The test was good. I managed to answer most of the question.

I got a problem now.
The Sheffield Uni. Muay Thai Society is having a Halloween social at Cavendish pub again. As a committee member, i’m obliged to go but i’m hardly know anyone except my other committee members.
MASSOC is organising another Halloween night at Kingdom (club) later tonight ( i’ve already bought the tickets).
Now i’m torn between this two events, the muay thai social or MASSOC halloween?????? And worst of all, i got a 9am seminar tomorrow. I dont know which priority should prevail.

Gotta run now, Japanese class in 15 minutes. We’re gonna have a small kanji test later.

p/s new pictures will be uploaded later 😛


grrr…I wasted 3 days downloading Jackass: The movie from Kazaa, fucking 500mb file. It wasnt Jackass at all. It turned out to be Fight Club.

made appointment for braiding

I’m going to get my hair braided! After 1 year of having long hair, I decided to change my hairstyle. I made an appointment at Hair by Christmas at Broomhill this afternoon. According to the lady who is supposed to braid my hair, she will not be free until 12 November. Furthermore, it will take about 3 to 4 hours to braid it and a payment of 14 pounds an hour. I have already paid 10 pounds as deposit. I guess I still have 2 more weeks to think about it.

Updated about me section.

Meeting with the Dean

I did some gardening today. I cut out some of the branching plants into the pathway and swept all the autumn leaves. Damn, I hate autumn. It’s cold, it rains everyday and leaves fall everywhere. Anyway, I found 2 coins buried in some cracks. I thought it was some ancient coin (mind you, my house is more than 120 years old). However, it turned out to be a piece of 10 pence and 1 penny, minted in 1992.

I finally met up with my faculty’s Dean after weeks of searching for him. As I walk in, he greeted me with ‘hello’ and a smile. His smile on his wrinkled face and patches of white hair covering his baldness reminds me of an old gentleman. He was expecting me (I mailed him last week) and asked me couple of questions.
“Where are you from?”
“aahh, so I guess it will be very useful for you there”
He looked on my application form and said, “so you’re in your third year and you want to take a first year subject. Have you ever studied Japanese before?”
I replied “No sir”
“Very well, I’ll sign it for you then, have you been going for the classes? How do you find it?”
“Yeah, almost every classes. I like the subject.”
“Okay there you go”
“Thank you sir!”
woopeeeeee! I’m officially taking Japanese language this semester!

muay thai and server baack!

Muay Thai training was pretty shitty today. The class was small (hence we made less money this week) and I had to partner a girl. However, I underestimated her. Her kicks were amazingly strong. We were doing a push kick into the stomach. I was wearing a belly protector but her kicks were powerful.
11:50PMYesterday’s blog
I cooked for the first time even since I got back to Sheffield. Charles, Wen Dee, Shane, Siew Lee and I went to Castle market to get some groceries (it’s dirt cheap over there). I bought all the ingredients for Carbonara (Italian pasta) and cooked it within a short period of time (it’s my third attempt cooking Carbonara). It worked this time! Everyone loved it! It wasn’t too cheesy or too salty like the previous time I cooked it. However, everyone could barely finish it because it was amazingly filling.

MASSOC held a meet and greet session for the upcoming committee with the members. People running for a post must give a short speech about themselves and questions will be asked after they finish their speeches. We have plenty of people running for committee this year compared to the one last year. Some of them were crap but few of them were not bad.

Jun Meng, a veteran in our MASSOC society, who apparently also bombarded the people running for committee last year, repeated it again this year. He always use power words to question people till the extent nobody really understands him. He’ll ask anyone who seems weak or very influential. There was this guy who speaks weak English and had problem constructing sentences. He was running for treasurer and had no past experience except that the fact that he helped his dad to do some shares transferring. Jun Meng, without hesitation, indirectly insulted him by saying what does shares transferring got to do with a post of a treasurer. The guy couldn’t answer the question and had to retired back to his seat.

