When I was in high school, we had this sadistic way of having fun. We call it “bonggol”. We would choose an unsuspecting fellow, surround him and then beat him up. Our usual victims? Any birthday boys and anyone who stands out, for example, there was once a friend carried a Sesame Street bag to school. We beat him up because of that. Well of course…we only beat up our friends..hehe

I heard loads of stories about fights in army camps and even in our National Service Camps. Usually the fights are one sided ie 100 fellows beating up one person. Hon Faai said it is a common occurrence when he was doing his National Service. However, the most unusual one was about this Indian guy who pissed some guys off. The guys then rounded him up and started whacking him. Well, the normal kicks and punches HOWEVER someone started tearing his clothes off. He was naked by the end of the bonggol session. Man..that’s so traumatizing, he would be shamed for the rest of his life.

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damn my mandarin

Couple of days ago, Umeng and I were supposed to find this guy from China who did a terrible thing. Armed with courage, we adjourned to the asshole’s house. Our purpose wasn’t to beat him up but was to give him a warning.

Unfortunately, the asshole wasnt at home. Instead, a guy who is also from China was in his room. He didn’t recognise me even though my mum and I provided him with accomodation when he got kicked out from his house. Feeling pissed, I decided to pass a message through him to the asshole. Unfortunately again, I cant speak proper Mandarin. The conversation went on…

Me: Ni kan tau tar..(When you see him)
Boy: AH..
Me: Ni Ken tar Chiang (you tell him)
Boy: AH..

He kept on saying Ah with no expression

Me: Ni ming bai wo chiang zhe mek mah? (Do you understand me?)
Boy: AH..
Me: You are sohai (you’re a dumb ass)
Boy: AH..

Ungrateful bastard… He didn’t understand my Mandarin. He agreed on everything I said even the part about him being a dumbass.

We left the place feeling frustated as our mission failed miserably.

dad back from Japan

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(kyowa chichi ha nihonkara modorimashita)
Dad returned from Japan today.

(takusan okurimono wo kaimashita!)
He bought loads of presents!

(amaimono to ii tshirt ga kaimashita)
He bought sweets and tshirt.

(Totemo ureshi!)
Very happy! 😀

(shigoto no shirt)
Working shirt

mmm..cow coffee milk..

(korewa nandesu ka? Boku mo wakarimasen)
(What is this? I have no idea too)

Organic guaranted? Sounds better if orgasmic guaranteed.

Comicblog for old lady

So today, after class, Feonna, Jane (my classmates) and I went to this huge ass Night Market around my area. Huge but the lanes were pretty small hence we had to literally squeeze our way through.

While walking..
Me: god damn many people..gotta squeeze through.
Then I felt something soft.. and fleshy..i turned around.. and saw this really obese old aunty. I accidentally elbowed her tits. I shivered in disgust. BRRR

Old people stories

I had classes from 6PM – 8:30PM today. Well, my usual night classes. Joseph (my lecturer) conducts really good lectures. He simplifies everything in order for us to understand.

The late classes are to cater part time students. However, after a long day of work, it’s hard to concentrate. Working and studying isn’t easy. After my work on Monday, I would automatically fall asleep in class.

There’s this particular uncle in our class who falls asleep for half an hour every time he comes to class. He sleeps with his head tilted backways, sometimes in the fishing position, you know, its when your head keeps on nodding downwards.

So today, after class, Feonna, Jane (my classmates) and I went to this huge ass Night Market around my area. Huge but the lanes were pretty small hence we had to literally squeeze our way through.

While walking..
Me: god damn many people..gotta squeeze through.
Then I felt something soft.. and fleshy..i turned around.. and saw this really obese old aunty. I accidentally elbowed her tits. I shivered in disgust. BRRR

Ok fine. I ignored it and bought some snacks and bootlegged DVDs.

New Pay TV

Good news!!! Gaming tycoon Vincent Tan Chee Yioun Plans to launch Malaysia second Pay-TV, Mitv in october. It will have 80 channels and will charge a flat monthly rate. It will be cheaper than Astro because it will be delivered using Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast technology. This mean that you don’t have to pay for any satelite dish and decoder. The best is you might get to watch your favourite show on your pay-tv station even on rainy day. Read all about it at Yahoo Finance Singapore.

Now,that will spell the death of Astro. I am gonna be among the first group of Malaysia to sign up for Mitv. Before i leave, i wanna say “DIE ASTRO! DIE!”

Medium Size Ben

For the past couple of weeks, Medium Size Ben, formally known as Big Ben, has lost 22 KGs. His secret of success?

“Forget all those fancy diets out there Atkin’s diet or whatever, the best way to lose weight is to STARVE!!”

He goes to the GYM in the morning until afternoon. Then later at night, he has his daily ham sandwich. Yes, only one SANDWICH a day!!

On his blog, he said,

Many have said that i’ve lost a lot of weight due to pictures they’ve seen or for few, in person. To me i still can’t see shit. Maybe cause i’m blind. However i know very well i can’t be that blind right. Thanks to all who gave me motivation to press on as even me myself couldn’t have imagine i could actually last this long killing myself in the god damn gym.

