Jinhan wrote about Hen on his website. I feel like doing the same as well.

Lets see, I don’t remember when I met Hen, but we were in the same primary school.

In high school, we hung out a lot. Remember the days when we would take a taxi to 1 Utama just to meet some IRC chicks? haha those were the days!! Remember Yin Jia HEN??? HAHAHAH

So anyway, if I were to write about the things that we went through for this couple of years, I think it would be thicker than the encyclopedia. This short post is just to wish you


tokyo short notes

Tokyo is environmental friendly. Garbage bins has separate compartments for plastic, paper and glass. Japanese are well discipline to separate them one by one.

Busses would turn off their engines whenever they stop, especially while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Japanese are well known to be polite. Whenever I enter a shop, they would greet me and thank me whenever I leave. However, their politeness has no effect on me. IMHO, I think that their welcomes and thank yous were inputted into their system. I find no sincerity in their greetings as it is just a part of their routine.

Japanese Telco puts our Malaysian Telco into shame. We are so far behind them. Japanese handphones has an email program, GPRS, high quality camera and even video conferencing!

Latest phones in Tokyo. Anyone care to translate it for all the readers?

Japanese girls are soOooooooooooooooooo HOT, HOOTTT AND HOOTT!! In the main streets of Shibuya and Shinjuku, pretty girls are abundant. I think it’s about 10 PG/M!! (pretty girls per minute)

back from tokyo!!

Tokyo was awesome! It was a huge eye opener.

Unfortunately, work sucked though. Due to miscommunication between parties, everything was moving at a slow pace and I couldn’t fulfil my task.

However, overall, it was fun. Jane, my former Sheffield University hall mate brought me around Tokyo. After my work (which usually ends in the afternoon), we would meet up for lunch and spend the entire day exploring Tokyo.

I brought back loads of souvenirs, ranging from hello kitty to porn. i’vN stupid porn almost got me into trouble. The custom officers found the book wrapped with a transparent paper bag. Fortunately, she didn’t flip the pages, otherwise there goes my law career.

I tried searching for the used underwear vending machines. I coudn’t find any though. Most of them were soft drinks and cigarrates.

Oh I miss Tokyo. I wish I could spend more time there!!!

Here are some photos from Jane’s camera phone.

Jane & I @ Roppongi Hills

Ferris Wheel @ Odaiba

Hello Kitty stamps issued by the Japan post!

Will give a detailed update when I get my photos developed!!


“I don’t know you but I dream of you every night…”
– Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates

I was watching this movie while dosing off to sleep when this line suddenly hit me – this happens to me too!

For the past 10 years of my life, I have been dreaming of a particular person occasionally. However, the weird thing is I can never remember his exact face when I wake up. Somehow, I do know it’s him when I do dream of him. How bizarre is that?!?

These dreams are very real. I can even touch, feel and sense things. It’s almost like a reality. Except sometimes, the ‘story line’ can be quite ‘kua cheong’ (exaggerated); I can do flying kicks and other stunts I’ve never even come across in reality. It thus makes me wonder – do I actually know him? You know, like Drew Barrymore in this movie actually knows the man she dreams of every night but just can’t remember who he is because she suffers from the Goldfield syndromme – a permanent short-term memory loss. Although I have been awarded ‘The Blur Queen’ title, I certainly do not suffer from any brain damage, rest assured.

Because of these dreams too, I am beginning to realise why my relationships never work out. It is simply because he is just not the guy of my dreams.

And after all these years I thought I have commitment problems, sigh!!
*no, just joking!

Tokyo tomorrow!!




My firm decided to send me to Tokyo to get some papers authenticated. Unfortunately, I could only spend 3 days 2 nights in Tokyo.

I tried contacting my friend in Tokyo for this past few days but she hasn’t reply my mail till now. Oh no, I’m going to be alone in Tokyo!! noooOOoo!!!

However, in any event I have to spend my time alone in Tokyo, what should I do? Where should I visit? Is there any thing that I should take notice of? Any good photography spot?

Here’s an amusing article I read from Lonely Planet, written by Jane Thompson

My threadbare underwear was, apparently, an irresistible temptation. So irresistible, in fact, that late one suburban-Tokyo night it inspired someone to scale a wall, leap onto my 2nd floor balcony and liberate the motley collection from the clothesline.

