The Recruit

I went to watch “The Recruit” just now. Al Pacino and Collin Farrel starred in it.
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis: Collin Farrel is a young CIA agent recruited by Al Pacino. Collin Farrel was induced into joining CIA after Al Pacino hinted to him that his missing father was a CIA agent. Collin was then assigned to spy on Bridget Moynahan (who is his girlfriend from the Farm, CIA training school), a suspected double agent.

Comment: Even though the papers gave it a very bad review, I like the show very much. This is not actually an action movie but it’s more like a drama. It depicts what a spy game is like. The lines are very plain, the only catchy line that I can remember are “In life, everything is a test” and “Things do not always seems like it is”. The characters depend on playing mind games to defect their enemies.
12:53PM “We live by faith not by sight”

stupid clock

tiu, mahai. I set my clock wrongly this morning and ended up attending my seminar an hour earlier. I waited there for an hour and wondered why my seminar mates arent around. God damn it! Waking up for a 9am seminar is one of the hardest tasks in the world (especially when you sleep at 3am in the morning) and here I ended up attending a seminar at 8am. Tired and frustrated, I ended up sleeping in the library for 3 hours.

Sigh, Dad just sent me another email ordering me not to return to Malaysia. This is the 3rd one he has sent so far. He’s darn worried about SARS.

Finally, some photos..


the fear beneath my skin

Something soooo freaky happened to me yesterday…

Ok, let me fill you guys in on some details first – my ex-bf gave me this alarm clock that has a recording of him singing ‘our song’ to wake me (and everybody else in the neighbourhood) up in the morning. I shall be kind and say that it wasn’t the best of singing voices so I never used it as an alarm clock and placed it in a hidden corner at my study table away from any itchy fingers which may accidentally on it and unleash the wailing.

Then yesterday morning, I was awaken by my ex-bf’s gung-ho singing… obviously being in a state of drowsiness, I just climbed outta my bed, walk to my study table and off the alarm (which, mind you, had all its switches in Japanese so it took a grueling few minutes to finally turn it off). Climbed back into bed and lie there for awhile…

eh… waitaminute… who the hell turn on that alarm clock??

*insert appropriate Twilight Zone tune*

Ok, if any of you guys in Watson 16 turned it on as a prank, pLEasE tell me! Coz I am really freaking out – usually thanks to Leong who scares the hELL outta me sometimes… :P… Leong, was it you???



Last weekend of March

I went to watch Cradle 2 the Grave with Cheng Leong aka Xes, Frederick aka Hearts, Chuo Ming, Hun Chong, and Wen Dee. The movie is not really that good. I will give it one star out of five. Credit should be given to Jet Li’s fast fists. The storyline is boring and predictable. Anyone who is thinking of watching the movie should drop the idea unless you are a big fan of Jet Li or DMX. OOOh yeah, the opening tune of the movie is really catchy. Its call “Go To Sleep”, performed by DMX feat. Eminem & Obie Trice. One thing I noticed above Jet Li’s movie is that the black or the Chinese is always the bad guy but never the white. Hmmm…I wonder why. Even Jacky Chan’s movies have white as the bad guy but why not Jet Li’s? This post is actually written at 2:13AM but due to the daylight saving, l lost one hour today..sigh

Hearts Prawn Mee.

Xes’s housemate, Hearts made prawn Mee for us tonight. Xes, Khai Fei, Chuo Ming and I ate two bowls while Alex had three. It was very good. However, after that I had a bit of stomach discomfort. So far I had been to the toilet twice; I might need to go again. I am not sure whether it is the prawn or whether the soup is a bit too oily for me. It could be the pork as well. Apparently, I took a lot of pork, above 8 pieces because I have not had pork for quite awhile. Wen Dee was not too please about it while the others think I was selfish. Sorry, people, I have got to have pork at least once a week However, I doubt it was the Pork. It could be my stomach itself because I have a weak stomach. I cannot eat too fast, cannot take food that is too hot, and cannot drink anything that is too sour and if I have too much ice-cream, I will have to stay in the toilet for almost the whole night. There was once that I slept in the toilet for the whole night after eating Tom Yam steamboat with my friends at one of the restaurant in Malaysia. Anyway, the Prawn Mee was fantastic. The best prawn Mee I ever tasted in UK so far.

kinky kinky!

WoooooHooooooooo! 😀 Leong, there better not be young children visiting your site… muaHAhha..

Your touch…
running through my hair,
softly with each fingertip…
painting who I am.

Slowly running them down…
my face.. to my chest,
sprinkling kisses with your lips…
leaving lasting impressions of your love and care.


I long for your kiss,
the insistent hunger of your mouth against mine,
with the slow teasing wetness of your tongue,
weightens sensations to both body and mind,
lost in the pleasures of love and lust.

I long for your touch,
your familiar scent, which increases my desire,
warmth fills me as we undress,
your finger leaving trails of burning ecstacy…
and my whole body quivers under your carress.

I long for you… *muaks*


Alrite, I most definitely didn’t write those… 😉 But aren’t they pretty good for an amatuer? wAHhaHAHha.. laters peeps!

And oh btw, those were not written for me either… 😀



I had to remove the melbourne shuffle video due to bandwitdh and storage problem. Fortunately, is hosting it too. Pay him a visit 😀

Ikari: Mind if i copy your link? 😛
Melbourne Shuffle (6mb)
11:20PM I’m heading down to Amsterdam again this Easter break. This time I’ll be doing something healtier (in comparison to the previous trip, i lost few million brain cells). I’m planning to check out the windmills and tulips but I’ve no idea how to get there from the city. Anyone has any good suggestions (ie cheap tours)? INTELLIGENT suggestions only PLEASE!

oh yeah, Happy 21st Birthday Abby 😀

claypot and goddamn family law!!

God damn Family law! I spent the entire week preparing for it and all I said was 3 sentences throughout the 2 hours. During group discussion, my group mates kept on talking to themselves and ignored my comments. While on the class discussion, some fat fuck chick dominated the whole discussion with her worthless comments. Individual participation is very important in this subject as it is worth 20% of the total mark.

Siew Lee and I made clay pot chicken rice today. It was really easy. All we had to do is marinate the chicken with dark and light soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger and oyster sauce. Cook the rice till the water is fully absorbed and then place the chicken on top of the rice and put 2 teaspoons on it (this can be done easily with a rice cooker). Let it cook for 20 minutes. Then mix the rice and chicken and let it cook for another 15 minutes.

The Iraq war turned sour for UK and US coalition today. A number of soldiers were captured and killed by Iraqi forces. They were paraded on the television, which eventually caused an outburst by UK and US. I saw a father of one of the killed US soldiers. While holding a picture of his son, he said, “Look at this George Bush, this is a picture of my only son, my only son!”

I accidentally split the wooden chopping board while chopping chicken. ops..