Coconut Milkshake @ Rai Leh, Thailand

Many of my friends are heading to Rai Leh, Krabi again during this Chinese New Year. Other than climbing, Rai Leh reminds me of one particular drink, namely the Coconut Milkshake. This drink is pretty common in Rai Leh, almost every shop has it on their menu. It’s a mixture of milk and coconut blended with ice, very milky and very cooling!

Coconut Milkshake

During the first few days in Rai Leh, I had Coconut Milkshake almost everyday. Other than Coconut Milkshake, they have banana milkshake, mango milkshake etc.

However, during the first few days, I had diarrhea. I wonder if it’s due to the milkshakes I had. Nevertheless, this drink is recommended to everyone who is visiting Rai Leh!

Hat Yai, Thailand

I was away in Club Med Cherating for 3 days for my company trip. And throughout the 3 days, I had no internet access and never had the chance to read any newspapers there.

Upon my arrival in Kuala Lumpur, I was sadden by the news that 4 people were killed by a series of bomb blast in Hat Yai. I stopped by Hat Yai on my trip to Krabi on March 2006.
I now present you some photographs of Hat Yai.

The Buildings

The Food

Sugar cane juice!

The Entertainment

The toilet

Hat Yai @ Night

It’s hard to believe that this tranquil and serene little town could be a victim of such atrocity.

Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach – Rai Leh, Krabi.

I haven’t been climbing for the past month due to an injury I had while playing futsal. Recently, I just started climbing again. However, I have not fully recover from my injury and therefore, I couldnt do any hardcore routes. I guess I would not be fit enough to climb Tonsai wall @ Krabi :s

Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach, Raileh, Krabi.

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Day 3 – Thaiwand Wall, West Raileh, Krabi

Thaiwand wall is located at West Raileh Beach. We have to hike through the jungle and climb up the hills to get to Thaiwand wall. can climb the ladder.

Thank god for the natural path, otherwise we would be lost in the jungle. But it was sometimes confusing. There was once I ended at a place where someone took a shit. He/She left tissues on the ground. 😛

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Phranang Temple @ Krabi

At Phranang beach @ Krabi, there’s a small temple which has hundreds of wooden phallus. Some are as tall as 5 feet, some are so thick that the only living thing would use it is a female elephant. Also, some are so small that you could just pocket them home for personal use. It is said to be offering to the sprit of Phranang who resides in the cave.

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Rai Leh – Day 2

After a long journey, we slept like a pig. We wanted to have a budget trip hence we had biscuits and instant noodles for break fast. It was pure torture I tell you.

There are over 1000 Climbing routes in Rai Leh (natural walls). We started off at Dum’s Kitchen @ Tonsai Beach. The routes are predominately 6As, 7s and 8s (grading system – the lower the number, the easier it is). Imagine warming up on a 7A.

I started off with a 6B and ended with failure. I couldn’t finish the bloody route! Filled with frustration, I went to surf the net instead.

I continued climbing after surfing the net. This time round, on a 6A. Sounds easy, but I couldn’t even start the bloody route. I gave up after falling from the first move.

Water rising..

Tonsai Beach and West Railay beach is divided by a small hill. To get West Railay (and the rest of the beaches), we have 3 choices, take a boat, around the hill during low tide or hike through the hill.

No easy task man..

Since the tide has rise, we had to hike through the hill. It was not an easy task as the paths were narrow and steep.

We headed straight to Phranang beach. Throughout the journey, we had our first taste of topless girls. But after looking at couple of papayas, the excitement died down. But I was told that further down the beach, we might get to see some ‘abalones’!

Phra-nang beach is filled with sun bathing Caucasians and topless girls. The beach doesn’t have many routes to climb. We have to venture further in to the caves to climb.

Spot the topless girl.

Instead of climbing, we swam. Phranang has crystal clear water and sandy beach. We spent the entire day there playing with sand and water.

We buried Potato Ben in the sand. Then we stepped on him.

Sun set!

Back from Rai Leh, Krabi!

It was a fun filled trip. 7 days of rock climbing, swimming, massage and Thai food!

Rai Leh is a peninsula surrounded by mountains and oceans, final access can only be by boat. It consists of 4 main beaches, Rai Leh East, Rai Leh West, Pranang Beach and Tonsai Beach. It’s a hot spot for rock climbers.

Rock Climbing @ Tonsai

We stayed in Tonsai, one of the beaches in Rai Leh. Tonsai is filled with climbers and Caucasian. The beach is beautiful but the water’s so-so. Girls with hot body and guys with 6 packs everywhere.

We stayed at Green Valley Resort Hotel. It was horrible. We had no luxuries at all, no hot water, no internet, no flush, no electricity after 830AM and no toilet paper! The only luxury we have is a noisy fan. But after a while we got used to the cold shower and bugs in the toilet. That’s what you get for RM50 per night.

Road leading to our chalet

yea..the toilet, a bowl, a running pipe and a shower.

our room!

But the restaurant at Green Valley was excellent. Salad buffet was at 30 Baht and seafood was on an average of 40 baht per 100 grams. Imagine a huge piece of King Fisher for RM10 and 100 grams of mussels for RM3 😀

The great staff of Green Valley!

Ping, Potato Ben and I had to share a bed. The first night was good except that the Ping snored loudly beside me. All I had to do is turn around, elbow him to wake him up. But it got worst when Potato Ben slept in the middle for the remaining nights. He took up most of the bed space, kicked Ping in his sleep and rolled on the bed unnecessarily. Sleeping with 2 guys is no fun at all.

Electricity in Tonsai turns off at 830AM. However, Internet is readily available throughout the day (until 11PM). It costs 3 Bath per minute.
Massage was cheap. It was about RM20 – RM30 for an hour massage. We tried their neck, shoulder and back massage, Thai massage and Oil massage. Loads of joints cracking and twisting. Their service was excellent as well. After massage, we were given fruits and drinks!

Yap massaging!

However, 7 days of Thai food didn’t treat my stomach well. I had diarrhea on two occasions. Thank god the charcoal pills helped a lot.
Alright, back to the toilet bowl! I’ll post more soon!

Greetings from Tonsai, Krabi!

After 7 hours of bus ride, 2 hours of waiting at the immigration, 5 hours van ride and 45 minutes of boat ride, I’m now in Tonsai, Krabi!
The journey was no bed of roses. It was a torture.

The long wait at the immigration was due to loads of people jumping queue. My friend got so pissed till he went to screw one of the queue jumpers. However, the queue jumper turned around and ignored my friend. watadafak man.

We got conned at Krabi town as well. Our driver made us buy boat tickets from a middle man, who promised to bring us to Tonsai. However, our boat man was paid for the trip to East Rai-ley and he refused to bring us to Tonsai unless we pay extra.

We didn’t pay though. Our boatman did not bring us to Tonsai as the water was not safe to travel. We had to walk from East Railey to Tonsai.

Tonsai is filled with climbers and caucasian. The beach is beautiful but the water’s so-so.

My hotel is horrible though. We have no luxuries at all, no hot water, no internet, no flush, no electricty after 7am and no toilet paper! The only luxury we have is a noisy fan.

Ok. I’m off to climb again! Cya!