Babbling Bloggers was oh my god…So many people, about 70 (some say 100) people, 134 photos and 49mb of photos. Well, not everyone was a blogger. There were blogger’s friends and friends of friends. We even had representatives from Penang (Fon and gang). And not to mention those IRCers who came. Oh the madness.

Initially we had a problem. At 10PM, there were nobody except for ryuu, kim, paul, Sui Lin, Ben and others. Our booking was cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances hence we had to resort to the tables outside. But since there weren’t many people yet, we decided to settle down on those 2 large tables.

One hour later, oh my god, the benches were occupied. People had to resort to sitting on the table or stand up. Our corner was like a club, pack like sardines. Fuzzy said it took her half an hour to get in and out from our table.

*snap *snap *get closer *smile people *flash *oooh this picture is bad take again!* were the usual lines of the night. Alcohol was abundant thanks to Sow and others for providing the booze. And thank you Sow for forcing people to drink and be merry.

Anyway, newsflash, Gavin = total lost.

Cris was fucked but still standing. Gavin was so drunk till he slept on the bench without realizing that someone was sitting next to him. Poor Jasmine had to move out.

Well, tonight was a burst of social network for me. I got to know loads of new people and even caught up with some old friends. As for the others, I’m sure they met loads of new people hence it was worth a trip down to Bar Sa vanh.

Thank you all for coming, the event won?t be as mad without your presence (I?m sorry I cant thank you all personally. Too many names!). And to those who Fong Fei Kei (who didn’t come), screw you guys! Ah no I’m just joking, it’s okay, Sui Lin said we should have it as a yearly event! Until next year, we shall meet again!

All pictures @ Sui Lin’s website. For those I left out, sorry dudes..It’s 6AM in the morning..I’m tireed!

couple of notices before tonight’s event

Couple of notices before tonight’s event

It’s time for everyone to unite tonight at Bar Savanh and BOMB KOW THE HELL OUT of SUI LIN, GAVIN, and CRIST!!!! Crist cause it’s for his birthday! Gavin cause he’s leaving and cause he’s an easy target! and not forgetting Sui Lin cause she’s a girl and that’s she’s leaving as well. Although her alcohol tolerance may tip the scale a little but hell if everyone combine, she’s confirmed F @ # $ E D!!!! =D LOL *insert evil laughter here* So everyone, be nice and just GIVE IT TO THEM LA!!

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Friday, January 30, 2004

I left my MSN for like 5 hrs. I came back with tons of “GAVIN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!. DRINK WITH ME TONIGHT”. *cries* I dont wanna go Melbourne anymore 🙁
– posted by Gavin

Bar Sa Vanh Tonight / The Night I Feared most
Dear God,
Please help me tonight overcome the evil drinks that my friends are to make me drink. I fear it so much each night before this day I tremble within my sleep. Please give me the courage to take on the challenges which I will be faced with and if possible grant me an upgraded body system which can neutralise alcohol within seconds of consumption.
P/S – Please also give me a cloak of invisibility to shield my bad state when I reach home from my parents and a few tablets of Panadol-HE (Panadol Hangover Extreme).
– posted by Gavin

Babbling blogger in 2 days!

Babbling Blogger is just 2 days away. Some of us are pretty excited about it, but some of us, like Gavin, is pretty stressed out with it. Gavin is afraid that people would bombard him with alcohol (btw his alcohol tolerance is pretty low and he’s darn funny when he’s drunk) haha

This event is also inconjunction with Cris’s birthday and Sui Lin and Gavin’s farewell party. So please buy Gavin, Sui Lin and Cris a drink 😀 Furthermore, we are not providing alcohol. This is not a party but a gathering.

The amount of people that will turn up this Friday would be enormous. The list I made is incomplete. There are many more people whom I did not include and also, the friends of the people who are in my list are not included too.

So, people, please come early to book a table. I doubt Bar Sa Vanh could fit all of us.

Another problem is, since there are so many people, how the hell is everyone going to know who is who? Any suggestions? Wearing a name tag sounds a little bit gayish.. this is not a match making event… And if you’re looking for free fucks, you’re at the wrong place mate. hehe

P/S I added a section called “Worthy posts”. Any other posts to suggest?


Samantha Manson, a 21 years old student from United Kingdom was arrested for jokingly saying, “I have 2 bombs in my bag!” twice to an US Airport security personal. She was later released and then apologized to the press. This reminds me of a story I heard. A friend of mine was departing from New Zealand and was about to check in his bag. So the counter lady asked him the usual crap,

”Did you pack the bags yourself? Did anyone ask you to carry anything?”


”Do you have any illegal or dangerous materials in your luggage?”

(With his 2 thumbs pointing to his chest) “I AM THE BOMB”

He was later detained, searched and his flight was delayed.

McD makes me Fat!!

Fiona has left on a jet plane~ sob sob

Two of the few things I like about Chinese New Year are angpow and public holiday. Other than that, everything sucks. Shops are closed and most of my friends aren’t around. Today, I combed the entire OUG for food. None were open. I had to resort to leftover economic rice sold by one of the rare shops that were open.

Then I wanted to get a haircut. And sadly, the entire stretches of saloons were closed due to Chinese New Year.

Since no Chinese eateries were open, for the past 3 days, I have been eating McDonalds, lunch, lunch and breakfast. I heard about this guy who did an experiment on himself by eating fast food for 30 days, 3 meals a day. After 30 days, his cholesterol level shot up, his liver was poisoned and his entire health deteriorated. I was immediately disgusted by that news and skipped McDonalds on Day 4!

January 22, 2004 — LAST February, Morgan Spurlock decided to become a gastronomical guinea pig.