Anyone who has ever tried to find gaijin sized undergarments in Japan will understand the certain practical consideration that magnified my distress. ‘My underwear has… disappeared, ‘I told my landlady, pale-faced, unable to come up with the Japanese for ‘stolen’. She cottoned on at once – and called the police. Under the watchful eye of eight (!) police officers, I spent a good hour or so field question about the colour, size and texture of the missing articles. They’d keep an eye out, they told me, but I really should e more careful.

More careful? My Japanese friends were shocked and horrified – that I’d been so stupid as to peg my bras and undies on an outdoor clothesline in the first place. Every nation ha its share of knicker-snatchers, but Japan, it seems, may have more than the usual sprinkling.

I thought of getting those used panties on sale @ shops. But after watching this video….not in this life man..

Cya guys in 3 days!

battle of da bands

Battle of the bands 2004
I was hired as a photographer for this event. The organizers promised me a fee of RM100. My job was fairly simple. All I need to do was do the thing I like the most, which is taking photos.

Since this is a rock concert like event, organized by Taylor’s College, none of my friends wanted to go. Thank god Sam accompanied me!

Sam and I were given a VIP tag each. We could access everywhere we wanted. Security was tight though, we were stopped many times for an ID check cause we didn’t display our tags.

Surprisingly, the event went really well. The bands were good and their performances were superb. I didn’t expect college students to perform that well.

Unfortunately, the event was packed with kids (even kids at the age of 14). I felt so bloody old. But it was good fun daring Sam to pick up one of the many small kids there. She didn’t dare.. tieww..

Some girls were screaming their lungs out, as if they were begging to join the band’s groupies. Another thing was, even though the event was not filled with alcohol or drugs, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I couldn’t stay till the prize giving ceremony as I ran out of film and I had to rush for my movie at Mid Valley. While the rest of the crowd were screaming encore, Sam and I were screaming for… NO MORE!!

Well, we got to see the movie (13 going 30). Ping and Umeng were patiently waiting for us at the cinema. Oh yeah, we were an hour late. All we saw was Jennifer Garner’s protruding nipples.

Right after the movie, we decided to drop by Bar Code to say hi to some friends. It was supposed to be a 10 minutes thingie. However, it didn’t turn out the way it was expected to be. As we entered Bar Code, friends hushed us to their tables and started drowning us with alcohol.

WE lasted till 530AM… soooo tired!!

battle of the bands

Battle of the bands

WIth performances by Dragon Red, DISAGREE, John’s Mistress and 10 competing bands!

Taylors College Battle Of The Bands 2004 }

Date : 21st August 2004
Venue : Taylors College Carpark
Occasion : Taylors College Battle Of The Bands
Bands : Dragon Red (GuestBand), Disagree (Guestband), Versatile, Trash Bugs, Beat the System, FunkyDogs, Larva Eve II, Ternterhooks, LIMESTONE, Pyling Section, Mad Fish, Virtuoso.
Cover Charge : RM 3
Time: 7pm Onwards

Well, I’m going!

This could be a big surprise to some of my friends as I’m not very fond of rock or alternative music. (TO KIM ROCK MUSIC SUCKS). However, one of the organizers hired me as a photographer. I’m getting paid..yay!!

but..ooooh nooo i hope the camera doesn’t fuckup..

Anyway, here are some photos taken from Bintulu market

not edible. its actually used as a brush.


Postcard from Tokyo damage report!

Couple of month ago, I featured him @ http://www.xes.cx/MT/archives/2004/05/tokyo_damage_re.html. Then couple of weeks back, he had a contest which offered a free postcard from Japan!

Well I won!

Here’s the post card 😀


Oh yeah, here’s an interesting link I got from Lynnzter http://masamania.com/masha/index.htm. It’s a photo journal of the weird Japanese ways..

Exotic food @ Bintulu

We had exotic Chinese food for dinner. Bats didnt taste good. They were too boney and dont have much meat. Wild boar and deer meat were fine.

Turtles tasted good though but they’re just too cute to be eaten.

Yummmyyy…I guess that’s all the gross food pictures I have!