mOdern testimOnials.

the last i checked, a testimonial can be defined as:
(a) a recommendation or putting in a good word;
(b) a tribute – something given or done as an expression of esteem;
since a few years ago(when a sudden rush of creativity emerged on the internet), we can now find testimonials on friendster‘s in a form of greetings, and others.


[“you’ve got lotsa $$$$ so you’re a star, man!”]

_________////____ Oo .. !!! .. o.. , o
___*____//////____ o .. (*.* )Merry ..O
_____*_////////___*_ ( ) ChristMas
__________|_|_______ O .( ….. ).ooooo

hello, how does the christmas tree and the cute teddy bear put in a good word about me in the testimonial? does the tree signify that i’ve always been a prickly person? or the teddy bear means i’m hugable?
surely it’s just a greeting which can (and should) be sent via the message or bulletin thingy. or email, sms or snail mail.
come on, there is a difference between ‘testimonial’ and a ‘guestbook’, serious shit, man. (mind my language!)
nah, i’ll borrow this as my testimonial for
…………..I…WAS ……………….
………………….HERE ………….

[“you’ve got cute toes, yo, so i was here!”]

Fearless – starring Jet Li

Starring: Jet Li, Nakamura Shido, Collin Chou, Shun Li, Michelle Yeoh

Opening Day: 26 January 2006 (Chinese New Year Blockbuster!)

Synopsis :

Based on the life of Martial Artsmaster Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910), this biopic is set during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, a pivotal period in China’s history, when the whole country is shrouded under increasing internal turmoil and the imminent threat of foreign invasion.
Huo Yuanjia begins the story as a cocky, young Martial Arts practitioner with only one thing in his mind, to become the best at his craft at all costs. His quest eventually leads to a tragedy when he mistakenly kills an opponent whose disciples consequently slaughter Huo’s whole family for revenge. A distraught and heartbroken Huo flees to the countryside, determined to abandon everything he ever wanted and believed in. He then spends considerable time in a remote mountain village anonymously, where he relearned all the things that matter in life while taking refuge with an old lady and her half blind granddaughter. He returns to the city to make amends with his turbulent past, and gets swept up in a violent, fight to the death Martial Arts tournament to defend China’s honor against foreign aggressors.
Official Website:
I used to love Jet Li’s movies, especially those movies where he played Wong Fei Hung (Once Upon a Time in China). But his recent movies were crap, stupid Hollywood spoiled his great kungfu moves. I notice that in Jet Li’s movies, there are loads of African American. As compared to Jacky Chan movies, there are more Caucasians!
Also, I recently watched this Chinese movie by the name SPL.


Synopsis: A man that will do anything to keep his criminal empire, a man that walks the fine line between ‘protect and serve’ and the very element he stands against, and a man pushed to excel in the shadow of personal failure. None are left unscathed.
Chan’s [Simon Yam] sense of justice and self-imposed personal duty tests his adherence to the principles he upholds as a policeman.
The head of a specialty police unit, he is nearing retirement, yet his adopted daughter is a constant reminder of a crime boss that won’t go gently into that good night. Moreover, Po [Sammo Hung] has evolved since that time, becoming more and more of a kingpin and growing increasingly untouchable. Chan can’t walk away without setting things right, but they have nothing on him. Knowing Po was behind the murder and destruction of evidence that orphaned his adopted daughter, Chan is torn by doing what he knows is right, yet he manages to keep his actions within the law despite temptation.
Ma [Donnie Yen] will take Chan’s place as head of the unit, and joins shortly before Chan’s retirement. Ma might be seen as a by the books cop, but he wasn’t always like that and the escalating confrontation between Chan and Po tests his resolve to stay out of the shadow that haunts him. It’s that same resolve that causes Chan and Ma to not see eye to eye on things when they manage to grab Po, but they won’t be able to keep him. With time sifting through the proverbial hour glass both men’s integrity is tried as Po’s patience wears thin- the result has bloody consequences.
Simon Yam, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen along with Wu Jing star in this new dark, gritty actioner directed by Wilson Yip.
Official site with trailer:
BRILLIANT SHOW albeit a little violent. It’s so violent till my pirated DVD censored some violent parts.
But fuuuuuhhh…Donnie Yen is damn bloody yau ying (COOL)!
siffuuu!!!!!!!!!! Please teach me martial arts!!!

I would recommend all martial arts lovers to watch this movie!

Barcode Presents Pre NYE Celebration – 30th Dec

Here’s a brief introduction about the event by Nd.

Dj V – Trance DJ, He plays all sorts of Trance as well as Hard Trance music…
Dj Francis Cobb – member of Bass Agents. plays trance but with a bit of N-RG.
Dj Dave Rankine – from Melbourne, Australia. Plays techno. He played in gigs like Y2KO (Millenium Rave NYE2000 in Melbourne), Every Pic tells a Story (Melbourne), TwoTribe (Melbourne), Terriaki (Melbourne) and many more…… For those who love Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Luke Slater or even Will-E-Tell……I’m sure they will love Dj Dave Rankine.
Paul Van Dyke @ Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur 3.2.2006

Paul van Dyke will touring Asia around Chinese New Year – 28th of January – 4th of February 2006 as part of his Politics of Dancing 2 World Tour incl. Manila, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bejing, Huangzhou, Gunagzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

List of PVD’s tour dates
Thanks J for the pointers.

