Unusual Crimes – All in 7 Days

Dirty ‘Darth Vader’ stuns women
SEREMBAN: While the widely-hyped movie Star Wars runs in cinemas all over the world, the dark force of Darth Vader struck in Bandar Baru Nilai.
Yesterday, women factory workers in two industrial areas were appalled and screamed when a man in full Darth Vader costume flashed them.
A 33-year-old factory supervisor who identified herself as “Priscilla” said the man got out of his tinted two-door car, strutted about menacingly in his Darth Vader suit before opening it and revealing himself to 15 women workers standing at a bus stop at about 7am.
“At first, I thought he was a die-hard Star Wars fan trying to impress us with his costume. But we were shocked when he showed us his private-parts,” she said.
The women were waiting for buses to take them home after their night shift.
“We were all exhausted after a long day at work and did not see the man’s face as he was wearing a dark mask,” she said.
When some of the women screamed, he jumped into his car and drove off towards the North-South Expressway.
“Next time it will not be “Revenge of the Sith” but revenge on a sick man if we catch him doing his act again,” she added.
The flasher was reported to have displayed himself to another group of workers at a nearby factory.
When contacted, Acting OCPD Supt Mohd Taib Latif said the police need more information such as the flasher’s car registration number to track him down.

Man on Web porn charge
KUALA LUMPUR: A cellphone salesman was charged in a magistrate’s court yesterday with having a laptop containing a movie taken from a pornographic website.
Lim Puay Huat, who claimed trial, is the first person to be prosecuted in Malaysia for an offence related to a pornographic website.
The 21-year-old from Jalan Air Panas Baru, Setapak, was charged under the Film Censorship Act.
He allegedly had in his possession a laptop containing the pornographic movie in 3GP (video for mobile phones) and RM (Real Media video) file formats.
He was said to have committed the offence at The Cellphone sales counter in front of a shoe shop at No. G20, Pertama Complex in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman here at 5.55pm on Tuesday.
If found guilty, he can be fined up to RM50,000 and jailed up to five years under Section 5(1)(a) of the Act.
Prosecuting officer Chief Inspector Vasu Appu asked the court to impose a RM10,000 bail on Lim in view of the gravity of the offence.
“This is clearly reflected in the serious attention given by the Government to curb the offence.
“It has become very unhealthy now that even children can have access to pornographic material,” he said.
He then pointed out to the court a recent news article splashed prominently in The Star about the existence of 1.5 million pornographic websites that could be easily accessed.
He said that in the article Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the authorities were mulling over the possibility of introducing a censorship mechanism to block access to such sites by surfers.
Lim, who pleaded for a lower bail, was not represented.
Magistrate Mohd Khairi Haron set a RM8,000 bail on Lim.
He set June 29 for mention.
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JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly RESULTS!

We were late for the match. But we somehow hoped that the Koreans understand the Malaysian culture of being late.
We thought that the Koreans, just like Japanese, would turn up wayyyy earlier. But it seems that the Koreans were nothing like Japanese. The Koreans didn’t turn up for the match at all!!!

Not as impressive as we thought…
Instead, we were assigned to play with another team by the referees. As soon as we heard that the Koreans were not playing, our morale dipped from 102/100 to 50/100. GAAHhh
The other side, dressed in bright orange jerseys, were a bunch of young Chinese players. Since we were late, we had no time to warm up. The referee blew the starting whistle even though some of us were still trying to wear our shoes.

Getting ready..
We started off great. Ping scored the first goal within few minutes. As the ball hits the net, we cheered loudly. However, Yming insisted that we keep our celebration low key.

Ping’s well worth effort resulted in this..
Unfortunately, few minutes later, the opponent scored an equalizer through a header from a corner kick. Our morale dropped from there again. Then things got worst, every thing was in disarray. The opponents shot in another 3 goals by exploiting our weak defence.
The 1st quarter (we opted for a 3 quarter match, 30 minutes per quarter) ended with 4 – 1. Someone shouted…
“Tiu… Liverpool could catch up from 3 – 0 in the AC Milan game, we shall do that as well”.

