Brisbane – Day 1

The flight to Brisbane was not a pleasant one. During my flight to Singapore, I had one elderly couple omitting durian flavoured fart. While on my flight to Brisbane, I had a Japanese girl snoring throughout the whole 7 hours journey.

On my flight to Brisbane, I had a Canadian man and Japanese girl sitting next to me. We did not spoke a word throughout the journey. The Japanese girl, with her long dyed blond hair; pimples scarred face doesn’t seem to know English. Wanting to try out my Japanese phrases I learn from “Japanese for tourists phrasebook”, I said to her “anatawa nipon-jin desu?” Expecting a Japanese reply, she replied me with a disappointing “yes yes!” I made no more effort to talk to her anymore.

I did not sleep a wink during the journey. Singapore Airlines provided really good movies. I watched Austin Powers 2, Mr Bean, Ice Age and Spirit. By the time I finished the movies, there was 2 hours left before arrival. I decided to sleep for a while. However, after few seconds of dozing, bright lights were turned on. Frustrated, I decided not to sleep at all!

Umeng was waiting for me at the airport. We took a train back to his place at Toowong. It seems that all my friends here dyed their hair. Kiang dyed purple, Yong Lin and Jin Han dyed blonde (ah beng!), Umeng dyed dark brown, Soon Loong dyed hazel brown and Him dyed a mixture of brown and blonde. I guess I’m the only decent one left.

I followed them to University of Queensland. In my opinion, the uni is much bigger than Melbourne Uni. Even their food court is bigger! I have always wanted to go for an architecture class. Umeng and Soon Long are studying architecture. I decided to follow them for one of their classes. However, within half and hour, I dozed off.

We headed for lunch after class. The uni sells various type of food ranging from Asians to Western food. Feeling famished, I had a big piece chicken teriyaki sushi and fish and chips. We had lunch at one of the nice huge cafeteria. It was spacious, dimly lighted by the natural sunlight and clean. We spend hours talking and joking. I hadn’t been laughing so much ever since!

University of Queensland
University of Queensland
Serene cafeteria

We headed for Chinatown at Brunswick next. Brisbane’s Chinatown is much smaller than Melbourne’s Chinatown but it has more Chinese monuments. Umeng bought some groceries before we head to Elizabeth Place in the city to meet up with Sharon aka oinkie. She told me about the places to go to. She looks better and better from the day I met her. I bet she’ll grow up into a gorgeous lady in the future!

Brunswick: Chinatown
Me, Soon Loong, Umeng and Yong Lin at Chinatown II
Me and Sharon

I was exhausted in the end of the day. It was as if my body is going to shut down. Thank God I took a nap when we got back home from the city. However, hours later, I woke up finding that I was completely confused, no idea where I am. I totally forgot I’m in Brisbane!

Dinner was almost ready when I woke up. Right after dinner, we watched tv, went online, played computer games etc. Damn, it’s great to live in a bachelors house.

My Parents

After so many years, I finally know something about my parent’s marriage. They were married for 32 years. Their first house was in OUG until they moved to Sabah for few years (Dad was transferred to Sabah). Then they return to Peninsula Malaysia and rented a room in Klang. My parents had me when they were staying in Klang. And a year later which is precisely 20 years ago, they moved to our present house. However, before that, they rented the house to a pre-school. My dad wanted the pre-school to move out but they argued that they were just starting to make money and it’s a bad time for them to move. The matter almost got out of hand until they struck an agreement. The pre-school will operate on the ground floor and have to move out 2 years later. My parents on the other hand occupied the top floor. Mum was pissed with the noise and the congestion the pre-school caused. The pre-school moved to a small corner house nearby.

Present house – 19 years ago

19 years later

One Nation We Care – An evening with the Prime Minister

There was this huge event in Bukit Jalil Stadium called “One Nation We Care – An evening with the Prime Minister (of Malaysia)” and it was live on national TV. The event was heavily publicized on the media but despite all the effort done, quarter of the stadium was empty. It seems like the popularity of Dr. Mahathir is decreasing. Furthermore, the stadium was filled with more Chinese than Malays. The event was also, in my opinion, poorly organised. The female Malay commentator was incompetent. She kept on asking the crowd to sing the same song over and over again.

The first event was a parachute event by the Air Force. Officers jump from 5000 feet towards the Stadium while a flag of every state are attached on each of them. Crowds cheered as their home state flag descends to the ground. Most of the officers’ landing was smooth. However, one of the officers had his parachute stuck on the roof. In the verge of falling, the officer hugged a pillar nearby! Poor guy. Rescue did not come immediately and he was stuck up there for half an hour. The crowd cheered as the officer was pulled to safety. It seems that it was the only interesting event throughout the show. Within minutes, I switched off the TV and headed towards Subang for another yamcha session.

