Kodaiji – Kyoto, Japan

It’s been a while since I blogged about my Japan trip. I still have loads of post pending. Also, I’m not even done with my Krabi trip posts! Btw, Analog Girl report coming up soon!

So anyway, here’s one interesting place in Kyoto that one should visit 😀

Kodaiji Temple, formally known as the Kodaijusho-zenji Temple, is located in the Higashiyama mountains of Kyoto.

It was constructed in 1605 in memory of Toyotomi Hideyoshi by the great political leader’s wife, Kita-no-Mandokoro. Besides fine temple halls, Kodaiji features a small bamboo grove and a landscape garden with tea houses, designed by leading, contemporary masters.

After our trip to Arashiyama, we went back to Kyoto City to check out Kodaiji.

Initially I didn’t want to enter Kodaiji as it was already dark and hence tough to take pictures. Further, it costs me about 800 Yen to enter the temple (but includes entrance to 2 museums).

Going through Kodaiji is like going through a path. The tour was already set for us, we had to follow the routes and follow everyone else. Our first route was walking through a small wooden house. We were given plastic bags to store our shoes before entering the house. Nothing interesting although they had some sort of laser show on the gardens.

But the best parts came after that, night view at Kodaiji was excellent. The entire place was lit up!

Some of the buildings were located on the slopes of the mountain. We could enjoy the sights of lighted ancient Japanese shrines from afar.

Further, Jane and I were impressed with the mirror pond. It was as if someone put a mirror on the floor! But taking picture was a pain in the ass. Loads of people were admiring the scenery as well hence we had to fight for a place. We managed to book a spot with a nice pillar supporting our camera.

We walked up the hill and passed a bamboo forest. There we could see Kyoto 😀

Shops 😀

how to impress a girl

by being yourself? and failing…
1. eat first, don’t wait for her
he asked me out for dinner and we agreed to meet at some place. i arrived at that place and as i approached his table, i noticed he had already started eating. puzzled, i asked, “er, you were hungry already?” but he answered no. i felt like he was obviously trying to avoid buying me a meal. ;P
i’ll pay for my own, for goodness sake. but it was actually the first time i was meeting him after we were introduced at a friend’s party. it was awkward, because even among friends we’d wait for everyone to arrive to order and start eating together – unless some people are going to be really late.
and that was only mcdonald’s!
2. telling her straight that she’s paying for her own dinner
i was jobless for a while and had to live on my savings. eating out was tough. 🙁 he asked me to have dinner with him another time and i asked him where would he like to go. he suggested trying some place new. i asked if the place (which i suggested) was within his budget (because whenever he called to invite me out for dinner, the first place he’d suggest would be, “mamak”.)
he responded to my question, “up to you!! you’re the poor person, not me. i don’t have to worry about a budget!”
…………… can you guess how i felt?
gosh, he was tactless. obviously he didn’t want to buy me dinner, right? i was so offended that i said, “i told YOU i wanted to go to the MAMAK, and obviously we SHOULD have gone there, cos it’d be within MY budget.”
stingy fella la he.
3. ordering her something else instead of what she specifically asked for
he offered to order my food for me. let’s say, the place serves caesar salad and oriental salad. i told him i wanted the caesar salad. but an oriental salad came instead. hmmm, i thought to myself, maybe he didn’t hear me.
so what’s the difference with between this and the caesar salad? he asked.
so he DID hear me. what was up with him? if they had ran out of caesar salad, at least have the courtesy to let me know that’s why you ordered the oriental salad for me instead la.
i figured maybe because he was going to pay for me, he ordered the cheaper one instead.
to save RM2.

girls can be violent too

i’ve always believed that guys are the violent creatures who lack civic-consciousness. ;P
until i saw this in the girls’ toilet in 1 Utama (new wing) today.
f**k, man. what did the girl use? she brought along hammers and some heavy shit to whack the door because
(a) she caught her darling with a new lover so she had to release tension?
(b) she’s quite “strong” because she works out a lot?
(c) she was pissed drunk and knocked her head on the door?
or maybe a guy sneaked into the girl’s toilet after a midnight show and ravaged his girlfriend in the loo and things got heated up and hence, the accidental vandalism?
yuck. don’t know bout the tissue though.
be civic-minded for f**k’s sake. just because it doesn’t belong to you doesn’t mean you can go around stealing it or vandalising it!

