Think Party Thoughts!

My wife has also caught the entrepreneur bug. On 12.12.2012, she started a new business by the name “Think Party Thoughts“. It’s a boutique partyware shop.

Currently they operate through Facebook. According to their Facebook page:-

Founded by two friends who share the love for planning & creating pretty parties.

Think Party Thoughts is a boutique partyware shop tailored for the busy but design conscious parents/siblings/friends who desire to put together the perfect party for their beloved ones without burning a hole in the wallet.

Put a smile on your beloved ones and guests’ faces today by dressing up your party effortlessly but beautifully with Think Party Thoughts’ partywares.

Think happy thoughts, think party thoughts. 🙂

General Information
At Think Party Thoughts, our aim is to process, package and courier your order as soon as possible.

Please place your order 7 days before your party date. Upon receiving your order and payment, your items will be packed and shipped within 7 business days via Pos Laju.

Payment is accepted via Maybank2U only (for now).

Please e-mail us at with your order or enquiry.

You will recall that my wife did a social media themed party for me.

You can probably figure out what their products are used for. It’s quite popular overseas. If you check out western parties like birthdays or weddings, you’ll see quite a lot of these decorations. However, it’s still quite new in Malaysia.

Think Party Thoughts have other themes like:

Barnyard Animal. Notice that there’s no cat there? That’s because my wife’s partner has a phobia of cats.

Pink Lingerie. You can personalise the party poster with your guest of honor’s name and event details without extra charge

Pink Lingerie’s food toppers.

Other than that, you can also purchase party wares like Barber Pole Paper Straws.

Baker’s Twine

Please do me a favour by liking ThinkPartyThoughts’ Facebook page at and tell your friends!

Christmas @ Cristang @ Avenue 8, PJ New Town

There I was. Sitting on the red bench of Cristang holding my knife and fork. This time round, it wasn’t their famous pork burger. It was something else.

Lee Shih and I (and our partners) were invited to try Cristang’s Christmas set and give feedback thereafter. I was told that we will be served pork loin with other dishes.

While waiting for our pork loin, we ordered the ever delicious Cristang mash potatoes. It’s a mixture of mash potatoes, cheese and bacon topped with cream of mushroom soup. If I could have this mash potato served as a burger, I would definitely eat it.

Mash potatoes aside, Gerald (owner) served us Winter Summer Salad (RM 13.80+)(previously know as Uncle G’s salad) as the appetizer.

It’s a representation of the traditional colors of Christmas, red, green and white. Freshly grilled tomatoes topped with asparagus and crumbled herbed feta cheese, drizzled with olive soaked olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar for a touch of acidity. I normally do not eat asparagus but I must say that this asparagus is tasty.

Then came the shrimp ceviche (RM 23.00+). According to Gerald, it’s a “quick blanch of shrimps in hot water and soaked for 24 hours in freshly squeezed lime juice, allowing the acidity to ‘cook’ the shrimps, together with Bombay onions and jalapeno peppers. Served with diced tomatoes, mangoes and avocados with julienned cucumbers“.

If you’re bringing a date for dinner, bring some strong mint along cause the smell of onion in your mouth is as good as an overloaded garbage truck.

The highlight was the Pan-seared Pork Loin. For RM42, you can enjoy this tender and juicy loin served with cherries, cinnamon and walnuts with a dash of seasoning and seared in olive oil, with cherries, cinnamon and walnuts, together with a juice reduction with cherry brandy and port wine sauce.

There are so many ingredients in this dish and I think one word summarizes this dish – AWESOME.

For dessert, we had the cranberry and cinnamon Semifreddo (RM12.90+). I was told that it is served traditionally during the Christmas season at Cristang. It consists of fresh cranberries cooked with cinnamon and blended with heavy cream into an ice-cream consistency.

I must say that Cristang serves one of the best desserts in town. If Gerald is in the restaurant, get him to describe the food to you. His description is extremely meticulous. You’ll appreciate the dish more after hearing from him.

Richard Wee told me that Gerald framed my review of his restaurant but I never got the chance to see it. It’s the first time I had someone framing my blogpost on their walls. That made my day! Here’s a picture of it.

Unit B-G-19, 8 Avenue,
Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1
Seksyen 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7956-7877
Facebook Page

OPERATING HOURS: Tuesdays to Sundays 11:00 am to 3:00 pm; 5:30pm to 11:00pm. Last call @ 10:30pm.


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Nestle Gala Night

Nestle celebrated its 100 years in Malaysia by having a gala night for its staff. My wife and I got invited for the event. It was a black tie event so we dressed in our best.

It was a large affair. So much so they had Sheila Majid and Zainal Abidin on stage to perform their famous songs. Harikh Iskandar and Daphne Iking were the MC for the night.

Sheila Majid looking stunning at 47. When I grow old, I want to be like her.

As usual, there was a lucky draw. My wife and I usually don’t get anything at lucky draws so we ignored it. The last thing I won was probably a signed helmet at a Speedzone event. I sold the helmet at eBay for RM1600.

During the lucky draw..

Harikh: This prize is a 40 inch 3D LCD TV.
Wife: 40 inch so small la. We got a 42 inch at home.
Harikh: 01471. .
Wife’s colleague: eh..A.. I think you won la.
Wife&Me: O_O

So we won a 40 inch 3D LCD TV worth RM2700. We sold it at a discount price of RM2,500.

My Birthday 2012

A little leap from the big three O. I turned 31 in September.

What made it better is that it’s different from last year. Last year, I was working for someone, unmarried and working hard to save the little money I get from my salary so that I can save up for a house. Then I realize the few hundred bucks a month can’t get me anywhere. 

Early this year, I got married and started my own law firm. I never looked back.

But this years birthday parties were not as massive as the years before, there was once I had 5 parties.

This year round, my wife organized a little gathering at our house. She took the pain to decorate our food. It was a social media themed party.

The gang

By the way, she’s starting a party decoration eCommerce website soon. So watch this space. 

My former colleagues threw a potluck cum birthday party at TY & YS’s house.

It was also Alfred’s, TY & YS’s son, birthday hence we shared the cake. I ate so much that my stomach also exploded. 

My former High school friends and hengtais had a BBQ at WK’s house to celebrate the September babies birthday. I was late as I had to attend a wedding dinner. I didn’t see much of the party but I did cut the birthday cake with the September babies.

Ever since my first year in university, my Sheffield University mates would throw a birthday party for me. Well, most of them have moved to Singapore. One even became a Singaporean.

Janet tried to organize a dinner but only KF, his wife and son could make it. But our little pot luck party turned fine. Thanks Big Ass J.

My parents no longer like to travel far for birthday dinners. At one point, we went to Klang for dinner every birthday. Then it became nearer. We went to Mid Valley instead. And this year, it’s even nearer. We went to Seri Petaling, about 5 minutes drive from the house. Dinner was at a Chinese coffee shop. Short and sweet dinner. 

At this age, news of friends’ parents passing away have become often. But I am glad that both my parents and my wife are able to be with me on my birthday. 

Thank you everyone for the wishes. I look forward to 2013!