Amsterdam – the city of sin: Day 4

Breakfast: salami, ham, dutch cheese and wholemeal bread
Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza

Words learned:
Bier = beer
Politie = police
Uur = hours
Automatisch = automatically
Instruction = instructiche

» Last day.

We were quite upset about leaving the place, seems like there’s still lots of things undone. We had our last session at Stone’s cafe (a coffee shop with Arabic designs).

stone’s cafe

We met this Australian girl named Carla. She’s been backpacking for almost a year. She said she was in Barcelona for few months and she’ll be staying at Amsterdam for another 6 months to work. woah man, I wonder when she’s gonna stop.

inside stone’s cafe – picture taken by carla

The trip back was pretty quick. It took us an hour to fly back from Holland to East Midlands and another hour to travel back to Nottingham by bus and another hour to travel back to Sheffield by train. The whole trip back home went smoothly with no delays. Anyway, all of us were pretty upset about leaving Amsterdam. We had a good time there. Everything is so much different and special, scenery wise and statutory wise. hehe. END

our favourite pizza place!

me with some statues @ Amsterdam airport

posing infront of the plane when we’re back in uk while carl looking sad 🙁

» misc. facts
We went to the Sex Museum; the exhibition ranged from Chinese ancient sex taboos to Fat French women having sex. There were also pictures of the real Casanova and Marilyn Monroe.

the sex museum

big dick!

There are a lot of dealers (mostly black people but I’ve seen a Chinese selling before) on the streets offering ecstasy and cocaine. BEWARE! Some of them are fake!!

Amsterdam – the city of sin: Day 3

Brunch: Pepperoni Pizza
Dinner: Shoarma and Fries

Words learned:
Roept = love
Marihuana = marijuana
Halte = stop
Duwen = push
Sinds = since

a view of the canal

» Daytime
We went for 2 strip shows at Casa Rosso. The first one was pretty boring, a middle-aged couple screwing on the stage and a skinny teenybopper Asian teenage stripping. *euw* The only interesting part or i might say hilarious, is one of the performance by an audience. He was invited by the middle-aged lady to perform with her. When he got up on the stage, he swayed his ass on the stage and start making faces when the lady was touching him.

me posing stupidly infront of casa rosso’s fountain

The second strip show was just too boring. I feel asleep halfway. *yawn*

» Evening
We went for a boat ride in the Canals around Amsterdam. Nothing interesting except for couple of sceneries but not even the famous Windmills and Anne Frank’s home. Here’s some fact i picked up from the information the boat captain gave.

– Due to the shortage of land, people have to live in boathouses (but of course there are those who choose to do so)
– Legal boathouses are provided with electricity and water supply.
– Illegal ones aren’t
– There is about 100km of canals and more than 100 bridges.

» Night time
We were pretty much exhausted from the daytime activities. Most of us choose to sleep.

me & khaifei @ one of the sex shops

Carl, Juleun and I decided to walk around the Red Light District. One word of advice, don’t ever try to walk there alone, it’s dodgy. We went for couple of peep shows. It cost about 2 euro for 2 minutes. There’s couple of rooms surrounding a rotating stage with a girl doing sexually explicit acts on the small stage. The main thing I don’t like about the place is that there’s cum stain everywhere!!

Amsterdam – the city of sin: Day 2

Breakfast: McDonalds
Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza
Dinner: Pepperoni Pizza
Supper: Pepperoni Pizza *again*

Words learned:
Uitgang = exit
Entree = entry

» Day time – The wedding of Prince William and Princess Maxima
Coincidentally, our trip was in conjunction with the wedding of the Prince of Holland. There was a parade on the streets. Coincidentally again, our hotel room is facing the parade and thus we were able to see the parade on the streets. There were military personals marching, music bands and military personals on the horses parading the streets. The whole town was filled with joyful and merry people. There were some people giving out orange banners and some orange stuff. It seems that the Dutch loves orange. Anyway, the wedding ceremony was in a church in Dam Square and shown live on tv. We took couple of pictures of the ceremony.

Gold Carriage!

Canal Buildings (our hotel is the 2nd one from the right)

us @ dam square

William and Maxima!

Me after the parade

» Night time – Clubbing at Amsterdam!
We went clubbing at the so-called best club in Amsterdam called Escape. The place opens at 30 minutes past eleven. The cover charge is about 15 euros and as usual you are screened before entering the club (walking through metal detector and stuff). One thing I like about the club is it’s multicultural compared to the clubs in Sheffield which is mainly British locals. In Escape, you’ll see plenty of Asians and other races from around the world. Well, conclusion, the atmosphere of the club, the crowd is great the music is fine!

Amsterdam – the city of sin: Day 1

We arrive at Amsterdam late in the evening. Everything was fine and we were pretty excited.

“Tiu” means ‘f*ck’ in Cantonese

As we were walking, there was one guy who offered to find hotel for us approached us. He took us around couple of hotels until we settled down at this hotel called Hotel Centre. It cost about 25 per night. It’s a pretty reasonable price. We put our stuff immediately and went to a coffee shop.

Our first dinner

» Weed, magic mushroom, prostitution and pornographic materials are legal. Weed ranges from hash to marijuana. They have many types of marijuana, for example, jack heror, black widow, white widow, and super skunk. The prices vary from types of marijuana. You can even purchase them in pre rolled joints or probably use the bong in the coffee shop itself.

magic mushrooms & a pack of weed

cannabis sativa!

» Porn ranges from gay, lesbian, animal, grandma and grandpa, incest, gangbang, rape, transsexuals, bondage and all the sick stuff you could imagine. They have shops sells porn dvd, cassettes, magazines and sex toys.

» Prostitution: blowjobs for 35 euro, sex for 50 to 65 euros (could be less if the girl really likes you), you are not allowed to kiss the girl, condoms are required even during a blowjob, the girls poses behind a glass door with a red neon light placed on top of the door outside their rooms, most of them are half naked usually in bikinis, no pictures are allowed to be taken in the red light district.

juleun *roar*

carl: *yea!*