Last of Sheffield photos.

Dont know what to post today, so I guess I’ll just post some photos of Sheffield. 😀

Sheffield University student union. During exam period, it’s open 24 hours. There I get to ogle white chicks 😀

This Ice Cream truck sells really good shit ice cream. It’s really creamy 😀

While I was taking the photo of the Ice Cream truck, this 2 guys whistled at me. They asked me to take a photo of them.

So on my way back, I bumped into this dog.

Sheffield University photos

To those who didn’t know, I graduated from Sheffield University.

Sheffield is a beautiful place. So beautiful till every scenery looks like a photo opportunity

It was a bright and sunny day, so I decided to snap some pictures. Here are the photos:

Arts Tower – the tallest building in Sheffield

An aerial view of Sheffield from Arts Tower

Paternoster lift – An elevator constructed of a series of doorless compartments hung on chains that move slowly and continuously, allowing passengers to step on and off at will.

Main library

Despite its beauty, Sheffield is a boring place. You can actually die of boredom there. If you send someone to live there alone, he will start talking to himself and see weird shit. Well, if you had the right friends who shares the same enthusiasm with you, it would be a great place. But for me, not in front of the computer playing computer games or in front of the television playing PS2!!