladeshi man that I don’t know what the guy was saying. The man replied, “Bodoh”. -_-

I don’t know whether someone had been feeding me drugs cause I didn’t beat the man up. Instead, I gave him vague directions to go to Kota Damansara.

After replacing my tyre with a spare tyre, I drove to a workshop in Batu Caves to patch my tyre. It costs me RM5.

It was not the end of it..few days later. I found a dead insect inside my brake light. -_-

The insect is the brown little thing on the left..

And that was not the end of it too…

While driving home, I smelled petrol throughout my journey. I thought some petrol tank overturned somewhere. Then I realise my petrol gauge was getting lesser and lesser! My car was leaking petrol!!!!

I rushed to Kuchai Lama to find a workshop. The car died a few times but I could restart it. However, it eventually died completely. Fortunately, I was right in front of a workshop. Pheew.

A mechanic helped me to push my car into his workshop. Apparently, the cause was due to a loose tube which feeds petrol into my engine. I think the loose tube was due to the mechanic who tried to fix my in Palace of Justice. He didn’t plug it in properly. Within no time, my car was fixed. It only costs me RM20. I was very lucky that the car didn’t catch fire while on the way back.

I thought bad luck strikes in 3 but this was way overboard. Bad karma was hitting me with combo hits. Fortunately, the bad luck was nothing major. The damage was minimal but it surely wasted a lot of my time. The damage so far has nothing to do with the quality of my car. It was purely bad luck.


Cars with Figurines

I thought having Doraemon painted on a car is a little bit overboard.

But this Pajero with car plate no. WGM340 defined the new meaning of overboard.

I think the owner is trying to populate this side now…

How many cartoon characters can you spot? Let’s see…

Doraemon, Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, Donald Duck, Hamburgler, Mario Bros, Goofy, Ultraman, Aladdin, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Tweety Bird, Astro Boy, Batman, Minnie Mouse, Keropi, Tigger, My Little Pony, Dragon Ball, Jumbo, Santa Claus?

The day Lil Nom Nom went crazy

Lil Nom Nom is a kitten which we adopted few months ago. When we first found her, she was barely a month old. We found her in one of the empty rooms in my house – abandoned by her mother. She was barely alive and her eyes had traces of harden discharge. We had to bottle feed her for 3 months until she started eating recently.

Lil Nom Nom at 1 month old.

We kept her in one of our empty rooms to avoid her being attacked by other animals. Since then, the only contact she has was with my mum and I.

Since she started eating, she has grown into a fat bitch. Nevertheless, she’s always been mild mannered.

Lil Nom Nom 4 months later.

Last week, after bathing her, I let her roam around the house while I do some gardening.

I went to check on Lil Nom Nom after a while. A stray cat was with Lil Nom Nom. I’ve seen the stray cat around so I thought it would be nice for Lil Nom Nom to make some friends.

After that, it was the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen. Just as the stray puts his head next to Lil Nom Nom’s ear, Lil Nom Nom shrieked loudly, jumped up, somersaulted 2 rounds before falling into a small drain. While she was doing that, she was spewing urine and shit all over the stray cat.

It was as if the stray cat whispered, ‘I’m gonna killl u tonighhttttt’.

Immediately after seeing Lil Nom Nom’s reaction, the stray cat ran away. Lil Nom Nom was still shrieking and shaking in the drain. She was hysteric!

It was like the ladies in the ‘missed airflight’ and ‘I want to eat sharkfin video’.

I tried to calm her down by rubbing her stomach – which she likes. However, I did it with a stick as she was swinging her claws around.

It didn’t help -_- she was still hysteric. Even the neighbour’s dog came to check.

My Mum came to check out the commotion and tried to soothe Lil Nom Nom. It didn’t work hence we decided to put her into the empty room. We left her there alone to calm herself.

Mum checking Nom Nom out.

Only after the next day, she was back to normal. We thought the best way to overcome such problem is to let Lil Nom Nom mix around more.

The week thereafter we let Lil Nom Nom out again. She met another cat and went crazy again! -_-

Take A Leash, Give A Life

In return of me posting the video of Jamie Toh’s magnificent feat of eating 10 raw sticks of siham (cockles), I have to post an entry for him regarding a dog adoption campaign called “Take A Leash, Give A Life” organised by SPCA, advertising agency Y&R, sponsors Purina and 1 Utama Shopping Centre. This is on top of the RM600 my friends and I paid him for the feat.