Jason caught us by surprise by running for president. He doesn’t look like a person that would be involved in clubs and societies. His speech is great and he seems to be doing well. As predicted, Jun Meng bombarded him with a tough question that involves social integrity with other societies and making sure that the identity of MASSOC would not be affected by it. Jason gave a good answer. He said that, the identity would not be lost but rather be known to other societies. However, as he was about to finish his sentence, someone interrupted him. The guy asked Jason whether would he allow other members from other societies running for MASSOC President. Jason replied ‘no’. The sentence “So doesn’t that make you a racist?” suddenly pops out from the guy. Jason was shocked but as soon as he wanted to say something, Hiskandar (our president) interrupted it by saying that there is an understanding between societies. Jon (our vice president) assisted Hiskandar but that guy shouted “racist!” No one knows what was his problem and it’s well known that that guy doesn’t know Jason at all. He’s like the Asian psycho who started shooting his classmates in Monash Uni. It was a moment of tense. Hiskandar had to quell the tense off. Jason finished his speech by saying “I feel so resented by the fact that I’m being called a racist”

There were many types of approaches made by the candidates in their speeches. Some preferred to brag about their abilities and past achievements. Some on the other hand gave unprecedented methods. One gal wore the shirt “Trust me, I’m a bimbo”. Another guy spoke about his obsession with football (he was running for Sport secretary) but spoke nothing about his role as a Sport secretary if he was elected. He even spoke like a nigga, with all the hand language and foul language. Jun Meng took the opportunity to bombard him. He asked whether is he a friend of Ali G. However, the guy had no idea who Ali G was.

The night ended in a hurry. There wasn’t enough time to conduct the question and answer session with the candidates. We ended the night by having a drink at Interval Bar.

SuSan’s bday

It’s Su San’s 21st birthday today. She’s sharing the same birthday with her twin sister in Melbourne.
She invited us for dinner at Ving Hwa Chinese restaurant in the City. My friends and I were pretty late and by the time we got there, there were already 2 tables full of people celebrating Su San’s birthday. The first thing I did was wishing Su San happy birthday.
6 of us, Chuo Ming, Fred, Han Choong, Frank, Alan and I sat on a small table and started eating. The food was pretty good but it was pretty expensive. It cost us 13 quid per person for 7 dishes.
It seems that some girl is going after Frank. I even heard the girl confessed to Frank last night. muahahahah Go for it Frank!
6 of us basically didn’t interact with the others on the other tables. All we did was eat and chat. The only time we went over to the other tables was when we were taking a group photo.
Su San seemed happy. She thanked everyone who came.
11:30PMJanet, Mindy and I went to Sam and Cynthia’s new place. They’re staying in Marlborough road with 3 other English girls and a Japanese. The Japanese, Yoko, is very shy. She doesn’t talk to guys or even greets them. However, according to Sam and Cynthia, Yoko talks a lot to them. They refer her as a conservative girl. But I think she’s a total bitch. She can’t even say hi or greet me even though we stayed at the same Hall last year.

Ben (not Ben Hon the ass, hehe, this Ben is a British Born Chinese; Sheffield Uni Law graduate) was cooking in Sam and Cynthia’s place. All of a sudden, he gave Janet, Mindy and I a big plate of pasta each. Still feeling full from lunch, I could barely finish it. I threw the leftovers into the dustbin.

Ben just graduated last year and now he’s looking for a job. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any. Now he’s waiting to enrol into the LPC (Legal Practice Course, it’s the qualifying course to practice as a solicitor).

We started talking about children’s shows. Someone said that one of the teletubbies is gay. The purpose is to make sure the children wont grow up homophobic. Mindy even said that there are elements of political philosophy in cartoons. She said that Smurfs (those blue little things) live in a communal way that reflects Communism. Papa Smurf, our all time hero, with his red hat (note: RED symbolises Communism) dictates the Smurfs community. Every other Smurfs has to follow his orders and all of them are equal.

missed criminal evidence!