Cowboy Station Kelana Jaya 2006 Countdown Celebration
Rather than fighting for car parks and fighting your way through a crowd, why not have a quiet night with western food on your table?
Food, Fun & Lucky Draws @ RM18 per person!
Also comes with buffet (think of Victorian Station equivalent western food buffet…uummmmm) and fire works!
Email me for tickets!

Furry Corsten @ Zouk 23.12.2005

It’s been a while since I went to clubbing. But since the Miri boys, Chanok and Rin were in town, I decided to bring them to Zouk for Ferry Corsten’s set although I was down with food poisoning. I felt like I was having period during the entire night.

Many thanks to Sharon for bringing us in. If it was not for her, we would have to fork out RM50 per person. Unfortunately, for Amos and girlfriend Kimmy who came late, they had to fork out RM100 for entry.

Furry Corsten!

Hairy Corsten’s set was just so-so. I’m not a big fan of trance and further I was a little bit disappointed with his set as he didn’t play his hard stuff. I love his music on his Hard NRG series. But then, I heard that his set got harder towards the end. I wonder how true is this.
Despite the mellow music, I got to meet up with some old friends. 😀

Unexpectedly, Johnson, Mary, Gobi, GBH, Hong Sing, Rita and the rest of the gang were there. It’s been a while since I saw them. I though those guys have retired.

Johnson & Mary

Rin, Chanok and Me

Sharon, Rin & Chanok

Lynnzter was there as well. So was Iris!

Sharon & Lynnzgupaozter

Chanok: (while dancing to Ferry Corsten’s music) I don’t like trance. I’m so bored.
Rin: This is good stuff man.. (referring to Ferry’s music)
(10 minutes later)
Rin: I’m bored!!

By 2AM, we were already out of the club. I had to get a drink due to dehydration, god damn food poisoning. Chanok and Rin had enough by then as well. We ended the night at Steven’s Corner.

Oh! Guess what this ‘person’ is doing?

1) peeing?
2) having a quickie ala doggie style?
3) others (enter action here)

I heard Paul Van Dyke will be @ Zouk on January. Anyone ? 😀

More Party pics @

Jingle All The Way

In my attempt to convince sexx0r that i am worth his effort to be listed as at least a guestblogger on this site, blog i shall! Just want to wish everyone around, メリイクリスマス !!!!! (merry christmas)
Yep, i am definately sober enough to realise that the posting date is not the 25th. Its all because i couldnt come online. Christmas was definately one hectic period. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.
My present to everyone, check out this site here and have a good laugh alright?
Merry Christmas and Stay Healthy everyb0dy!

bimbO alert!

so i finally made up my mind to be a guestblogger for this site, despite the fact that the major terms and conditions (of my ’employment’) has yet to be ironed out. [quite stOOpid of me.] ;P
hmm… what’s there to intro bout myself? i’ve got boobs and bum, so i’m definitely a girl. ;P yup, i just got out of the shower, so, of course i’m sure. *smacks bum*
really, i just wondered whether uncle frank needed a break from blogging. hehe… so i’ll help out a bit. [psst, u can pay me later, frank!]
erm. that’s it. i mean, no one is reading blogs during the christmas break. everyone’s busy having parties to attend, last minute shopping for presents (yay~), visiting relatives (not smelly uncle botak chin pls!), looking for missing toes mistletoes in hope to receive kisses for free (desperate?), catching mummy kissing santa claus……
at least now that christmas is finally here, we don’t have to be asked a gazillion and one times, “hey, so what’s your plan for christmas eve? christmas?” tiring, isn’t it? then we’ll sound like a broken record repeating the same question to them, “i’m doing blah di daa… how bout you? what are your plans?”
peace and quiet until next week it’ll be “what are your new year’s eve plans? new year??”
wokies, i, too, need to go out and hunt for give out free kisses.
happy holidays and merry christmas! *muah*
p.s. uncle xes, do i get paid for this? =)

Random Babbling File no. 23122005

I returned to my hometown for a short break. Nothing special here. I tried to catch up with my readings but mum don’t think it is a good idea. She complained that i stayed in my room too much and had too little interaction with the rest of the family members. She was right hence i tried to read in front of the TV with my sister (i don’t fancy watching TV nowadays. Don’t know why? Even though we have satelite TV (not Astro, Astro is lousy la.) at home.)
Anyway, it is good to be home. =) Nothing much to complain about except for the excessive nagging from my parents and the slow dial up .
P.S. Amazing, i can write up a normal post with no lameness in it. hmmmm….=P

Daylight robbery

After reading xes’s post, i just remembered an robbery incident that happened to my client’s office just next to my office block.
On 20-12-2005, about 5:30pm, two nicely dressed (with tie and everything) young men pressed on the door bell of the client’s office. The receptionist without asking them for identification and objective of entering the office, opened the door. After they entered the office, the gentlemen pulled out their parangs and robbed all the people in my client’s office. Luckily no one was hurt.
To those we are working as receptionist, be careful when you open your office door. Don’t assume that people who dressed nice and not crooks.