The bench

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Davy Big Fly @ Bliss

Tek-Nicianz proves their mission to campaign hard dance and major basslines in our premises, bringing you Hong Kong’s LMF’s Davy Chan aka DBF, who’s also produced and composed for the likes of Sammi Cheng, Leslie Cheung and Ekin Cheng and toured with Faye Wong and Jordan Chan. If you want a night of Hong Kong’s digital dance music (break beat) at its best, be at Bliss. 10pm. RM45, pre-sale RM35 inc. 1 drink.
Pre-sales ticket outlet : Showroom, Sg. Wang
Showroom, The Curve
Showroom, Times Square
For info, email to event@tek-nicianz.com or
call William +6019-3927887 or Roy +6012-3266356
Expression Session’03
Tek-NiCianz presents Expression Session’03
Experience the new revolution of dance.
Be technolyzed in room 1 & experience euphoria in room 2.
Be ready!
Venue : Barcode
Date : 18th June 2005
Time : 12am till ALAP
Door Charge : RM30 incl 1 Drink
DJs line up – Room 1 DJ Edmund, DJ Suresh & DJ Romel
Room 2 WllyThKd, Digital & Sreal

JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly

This Sunday! An extraordinary match. A blog v an International team!!
Behold!! JinHan Footie Blog v Korea Republic International Friendly Football!!
Excerpt from Kiang’s post..
It has been very long since we played football in a netted cage and on a fake grass. It is the time we get out to the wild and face our opponents – the Koreaas in the real field!
Venue: Stadium Petronas, Bangi
Time : 3:30 p.m will start kickin ass
Date : 29th May 2005 (Sunday)
Referee : Yes
Pitch condition : Fanta-bulous (Impression as pic below)
Rate : Same as what you pay for indoors
Duration : One and half hours

Aerial view of Stadium Petronas, Bangi

The opponents – Lee Dong Gook;Park Ji Sung (Nah, jk)
Excerpt from him’s post..

Proposed Formation: 4-4-2 (Traditional)
Proposed Tactics: Attacking (If we hav chance)
Coach: No Applicant
Captain: Nomination mode
Depleted Squad (UPDATED)
Players: JHan(F/M), KFei(M), enPeng(M), Voonim(F/M), Tim(D), HaunYeong(F/M), ABoy(D), Loping(D/M/F), Aaakiang(D), Leon(GK), Wilson(M/F), Mun Kian(D/M), Keat Nam(D/M), YewKuan(D/M)(Yet to confirmed)
Waterboy & Ball Picker: xes
Out: UMeng (on loan to TooWong FC), SLoong (suspended. Now in Perth)
Import: Maybe
Fitness Status: 55/100
Training Status: 15/100
Morale: 102/100
Concerns: Bad Weather
Team Instruction: Normal – Friendly unless provoked
Those interested in watching, please feel free to drop by with your pom poms 😀 No no, people..I dont know whether there will be h0t Korean guys or girls there.

Game set..Let’s kick the Koreans Asses!!

Sin Seng Nam Restaurant @ Lebuh Pasar Besar, Kuala Lumpur

[As of 28 February 2013, Sin Seng Nam is closed indefinitely]

Recently I’ve been eating at this coffee shop before going to court. It serves really great toasted bread with kaya (pandan paste) and butter and also yummy breakfast set!!

It’s also very popular among lawyers as it is located opposite the Malaysian Bar Council.

Other than their toast bread, their Hainanese chicken rice and pork chop are excellent.

The block of shophouses in which Sin Seng Nam Restaurant is located was built around 1906. In Sin Seng Nam Restaurant, pictures of the old Kuala Lumpur hang along the walls of Sing Seng Nam Restaurant. It’s an interesting sight.


Their service is sometimes quite terrible. I have, on couple of occasions, got screwed by the Indonesian waiters.

Me: Eh, Ada butter tak? (Do you have butter?)
Woman: Mengapa tadi tak cakap??? (Why didnt you ask for it just now?)
(walks off)

I thought she would come back with butter, but 10 mins later…no sign of my butter..fugger..

However, complaining to the boss would be of no use at all because the boss is worst than them…

Chuo Ming overheard a conversation between the boss and a Caucasian tourist.

Tourist: Hi..what does this say in the menu?
Boss: Read it yourself. I got no time to explain to you. If you dont like it, go to another restaurant.