Muay Thai classes again. It was the first time I ever felt so bloody exhausted. My neck aches like hell and it could hardly support my head. Scotty (our president) and I were literally throwing each other by grabbing each other’s neck. Furthermore, the gym test almost killed me. Since I was already exhausted with the neck wresting with Scotty and skipped lunch, I feel on my knees and couldn’t move another step at all. I rested and then stood up. I felt so dizzy and nauseous till I had to stop. Fortunately, I felt much better within few minutes.

Our Muay Thai society is having problems now. By next week, all our members will have to payfor the membership fee for the Sports Centre (the place we’re renting now). That means, our members would have to pay 1.50 for every session, 5 for the Muay Thai membership fees and now another 30 for the Sport Centre’s membership fees. 36.50 just to keep fit? Outrageous! We protested to the managers but he couldn’t do anything. Scotty bust into anger and threw a fit saying “I worked so hard and put so much effort into this society and now you’re shutting us down just like that?” But in the end, he decided not to put all his anger on the manager. He’s going to speak with the Sport Centre administrators soon. But if we couldn’t strike a good deal, we’ll move out from the Sport Centre.
16 October 2002 Wednesday
Frederick and I threw out the rubbish (mainly card boxes) that was blocking our entrance corridor for weeks. We packed them up and shoved them into Frederick’s car and searched for a rubbish dump. We finally found a rubbish dump at Crookes Rd, just opposite our Law Faculty. However, we are not supposed to throw anything inside. Frederick and I got out from the car and started dumping all the boxes into the dump before speeding off. It was hell of an adrenalin rush.

16 Watson Rd is online! Frederick and I installed broadband today. It was hell of a job. Our worst problem was getting Charles’s computer to share the Internet connection with the other computers. Hours later, Frederick solved it in the end.

Accepted into taking Jap

I hate chain of calamities. It’s when all of a sudden your luck changes and bad luck befalls on you. It started this evening, when I handed in my Add/Drop form for the application of Japanese language to Nicola Wragg (our undergraduate officer). I thought my application was accepted entirely but apparently it wasn’t. I still need to get the Dean’s signature. Fine, all I need to do is talk cock to him and plead for a signature. I went up to his office but he wasn’t around. Fine, I’ll talk to him tomorrow and I decided to head home to cook lunch. It was raining heavily. Fine, I’m wearing my windbreaker. I reached home soaking wet and headed to the fridge straight to take my bacon out but unfortunately the bacon was frozen. I can’t remove them piece-by-piece. FINE, I’ll remove them with a knife. Ouch, I accidentally poked my thumb with the knife and it bled. FINE, it’s just a small wound, so fuck it, man. Few seconds later, while I was cutting the bacon, it went out of position and ended up hitting my index finger. Blood oozed out slowly from the deep wound. Oh fine again, thank god it didn’t slice my whole finger off. I washed the wound with antiseptic, wrapped it with tissue and cooked. Melody text messaged me while I was halfway cooking. I was worried about her when she suddenly stopped messaging me for couple of hours. I even got Ben to call her but she didn’t pick up. She said that her phone ran out of battery. That explains the sudden stoppage of incoming messages. My luck changed after that. I guess all my bad karmas were exhausted.
7:00PMMy application for Japanese language course has been accepted! No more boring Law and Medicine!

Server down.

Fuckup server had couple of problems for the past few days. I just fixed them all.

Bad news, Internet will not be installed at my house today. BT broadband rejected our application because Chuo Ming’s account didn’t have enough money to pay for it. We’re going to reapply for it again but it would take us a long time for them to install the Broadband for us.

Vodafone barred my phone. I cant call out to anyone but i could still text message people. I confronted the Vodafone officials today and it seems that i’ve exceeded my credit limit.

What a day!

13 October 2002 Sunday
I sprained my thumb while playing basketball today. It happened when Jason and I were rushing towards the ball, I managed to get hold of it but Jason on the other hand missed the ball and ended up smashing his hand through my thumb.
It was raining halfway while we were playing. Feeling unsatisfied, we ignored it and continued playing. I ended up with fever throughout the night.