If you have missed the “Man eats 10 sticks of raw siham and survives” video, you can view it below.


Anyway, back to the campaign. Few weeks ago, the organisers embarked on the adoption campaign via a big billboard to encourage people to adopt at 1 Utama shopping centre during the weekend. Check out the pictures below.

People who visit the booth are encouraged to take home a leash which is given free. The idea is basically to get people to start thinking about adopting a dog. If you read the Star’s article about this campaign, there is one part saying that many people dump their dogs at SPCA because they couldn’t afford it. I wonder how these people could do that – to put their dogs away. When my dog died, I cried like a f*cking bitch.

This is Pilot. My parents hide her death from me after she died. They told me that she went missing. I only found out a few years later that she died. I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

When my colleague’s dog died, he skipped Court because he was too sad to go to Court and had to arrange for his dog’s burial. I had to go to Court for him at the 11th hour -_-

Love really has no boundaries.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a burial plot for your pet after its dies, you may consider Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden.

and then you can consider an obituary for it in The Star newspaper.

Back to the topic, people who are considering adopting a pet should also drop by the SPCA Selangor. The next adoption drive would be held in Tropicana City Mall on 23-24 April 2010.

For enquiries, contact SPCA’s team at 03-42535312 or e-mail

Extraordinary Taxi Ride


Most of us probably have visited the east part of Australia such as Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. In those places, you can experience awesome city life!

However, Western Australia (other than Perth city) is probably one of the roads least travelled in Australia by tourists.

When I was backpacking in Australia in 2002, I skipped Western Australia because I did not know what to expect there. I heard Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a small city with nothing much to see. Most of my friends were there to study or to retire and live a quiet life.

With this common perception, I guess not many people wanted to visit the Western Australia for a holiday.

To promote Western Australia, Tourism Western Australia kick started a contest by the name “Extraordinary Taxi Ride”. Mr. Doug Slater, a local cabbie was voted out of the 460 contestants to drive 10,000KM on a 9-week journey around Western Australia in a Taxi!

This contest is inspired by the true story of Mr. Charlie Heard who, in 1930, accepted a most unusual taxi fare, driving an elderly spinster and her two companions from Melbourne to Darwin and back. The final fare was £300 or about $19,000 in today’s money. You can read the story here!

After a taxi driver was found, Western Australia Tourism went on a search for the 22 ‘extraordinary’ passengers from around the world to be ferried around by Mr. Doug Slater.

Even Malaysia got a chance to be two of the lucky few passengers!

I heard that there were about 400+ applications from Malaysia to be the lucky passengers – and after some auditioning – our lucky 2 Malaysians, Dr Ling Shih Gang and his brother Shaun, have been chosen to be part of the journey.

Curious to know how our lucky winners look like?

Here are the 2 brothers being awarded the winners by Dr Elizabeth Constable, the Western Australian Minister of Tourism. Look at how happy they are!

The Malaysian siblings are one pair out of 11 couples from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Germany joining driver Doug Slater in the Extraordinary Taxi Ride commencing 9 April until 14 June.

Sort of reminds me of the Amazing Race except that they get to be chauffeured around instead of running around.

Dr Ling and Shaun will be travelling on the Great Southern Explorer route which travels through the deep South West of Western Australia. This is the 2nd leg of the journey.

The Great Southern Explorer spans the southern towns of Pemberton, Manjimup, Walpole, Denmark, Albany and Kojonup before returning to Perth. The Malaysians will explore the majestic tall tree forests and stunning seascapes of the region and some of these will be captured on board a helicopter ride.

Dr Ling will taste truffles grown in the region and visit Albany, a former convict town and a whaling port. The pair will get an insight into Aboriginal history and the early settlers at Kodja Place, a place of reconciliation.

A highlight of the trip will be the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk in Walpole – the first walk trail of its kind in the world and a visit to the Nuyts Wilderness Peninsula – WA’s first designated Wilderness zone.

Tree Top Walk, Walpole – Photo credit to Tim & Janines Blog. Looks very safe unlike our Malaysian tree top walk…warao scary.


Oh yea, we can visit to ‘follow’ the passengers on their extraordinary experiences guided by Mr. Doug Slater who will share his knowledge of Western Australia with them.

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to 9th leg i.e. the “Australian Way”. Mr Doug will be bringing 2 lucky chaps to visit the Purnululu National Park, a World Heritage Site. Here, visitors will get to see the unique rock formations namely the sandstone domes.

