criminal evidence today!

Criminal Evidence paper was good. All the topics I spotted for came out but it seems that they put a twist on the questions. Instead of asking what we studied for, the question was the other way round. I had to divert my answers in order to relate to the questions. And as usual, I ran out of time. I decided to write my answers in point form, I hope I still get good marks for it. hehe. Next paper is on Tuesday and I’m not really prepared for it. ah two down one to go!

Temperature for today fell to 0 degrees. Puddles on the street were frozen. And it feels much colder with the cold artic blast. I wonder how am I going to stand –20 degrees in Finland.

Pre-Finland trip

What a weird dream. I dreamt that someone broke into my room and stole my comic books and my stamp album (!!). Mum was comforting me, asking me not to worry. I reached for the phone and called the police. I was diverted to a voice message saying, “Sorry, the police is on leave today due to Hari Raya”. WTF.

Ok about the Finland trip. I’ll be leaving on the 6th of February, which is 2 days after my exam. I’ll be staying at Aki’s place for 5 days in Oulu, Finland. Oulu is located in the north of Finland, which is also about 600KM to 800KM from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The climate of that place is reported cruelly cold, at an average of –20 degrees. Aki and I planned to go skiing, ice fishing and probably winter swimming! This is also a chance for me to experience Finish culture, as I will be staying with Aki’s family.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that, I’ve never met Aki before! I knew him online though. However, I knew him for few years and there is no doubt he’s a sane person. hehe

law students sux

guess what? xes is going to Finland! huahuhuahuahuaa

Details coming soon…
9:40AMI noticed one thing about my Law department. International students and local students don’t hang out together. Even during seminars, where the class is a small one, local students and international students have their own spots. I notice that students from other departments are totally different. They have group discussions and even hang out together.

oh sleepless nightss..

Jap finishes

Japanese exam was just okay. The second question was really tough but the remaining two questions were easy. I took my own sweet time answering the question and consequently, I didn’t have enough time to finish it. I panicked and threw all the possible answers on the paper. Sob, one of my answers was wrong. Sob.
The hall we had our exams was great. It looks absolutely classy with its old Edwardian designs. It has crafted high wooden walls with stained glass as its window. Pictures of the old deans, probably over a hundred years old, were hung on the walls.
One down, two more to go. I cant wait for my exam to finish.

exams tomolo

Happy Birthday to Umeng! I called him this morning to wish him. He was with Kiang and Soon Yean, planning to have couple of good ol’ barons.

Choices, choices so many choices. I don’t what to spot for my Criminal evidence examination. I was planning to do 2 topics for the examination, which is quite risky. There is an unfortunate chance that the subject I’m aiming for doesn’t come out in the exam. Oh god, please give me a sudden burst of intelligence. I need it badly!!

I’m having my Japanese examination tomorrow. Ganbatte! I’ll be sleeping early today. Hope I don’t fuck up my first paper of this year.

server back

ah sorry, the server was down for a day.

Exams start this Saturday. Wish me luck!

oh btw, HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY TO PING SHEONG aka oven`boy aka ovum`chai aka ang seok ching!

study eat

wakeup eat study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study eat study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study study sleep

Near death experience

This happen on the night before i left Malaysia

Soon Loong and Jin Han had a little farewell for me at Cafe Happy. We had couple of beers and chips. I was supposed to fetch Melody from her place so that she could stay over. I left Cafe Happy an hour later.

Hen told me how his friend got caught for drink driving couple of weeks ago. He had to bribe the police RM500 to let him go. I laughed at his story. And now, on this faithful Wednesday night, I thought there wouldn’t be any police checks or blocks. I was wrong. While I was driving to Melody’s place, I was stopped for a Breathalyzer test. I panicked. I wanted to make an uturn to avoid the block but I’m worried that the police will stop me for making an illegal u-turn. I had an idea. Chewing gum would definitely kill the alcohol smell. Unfortunately, there weren’t any gum left. All i had is just a bottle of pikn (sour plum candy). I chomped down couple of Pikins before the test.

I turned lights on and opened the window. This would present me as a person good character and I had nothing to hide. The officer, without saying a word, immediately handed me the breathalyzer. I tried various ways to avoid blowing into the tube. However, the police spotted by mischievous act and ordered me to blow again. I blew and prayed hard. My heart beat even faster and I started to sweat. Within seconds, the result is out. The officer patted by arm and said, “go”. I never felt so relieved in my life.