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Today (23/5/2005), out of boredom, i went to play DOTA (DOTA is a custom game for the infamous Warcraft 3 PC game) in SJ. After 2 hours of “DOTA”-ing, i was a damn blur already. On the way out, i saw a chun chic (pretty girl)…
Me: eh hc, that chic damn chun(pretty)lar (as usual, i told my buddy about it)
HC: ya kah? u wait…
He turned to the girl
HC: Hey! This is Frank…
The girl looked puzzled
me: HUH!!!
HC: This is my friend, Frank! He wants to know you.
me: HUH!!!
the girl: HUH!!!
Then both the girl and me, walked off. HC then walked up to me, shaking his head.
HC: Frank, why you like that?
me: What? You try to kena me (frame me) izzit?
HC: No lar, i know her one.
me: Huh!!!
HC: OK lar, next time i don’t want to introduce any chun chic to u anymore lar.
me: HUH!!!
Lesson of the day : The best time to kena Frank is after he “Dota-ed” for two hours.

Beer Survey

Happy Wesak Day everyone!
Mum and I fulfilled our annual pilgrimage to the Brickfield Temple for Wesak Day. The place was filled with all sorts of people and races. Beggars were abundant was well.
There was an alley of stores leading to the temple that were selling various things. There was this shop that blared, “vegetarians are good!!!”…over and over again.. Then there was this Indian lady that had 3 crates of LIVE PIGEONS.
You can either roast them, fry them or boil them. SLURP. Nah, you’re supposed to free them once you pay the lady the money. Unfortunately, no one bought any pigeons from her.
Well other than fulfilling my religious responsilities, I went attended something interesting. I went for a BEER SURVEY
Kelvin Boey, Brian, Cris, Ivan, HHH, Hen, Gerald and I attended the Beer Survey @ a private room at All Star Café Mid Valley. It was fabulous! Where else could you get free food and free beer and get paid RM120 for it!
It was conducted by 2 Caucasians, one from London, another from Australia. They have been travelling around the world to conduct such survey.
The requirements were fairly easy. We had to be a group of friends who hang out with each other often and like to drink Carlsberg Beer. However, the extend of our status and liking are half true, not all of us hang out together often. Fortunately, such requirement need not be strictly complied.
We were bombarded with questions about beers, beers and beers. Initially everyone was active in the discussion but towards the end, we were lying on the sofa as the beers have kicked in. I had to force myself to keep awake.
Guailous: So what do you think of packaging A?
A: mmmm very gOOodd…
B: niceee..
C: uuuhhh… i need more beer…
After 4 jugs of beers, Cris and I proceeded to the Summit Climbing GYM. Climbing after few mugs of beer is totally not advisable. I felt like shit when I did it! Note to myself: No climbing after few BEERS!

From Sabah with misery

This week at KL Legal Aid Centre….
An old man came in to see me. He spoke nothing else but broken melay and mandrin.
“Eh uncle, you are from Sabah ar?” I asked when i saw his I.C. no and address
“I am from Sarawak ler, uncle.”
“Wah! good! good1”
(note: Sabah and Sarawak are two states of the Federation of Malaysia located on the Island of Borneo)
“So, uncle how can i help you?”
“My farm in Sabah is flooded because of the illegal landfilling”
“oooh…uncle, we don’t provide legal aid for tortious matter ler”
“Please help lar, young man.”
That uncle did pass the mean test because he is seriously poor. All he has in his possession is a lousy land worth probably very little now because of the landfilling. He came all the way over here to seek help. Before this he tried all sort of avenue, including making complaint to the government department, and the newspaper agency. He even paid a visti to the ex Sabah Cheif Minister, Chung Kah Kiat but they were all useless.
“Uncle, why don’t you complain to MCA?”
“I got ar. The Sabah MCA cannot help me also.”
“How come?”
“Because everytime i go see them, they said that they had no time! They are busy playing mahjong!”
Anyhow, the KL Legal Aid Centre couldn’t help that uncle. However, that uncle wanted to see Michael Cheung, the cheif of MCA Complaint Bureau. Hence, i gave him the direction and sent him off to Putra LRT. That is the least i could do for that uncle.
Good luck, uncle!