His mission: To eat three meals a day for 30 days at McDonald’s and document the impact on his health.

Scores of cheeseburgers, hundreds of fries and dozens of chocolate shakes later, the formerly strapping 6-foot-2 New Yorker – who started out at a healthy 185 pounds – had packed on 25 pounds.

But his supersized shape was the least of his problems.

Within a few days of beginning his drive-through diet, Spurlock, 33, was vomiting out the window of his car, and doctors who examined him were shocked at how rapidly Spurlock’s entire body deteriorated.

“It was really crazy – my body basically fell apart over the course of 30 days,” Spurlock told The Post.

His liver became toxic, his cholesterol shot up from a low 165 to 230, his libido flagged and he suffered headaches and depression.

Spurlock charted his journey from fit to flab in a tongue-in-cheek documentary, which he has taken to the Sundance Film Festival with the hopes of getting a distribution deal.

More @

“entire body deteriorated”…hmmm hey! you can actually lose weight with McDs!! *ngam *ngam *ngammm

Bass agent @ Crave

Unscrupulous mother fuckers! The event was supposed to be free! Well, I’m talking about Crave (a new club in KL). According to sources, Bass Agents had problems with the management initially. They almost couldn’t play in the club but in the end they settled it with an agreement. Bass Agent will be playing for free and there will be no cover charge. However, Crave (the club) went around it by forcing everybody to pay for something called First entrance drink. They had this guy outside the club persuading people to buy a drink before entering the club. Those who refused were not allowed in.

Anyway, the music was good! Unfortunately, Fiona and Sharon didn’t like it because they weren’t properly dressed for the event. Everyone dressed sportily with sneakers.

The end ended early for us. And I sent Fiona and Sharon back to Klang. oOooohhh…the pain… of my wallet…

Atmosphere wif sharon and fiona

Everybody bangs Gayvin
After a long night of waiting, Gavin, Fiona, Sharon and I finally adjourned to Atmosphere. Fiona wanted to club 9 9 before she leaves for Brisbane next Monday. We met up with Edwin, Daniel and Ryan, his army cousin from Singapore @ Atmosphere.

Ben came late. He didn’t want to pay for cover charge so we tried to get someone to bring him in for free. Edwin could bring him in but unfortunately, Ben was wearing short pants hence he wasn’t allowed to get in. However, while we were inside, we saw this white dude wearing short pants and SLIPPERS.

The club wasn’t pack at all and sadly the music sucks big time. The DJ seriously needs to get new vinyl because that ma fucker has been playing the same songs over and over again. Fortunately, Sharon and Fiona liked it!

Fiona & Sharon @ Zing’s place

Mum, Dad and I finally had our replacement Reunion Dinner. Well, we had it at Hard Rock Café as initially suggested by Dad. In the beginning, I was having doubt whether or not to have dinner there because my mum is a vegetarian. Fortunately, Hard Rock Café serves Fried Rice (she liked it). Dad and I on the other hand had pork roast and lamb chop. We ended the dinner with cheesecake and ice cream! YUMMY! 😀

Brissy friends
I finally got to meet up with my Brisbane friends, Sharon and Fiona. I had coffee and headed to Zing’s house to gamble. To them, our RM1 is just 50 cents to them, so they were happily gambling all night long.

I’m planning to bring them clubbing tonight but I’m afraid that club will be dead tonight due to Chinese New Year. Let’s see how it goes later..

Reunion dinner @ mamak!

Guess where I had my reunion dinner? Obviously not Hard Cock café, not Esquire Kitchen (it was closed) and not 6 Happiness Restaurant (our backup plan in case Esquire Kitchen is close). We tried many other restaurants but most of them were either closed or full house.

So in the end, Dad, Mum and I were forced to have our reunion dinner at a mamak stall.


HaVe a pRospeROuS ChiNEse NeW YEar eVEryBOdy!


Boss strolls out of his office… looks at me funny… and says, “Eh aren’t you on leave?? Why never apply leave??”

But but but.. . . .


I could have gone shopping for my new year clothes today – yes, I know it is very last minute but no, I already got some new starchies but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have to get new ones. So little time!!! I reckon most shops will be closed by the time I get out of the office, but let?s just see my luck.

With Chinese New Year, comes the Yee Sang (which is a very Malaysian thing, I heard) where we will miss Kim’s presence even more coz whenever we start to ‘lou’ (mix?) the yee sang with chopsticks, she tends to get a little bit too enthusiastic. By the time we are all done, we have to pick out the bits and pieces of salad from our hair and clothes. 😀

Chen is on the road back to his kampung as I type this and sigh, miss him already. He will be away for so long? Ok maybe just 4 days but that would be the longest time away from him in a really long time! 🙁 Hope he remembers he has girl back here in KL.. (yoohoo! Dear?? *waves arms a bit*)

Ok since he isn?t around, I shall take advantage of that to blog about him. 😀

Today would be our 8th month together but it feels much longer though. 8 months together and not once has he opened a door for me. 😛 It?s a familiar scene ? swing open, he walks out, swings close and with me staring at the closed door or attempting to catch the closing door. 😛 And that?s coz we are so comfortable together already – so what for?, he thinks. HE thinks, mind you. But of course, with those 8 months, I have gotten used to that? I merely assumed that he would get to the gentlemanly traits a little later into the relationship. I am still waiting though. 🙂 And yet, the absence of that trait has actually become quite charming in the individualistic sorta way…

Alrites, should find something to do and look busy in the office, before they start to find things for me to do. So before I end this post – Everybody, HAVE A HAPPY GLORIOUS CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!