Since the national park is humongous, the lucky passengers will be treated with a helicopter ride around the park! You get to see the sandstone domes from the top! Feel like climbing them!

Anyway, check out the video below for more information about the place.

It looks like one does not need to rough out just to visit the National Park. They have flush toilets! A real luxury when outdoors. Reminds me of my hotel in Tonsai, Krabi…

For highlights of the journey, please visit website. Watch the passengers engage in their extraordinary experiences guided by Mr. Doug Slater who will share his knowledge of Western Australia with them.

If this has inspired you to visit Western Australia and experience some of the activities that Dr Ling has won, visit the WA Travel deals of the website at and start planning your holiday!

Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali – Don’t Talk Shit Remix

If you haven’t been following the news, Ibrahim Ali is a Malaysian politician and is currently the Member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Pasir Mas constituency in Kelantan, Malaysia. He is well known for his extreme stance in allegedly fighting and defending the rights of the Malays which he feels are being challenged by non-Malays in Malaysia.

In a recent interview with international news network Al-Jazeera, Ibrahim Ali uttered profanities after being asked about the non Malays feel like being treated as 2nd class citizens.

Ibrahim Ali’s video starts at 0:59.

Yet another Malaysia Boleh moment!

Recently, the Shieking Monkeys came out with an awesome remix of Ibrahim Ali’s video. Made me LOL!!


Maxis iPhone

As some of you may know, Maxis has ended its 1 year exclusive deal of iPhone with Apple. You may now get an iPhone from another telco which apparently offers the iPhone + package at a cheaper rate.

iPhone Doraemon Theme zomGGGG – picture credit to yumixpeach

The other telco’s cheapest plan of RM88 per month, comes with 1GB of data, 200 voice minutes and SMS each. On the other hand, the cheapest Maxis iPhone plan is the iValue 1 plan which costs RM100 per month and comes with 500mb of data, 333 voice minutes and 100 SMS. The other telco’s plan is RM12 cheaper than iValue 1 plan. However, does this means that the other telco’s plan is more value than Maxis’?

For the lowest plans, you will notice that the other telco will give you more data transfer. However, Maxis gives free local calls and SMS between family lines and more minutes. More minutes means you will not be charged extra until you utilize the minutes given.

The other telco is only offering 24 months contract where as Maxis offers a 12 months contract. 24 months contract for a phone is certainly quite long.

Fake iPhone. If I have not seen an iPhone before, I would definitely think its an iPhone.

I was told that an iPhone user consume an average of less than 200mb per month. Unless you are a heavy user like me, 1 gig of transfer a month is sufficient. 5gigs of transfer is a little bit too much. I don’t know anyone who has used 5gigs of data a month.

However, the other telco’s new plan is that they will be “no bill shock” if their users overuses their data quota on their network to surf while overseas. This is quite good especially when I had on 3 occasions came home with a RM1000++ bill for using the internet while overseas. Thank god it was under company expense. Notwithstanding the attractive plan, after reading the other telco’s website, I found that the no “bill shock” plan is limited to certain countries and telcos in those countries.

Maxis has 100% High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) (basically the connection you use to go online) + coverage in Klang Valley and Penang and extensive HSPA coverage in major towns (e.g. Penang, Ipoh and JB). This is an important factor. If your network connection is slow, surfing would be painful and you won’t able to utilize your high data quota.

Overall, there the other telco’s plan seems cheaper but it does has its drawbacks. It doesn’t give a lot of free minutes and free local calls and SMS between family lines and more minutes.

Choose wisely! 😀

Jamie Toh Breaks the World Record

After one of our usual drinking sessions, Him, Ping, Kiang, WK (Jamie Toh) and I had supper at one Luk Luk (steamboat) trucks – just like any other typical Malaysian drinkers.

While we were having our luk luk, one of us dared WK to finish the entire tray of raw siham (cockles). There was about 10 sticks of it. We then offered him the sum of RM500 to finish it. WK rejected our offer.

We then pooled our money together, RM150 each, and offered him the sum of RM600 to finish the entire tray of raw siham – and with the conditions that he must finish them and he cannot cook them or add any condiments to it.


He took up the challenge. Here’s a video of him doing the challenge….can he doitt???

In the end of the video, we meant to say the phrase, “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!”. None of us got it right though.

Anyway, WK survived and was not hospitalized. He was fine the next day! He didn’t even have diarrhea! MALAYSIA TOP SIHAM IDOL!!