Bapa Ayam Kereta Saya (Pimp My Ride)

Sometimes ago, on MSN
frank_omatic says: eh..do u know a show call “Pimp my car” on MTV ar?
xxx says: pimp my ride
frank_omatic says: ya ya. they r gonna make a M’sia version call “Bapa Ayam Kereta saya. kinda cool it u ask.
xxx says: ya meh?? heehhee…u become host for the show issit?
frank_omatic says: no la…u think ppl will still engage my legal service if they know that i am pimping for a ride
i think u should go for it la
frank_omatic says: we name the show “mamasan kereta saya” or mamasan for my ride
xxx says: ahahhaa…i need thick white make up n DD cup boobs
frank_omatic says: eh…no need super white makeup la. 50 cents (Is he is the host?)
so black also can become host [note: that is just a joke. I am not racist.]
xxx says: heh? he’s host meh?
frank_omatic says: ya la. instead of having bullet scars like him. we chop ur face a few times
to leave some parang scars. m’sia gangster not known for gunshot wound thus parang la
xxx says: naaahh. just put a few stitches like frankenstien can liao
frank_omatic says: chop first baru can stich mah. hey this is a reality show
no make up..everything is natural
xxx says: *roll eyes* u going bonkers la

Heineken Music Lab: Analog Girl @ ZOUK KL 28.4.2006

This Friday, an interesting performance by Analog Girl, a musician who plays music with her laptop, as well as singing.
Date: 28/04/06
Place: Terrace Bar, Zouk, 113 Jalan Ampang. KL

    Between electro-pop, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), trip hop and occasional references to the Bjork/Cocteau Twins, Singapore-based The Analog Girl is a musician that has brought her bedroom-made music across the world, playing venues from London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Ironically, it has taken her a bit to get to these nearby shores, but she is due to take on the masses here next.
    The Analog Girl, otherwise known as Mei Wong, finally makes her Kuala Lumpur debut at the Terrace Bar, Zouk KL this Friday.
    This solo laptop-wielding performer is an inspired choice for the eclectic Heineken Music Lab series that also sees hometown deejays Ray Soo and DJ Blink performing either side of her headlining set. As an established name in the fringe music art gallery circuit across the causeway, The Analog Girl has done the big gigs and can count on notable appearances at music festivals like The Tesseract, Baybeats at The Esplanade, and Enroute – to name a few.
    Singapore’s Analog Girl makes her Kuala Lumpur debut at the Terrace Bar, Zouk KL, on Friday.
    More importantly, she is also possibly the most accessible option to attract a keen pop-centric following here, considering the Singapore avant garde music community has moved in leaps with highly experimental names like George Chua, Evan Tan, Snake Blood Union, Muon and The Observatory.
    Armed with her debut album The TV Is On and the promise of new material, The Analog Girl’s live debut in KL is something to pique curious interest. Invites for the Music Lab series, starting 9pm this Friday, are available at (www.heinekenmusic.com.my).

Source: http://star-ecentral.com/news/story.asp?file=/2006/4/24/music/14016976&sec=music
Check out her equipment!

Are all your compositions done on your Mac G4 Powerbook? Were any other external compositional devices used in the process, eg. USB keyboards?
All my latest tracks are done solely on my Powerbook. Even my keyboard is computer-based, as in I play the musical notes using my computer (QWERTY) keyboard.
[Picture and Extract from http://www.agingyouth.com/interviews/analog_girl.htm]
for her demo.

Blogs that have loads of love

The advent of blogs has created another alternative for people to express their love.

First, we have blogs that express love to their loved ones such as ickleoriental.net

Then there are blogs that expresses their love to food such as fishfish who went to the extreme to study food science.

Not forgetting those blogs relating to animals such as Furkids in Hong Kong

Also, a blog whose blogger expresses her love for cheese by using words relating to Cheese. Her creativity has lead to the creation of words ranging from Cheeserland to Cheesus Crust. Cheesebye not included.

And also a blog whose blogger expresses his love for drugs, i mean his love to teach the public about the effect of drugs. Our very own sixthseal.com

also love for female bloggers O_O

and also, a 17 years old boy expressing his love to….


Ok calm down..calm damn. Nevertheless, I applaud his bravery to ‘come out’ at such a young age. He even has the guts to tell his parents about it. If I were to do so when I was 17 years old, I might not have parents today. All the best Colin and Kero!

[Source: sarahian & bimbobum]

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2006

I’ll be off to Vietnam in 2 weeks time. I got a fairly good deal, 50% discount on my air fare.

I’m not very familiar wih the tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, but I’ll definitely give Ben Thanh Market and the War Remnants Museum a go.

Any other suggestions?

Further, I must pay Cu Chi Tunnels a visit. It’s a huge network of underground tunnels that were used to combat the French and the Americans.

I heard that the locals there uses USD to trade. Is that true?


BTD is short for Blog Transmitted Disease, is a disease or infection which has a significant probablity of being transmitted between bloggers or blog readers by means of excessive blogging or a dependency on blogs as a source of communication or entertainment. the common symptoms of BTD are as follows: thinking, talking, shitting, sleeping and dreaming of blogs and bloggers. Cures and medication have yet to be found.
A recent case of BTD was reported last week. bimbobum, aged **, tells her story to XesNN:

“i was in my study room, reading xes.cx as usual, and AC (a prominent female blogger) and another friend, Tom, was in the room with me, chatting as they looked out the window.
it was dark out side, gloomy skies threatening to rain. the window was blowing so hard that i thought the curtains were going to fly off its rails. i was scared, but Tom and AC were not. it was strange to have AC in my room, because i didn’t know her personally.
then Tom and i went to the living room to see what was showing on TV, but it felt weird. the wind was blowing so hard it felt like a tsunami was going to hit my house. but when we looked out the balcony, everything looked calm. just gloomy skies.
we quickly went back into the study room and locked the door, because i was scared. AC was still sitting by the window, in her own world, humming a song to herself. i quickly told her that something weird was going on. but she continued humming.
then suddenly, the light started flickering, and so did my monitor. i started to panic, fearing that something supernatural was going to happen. Tom and AC looked calm.
then the door started to rattle, as if someone outside was desperate to get inside. the electricity went out, darkness surrounded us. but if you looked outside the window, you could see that the skies were just gloomy, and was starting to pour cats and dogs.
the door rattled and shook, threatening to fall off its hinges. we could see flashes of light through the crack, and i thought i saw something white trying to squeeze through underneath the door. there was wind through the cracks as well, like a storm brewing and screaming to get in to the room.
i almost peed in my shorts! i wanted to cry, but Tom and AC were so f*cking calm, that for a moment, i thought they were going to kill and eat me alive.
but AC was stoned as hell, and Tom, apparently was just acting cool. so i started to pray.
the rattling and flashes of white continued, and the wind that blew through the cracks felt like deafening screams.
it felt like forever. but it was only 30 minutes. suddenly everything stopped with a loud bang. like the door flew off its hinges and into our faces.
but it didn’t. the door gave a soft pop, and creaked open a crack. and we waited expectantly. i think i peed in my shorts already by then.
slowly, without a sound, the door opened with suspense. i held my breath, tempted to close my eyes but curiousity got the best out of me.
like a century later, the door opened completely. to reveal ……….. darkness.
“f*ck!!!!!!!!!!!” my brain was screaming at me. i think i wanted to die on the spot.
and suddenly, my monitor came back on, and so did the light. funny, my browser automatically opened to xes.cx and i saw this.
“shit!” i panicked, “that whatever thingy actually screwed up the blog! xes wasn’t going to be too happy about it!” i thought to myself.
but it was just a f*cking nightmare at 945am on a sunday morning. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHh!”

Upon observation and medical check-ups, it is confirmed that bimbobum is suffering from BTD and has been given 124 antibiotic injections on her bum, but doctors are unable to confirm if she is fully cured.
One Dr. Xes, when approached by XesNN for comments, agreed that bimbobum is a severe blog addict who required 24 hour supervision, for fear that she may be a national hazard in the blogosphere.
“It is obviously that her life revolves around blogs, which is unhealthy. she should keep her blogging to a minimum.”
So far, bimbobum is the first casualty reported. she is reported to be safe and alive.

United 93



Acclaimed filmmaker Paul Greengrass (“Bloody Sunday,” “The Bourne Supremacy”) writes and directs an unflinching drama that tells the story of the passengers and crew, their families on the ground and the flight controllers who watched in dawning horror as United Airlines Flight 93 became the fourth hijacked plane on the day of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil: September 11, 2001.

“United 93” recreates the doomed trip in actual time, from takeoff to hijacking to the realization by those onboard that their plane was part of a coordinated attack unfolding on the ground beneath them. The film attempts to understand the abject fear and courageous decisions of those who-over the course of just 90 minutes-transformed from a random assembly of disconnected strangers into bonded allies who confronted an unthinkable situation.

As 2006 marks the passing of five years since the epochal events of 9/11, the time has come for contemporary cinema’s leading filmmakers to dramatically investigate the events of that day, its causes and its consequences, and the everyday individuals whose fates were forever altered while simply going about their common workday rituals.
Greengrass, known for films such as “Resurrected” and “Bloody Sunday,” brings to “United 93” a history of compassionate filmmaking that has explored some of the most troubled incidents of recent world history-when politics turns to violence, when beliefs slip into zealotry. As there is no perfect record of the hijacking’s exact details and hostage retaliation, Greengrass takes a careful hand and partially improvises the events with an ensemble cast of unknown actors who were given studies of their Flight 93 counterparts.

“United 93” intends to dignify the memory of those on that flight, the men and women whose sacrifice remains one of the most heroic legacies of the incomprehensible tragedies that unfolded on that autumn morning.

Last week, I read an article in BBC news. It was about the last words of Cee Cee, a flight attendant in the doomed flight 93.

    Lorne Lyles, 35, was asleep when United Flight 93 was hijacked – with his wife Cee Cee, a flight attendant, on board.

    He did not wake in time to catch her first call, but she called again moments later.

    “Babe, I need for you to listen to me. My plane has been hijacked,” she said.

    “I heard the panic in her voice. I could hear nervous talking behind her,” he told the court.

    “Tell my kids I love them,” she said. “I need you to take care of my kids.”

    That was his last conversation with the woman he described to the court as “my Cee Cee”.

    But it was not the last time he was to hear from her.

    A week after 11 September, he realised she had left a message when she called the first time.

    “Tell my children I love them very much, and I’m so sorry, baby,” her voice played out across the courtroom.

    “I hope to be able to see your face again, baby. I love you.”

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4904402.stm