Jazz festival @ Mount Kiara

Mount Kiara is having a Jazz festival. It will only held every Friday and Saturday until 10th August. Melody and I met up with Cris, Melvin, Leonard, Jolyne and Becky at Mt. Kiara. The venue, located on an open space in the middle of Mt. Kiara plaza, was filled with tables and chairs and some Carl’s reserve booth on the side (The event is organised by Carl’s reserve). There is also a small dance floor located infront of the stage. Even though alcohol is served to almost everybody, the dance floor was virtually empty! However, towards the end of the show, people started to head for the dance floor. Cris, the hyperactive bear and Leonard joined the fun. The show ended at 12am, we decided to have a drink at Spicy Kitchen. It seems that lately Spicy Kitchen has been staffed with muscular and handsome but gay Bangladeshi men. Cris had his little gay conversation with one of them.
“wah, tummy so big! How many months?” said the sexy Bangladeshi while pointing at Cris’s tummy.
“2 years already! hey what’s your name, I’ll name him after you!” said Cris.
“ssssh, not so loud! Don’t let people know I made you pregnant!”
*Huge outburst of laughter*
It seems that Diana hates me now. I’ve been forcing loads of pills into her throat lately. It’s getting worst today. Usually, she will submit to my forceful grasps on her jaw but today she refused to let me touch her at all. Furthermore, she will puke out every time i shove the medicines into her throat. I guess i’ll have to give her the medicine in liquid form tomorrow.

pc fair and vets

I bought an optic mouse from the PC fair. yay! It cost me RM50 for it. The fair was not really interesting. There were loads of people handing out flyers but most of the flyers are totally identical. The fair is as big as 3 storeys high but it wasn’t as congested as it was thought. In the middle of the fair, there lies a huge altar. Assuming that it was for decoration, I walked pass it and ignored it. However, from afar, there were scantily dressed 3 girls dancing on the altar. Their moves weren’t synchronised and one of them danced like a monkey. Poor girls, I wonder how much do they get paid to dance like a monkey on stage.
8:51PMThe Putra World Trade Centre is having a PC fair today and tomorrow. I need to do some hardware shopping.
Almost every vet has 2 placard stating the Veterinarian’s oath and Will Roger’s quote.
Veterinarian’s Oath
Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health and the advancement of medical knowledge.
I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.
I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.
Will Roger’s quote
The best doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what is the matter — he’s got to just know


Diana’s (Melody’s dog) condition is getting worse and worse. She’s been coughing and wheezing loudly and refused to eat food and medicines. Thinking that the medicines we gave her are making her condition worse, we brought her to another vet. As usual, we followed the same procedure – we wrapped her ass in a plastic bag and newspapers on the car floor.
The journey to the vet was a hectic one due to the fact that we lost our way and nasty traffic jams. Diana was nervous and the first thing she did was pee on the floor again. Thank god the janitors cleaned it up immediately.
As soon as Diana was brought into a room, the doctor shoveed a thermometer up her ass (to take her temperature). And as soon I entered the room, one of the staff handed me a piece of paper consisting the cost of the treatment. It cost about RM380! Melody was reluctant to pay such a high price for it and asked the doctor about how long Diana could live without treatment (Mind you, Diana is 11 years old). She answered with a miserable 1 or 2 months. We decided to accept all the services offered, which included an xray, blood test, urea test, and consultation but decided to exclude boarding which amounted to outrageous rm150 for 3 days. The x-ray gave us a clearer view on what was happening to Diana. Her heart is bigger than normal and her lungs are clogged with fluids. The doctor advised us to continue with the medicines that were given to us previously and to come back tomorrow for more.

Seremban & Pork Dickson Road Trip

Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan (one of the 13 states of Malaysia) is well known for its delicious food. It is about 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. Melody and I had an eating spree in Seremban this morning. We wanted to start it with its famous Beef noodles (it’s much different from the one in Kuala Lumpur, it has peanuts and thick sauce in it!) but it wasn’t open. Disappointed, we decided to have Hakka mee instead. It was good but we still prefer beef noodles. Feeling peckish, we bought a piece of toasted bread heavily spread with butter and thick kaya (coconut egg jam) as dessert. The sun was scorching hot and we were dying for something to cool down, we searched for ice kacang (shredded ice topped with mixture of syrup and red beans, nuts etc on the bottom) The tiny little shop, operated by an elderly women is located inside a small food court. The electric powered rusty ice shredder spins and slices the ice loudly. Melody and I enjoyed every single bit of it! Next destination, the bakery! Their layer cake looks good but when we tasted it, it wasn’t as good as it looks. We wanted to end the eating spree with a cool sugar cane juice with asam boi (cured prunes) but it seems that the stall wasn’t open today. How unfortunate! Yet again disappointed, we headed home with a vow to return to Seremban for another eating spree.

Australia Backpacking Trip

My Australia backpacking trip plan is almost finalized. I will be arriving and spending a week in Brisbane first. Then I will head to Melbourne by passing Sydney and Canberra. I will be staying in Sydney and Canberra for couple of days before leaving for each destination. Brisbane to Sydney would take 15 hours; Sydney to Canberra would take 5 hours and finally Canberra to Melbourne would take 8 hours (all by train).

atria day and anniversary!

Football wasn’t that good. The sun was scorching hot and the pitch is lousy. The pitch used to be a rubbish dump before it turned into a park. There are still bits and pieces of remaining rubbish on the pitch! The park used to be crowded with people everyday but after the park management imposed a RM1.50 entrance fee, it became virtually deserted. We started off with an energetic game, however towards the end everybody could barely run anymore. Few of us suffered injuries. Ping Sheong got his hand and feet bruised and I got my knee bruised too. Furthermore, my right leg is aching now, I cant even drive properly! Despite all the unfortunate events this morning, the game was good and we had plenty of fun.
3:21PMIt’s Melody and my 1 year 6 months anniversary today! We celebrated with a jug of Margarita at 1957, Sri Hartamas. We were able to finish the whole jug within half an hour and we started talking nonsense and laughing non stop. And by the end of the night, we were quite drunk. Thank god I could still drive her back home and back to my place.
I have to wake up early in the morning later. My friends and i are gonna play football.