I swear it ain’t funny trying to loose tones. Especially for someone who loves nothing better then food like me. Most who knows me would know this. Hell u can even see it by my size. But yeah, although the weighing scales doesn’t lie (i hope), i still have heaps to burn. I would encourage those who are trying to loose that they shouldn’t, i repeat SHOULDN’t follow my way.

I have not touch foods like Mcds, KFC, steaks, sausages, pan meen, yee meen, tai chow, any fried stuffs and even mafucker RICE for some time already. And to be frank i’ve been craving for them ever since i permitted myself to indulge in this program. Yeah i do allow myself to fall once or twice and just submit myself to them fucking fatty foods which comes with the package of putting extra effort in the sets i do in gym. Pretty shitty eh.

I’m sure alot have heard bout all kind of funny funky diet plan there is out there and all. Although yeah i wouldn’t doubt their effectiveness but personally to me i think cutting down is the best option, no wait, fasting is the right word to use… wait a minute… STARVING!!! ahhhh that’s more precise i would say 🙂 As impossible as it may sound, it’s not. Why? Do you know what’s out there? Immortality! take it! it’s yours! Too much Troy

Yeah but anyway, it may seem as though it’s torturous but it is self-torture which gives us self-motivation and not to mention, self-satisfaction. Don’t worry, starving works because eventually the harder it gets for u to complete your sets in gym due to increment, the more u’ll value your effort harboured in. In no time u’ll be fucking scared to eat. Even a sandwich would lead me to thinking that i’ve just wasted the whole day’s work at the gym.

Straight as an arrow

For lack of something better to say I’ve decided to post a excerpt from Romeo and Juliet. I like this bit cause people get stabbed and stuff happens.

[Romeo] Courage, man; the hurt cannot be much.
[Mercutio] No, ’tis not so deep as a well, nor so
wide as a church-door; but ’tis enough, ’twill serve.


OKAY, I did not post that thing up there. Sow hacked into my greymatter account and posted this thing below

2004_05_21_bmovie (7k image)
Goddamn I love gay pr0n. Garh garh! 😉 fap fap fap fap


A defence for the maid beater

A defence for the maid beater
The housewife who outraged the nation with her alleged brutality againt the 19 years old Nirmala has pleaded non guilty.

Yim Pek Ha, 36, is a mother of four children, the youngest of whom is a nine-month-old baby is currently facing 4 charges, three of which are for causing grievous hurt to the girl with the use of dangerous weapons or means.

Save for the fourth offence – which carries a maximum seven-year jail term and fine – the other three each carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail as well as a hefty fine or whipping. If convicted of all offences, she would be liable for a maximum imprisonment of 67 years.

On another matter, The Star newspaper alleged that 800 emails expressing their outrage over the matter were sent to them. And popular blogger JeffOoi received more than 200 comments on his post regarding this said matter.

The law provides that every person charged is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the media has painted a dark and bias view against Yim. What has the media done to tell the other side of the story?

All they said was, “The husband of the accused alleged that Nirmala stole RM10,000 from his home last Wednesday.”. No further elaboration was made. Rather passive statement I would say.

It must be reminded that every charge shall be considered separately.

Every possibility that caused the injuries must be considered. What if Nirmala was a lying bitch who wanted to sabotage her employers? What if the injuries were a result of an accident which gave rise to Nirmala as an opportunity to get back to her employers?

Yim was alleged to have poured hot water on the maid, broke her nose with the steel mug and pressed a hot iron on her body on two occassions. What was the cause of the violent act? Was it because Nirmala was caught stealing again? Or Nirmala threatened to harm Yim?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is submitted that the public shouldn’t rush to conclusion. Let the lady present her case first..

3 years of blogging..

After 3 years of blogging, I encounted loads of weird people. During the first year of blogging, I had this friend of mine who posted anonymous messages telling me that my then girlfriend was cheating on me (and yeah it was with him though). And thanks to my website, I was able to trace his IP and found out that it was him.

Then there was one a guy named Jack Ng who nominated me as one of Cleo’s 50 most eligible Bachelors. Well, it would be nice if ONLY HE POSTED A BETTER PICTURE OF ME. GOD DAMN IT.

Then not so long ago, there was this crazy lady by the nick iloveu (if u havent read this, read it :D) who gave really weird comments such as, �I AM PREGNANT. DON�T DO IT!!�. No doubt she had mental illness as she insulted each and every of my friends and even threatened to hurt them.

However, blogging has its drawbacks. There were numerous times that I ran into trouble for the things I said on my blog. Harm has been done but it serves as a lesson for me.

But my utmost respect must be given to Gavin for being to take my shits. SALUTE TO YOU BROTHER! Haha. Speaking about bitching about people online, I used to read this blog who bitches about each and every of her friends. Further, she kept her identity known. No doubt she ran into trouble and lost many friends. And the best part is, whenever she bitches about people, she would go, �I don�t care if he or she reads it, it�s how I think bla bla bla�. Like helloooooo?? I strongly disapprove any slander online. I hope other bloggers will learn from that otherwise don�t be surprised with a 100 million dollar defamation law suit.

Obviously blogging has no doubt earnt me loads of new friends. Something that I would cherish for the rest of my life….