Massive @ Cap Square, Kuala Lumpur

Just as I thought that my raving days are over, Tay, ivN and I were at Cap Square listening to Cosmic Gate and Scott Alert. This is probably the first rave they have at Cap Square and I must say that this is a great spot. It’s quite spacious and the sound system was excellent. The only drawback that I could think of is their toilet. There were less than 10 portable toilets to cater more than a thousand people. We had to line up to use the toilet. While lining up, a girl was standing behind me. She pleaded to me to allow her to enter first. So being the gentleman, I gave her way. When it came to my turn…
Then when it came to ivN’s turn on the other portable toilet, he came out screaming.. “FKKKINNGGG SMELLY!! FUKKKKK WHO THE FKKKK SHITSSS IN RAVEESSS!! ”

Anyway, back to the music which I have very little knowledge, I was expecting Scott Alert dropping some real hardcore and dark Melbourne styled hard house. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to my expectation.
Drinks including mineral water were priced at RM10 per cup. There were plenty of girls running around offering vodka shots at RM5. Then there were two people running around selling mineral water at RM5 per bottle. I think these people smuggled in mineral water to sell!

Strangely, beer was not sold in this rave.
We somehow managed to scale through some barricades and ended up backstage. We had a great view of the crowd.

Cosmic Gate

At 1am, the crowd started pouring in and the place began to pack. We also somehow managed to enter the VIP area to escape the crowd. Fellow veteran shufflers Azmer, Johan and Jon were there! Great to see old faces again.

Cosmic Gate Opening Set – By the way, the guy who said “brought to you live from” in the video is not me 😛
By 2am, age started to catch up. We took our leave and headed back home. It was a great night. Made me feel like 18 – 22 again!

Crowd at 2am!

Freedom Elite @ Bukit Kiara – 22.11.2008

After doing 1600 rope skips, 120 kettle bell lifts and running 1600m at Pushmore and 2 hours of futsal, I wanted to give this event a skip. The last rave I went was in March and I’ve already retired from the scene. But the all night free flow was just too much for me to resist.
The event was a by invitation only event. There were two venues namely the outdoor and indoor venue. The indoor venue was where the DJs were spinning. The indoor venue was huge and thus comfortably spacious. The bars were serving unlimited amount of beers, raspberry vodka and even mineral water!

Cris @ the entrance (Nice shirt)
Cris, ivN, Elaine, May and I immediately headed to the bar to grab some drinks. Cris, ivN and I immediately grabbed two cans of beers – and that was just the beginning. Throughout the night, we had many people giving us beer and raspberry vodka. They should have parties like this many years ago!!
I was almost falling asleep when we arrived at Bukit Kiara. But once I stepped into the indoor venue, I felt like I was back in Melbourne. LCK’s music rocks!!!!

They had some guys on stilts walking around the venue. One of them tripped and fell flat on the floor. Poor chap.
Inevitably, after couple of cans of beer, the toilet was our second hangout place. The toilets were pretty unique this time round. Instead of individual portable toilets, we were given urinals instead. It was so pack until each urinals had at least one guy lining up behind the user. One chap couldn’t take it anymore decided to do his business at the basin. Bahger!!

Initially I thought we would head home by 1am. But the rave was so good until we stayed on until it stopped at around 2:45am. By that time, loads of people were quite drunk. Some were seen sleeping on the floor and grass. One guy came to our spot, sat down and started vomiting.

There will be another free flow event this Saturday at Mines. It’s by invitation only. I won’t be there though. Amos dont call me!


My high school friends and I decided to check the latest place in town. Located at Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, this place looks like a chic and high end place.
From its website, it was stated that this place has 4 separate room namely Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. It was indeed separated into 4 rooms. Since it is located in Avenue K shopping centre, the rooms are spread out in different units.
We stayed at the Spring room throughout the whole night. The Spring Room is a lounge with a live band overlooking Jalan Ampang and also the Petronas Twins Towers.

Spring Room
The Summer room is just next to the Spring room. But the Summer room was closed when we were there (I heard they close at 10pm). I believe it is a restaurant.

Although all the 4 rooms are under one roof, patrons have to pay cover charge to enter the Autumn room and the Winter room. The Autumn and Winter rooms are a club and a bar respectively. I managed to peek into the Autumn room. It played r&b music and was bloody packed and hot.
On Quattro’s website, they promoted the Winter room with the following words:

    Temp : Main room @ around +10ºC; Snowing room @ -5ºC Climate : Mostly chilly with occasional snow Feat : DJ’s accompanied by live performers
    When it snows, it blows, but not at the Winter Bar. Sure, the thermostats fluctuate and may drop to an all-time low. The temperatures vary: at approximately +8ºC to +10ºC in the main room to around -5ºC in the snowing room. At the Winter Bar, everyone gets a reason to dress up and be seen in (literally) the coolest bar in the city.

It got me interested. But when I reach the door to the Winter room, I was stopped by a bouncer. I was ordered to get an entry pass before entering. It was a real turn off.
Nevertheless, the unique bit about the Winter room is that the place provides patrons with jackets/trench coats. I guess everyone should start checking out the Winter room as soon as possible before the jackets/trench coats start to stink.

The jackets/trench coats!
The crowd was predominantly young Chinese. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. Some of them looked like they wanted to pick a fight. I saw one chap walking topless into the toilet with his mates – cause someone barfed on his tshirt. Wahahahah
Other than the live band at the Spring room, we had a ‘performance’ by a couple on the streets. The couple fighting on the streets. The woman tried to punch the man while another man tried to stop the girl. The other man gave up stopping her and walked back into the Spring room. I overhead the other man saying, “That’s his wife…”.
Perhaps the highlight of the night was waterleg’s performance after we spiked his drinks with more alcohol.




Waterleg ended up ‘watering’ a plant nearby .

Clubbing on Sunday

I always have this perception that Sunday is gay night for most clubs in Kuala Lumpur It would be the night where house music is played – sweaty topless men grind with each other on the dance floor and shaking like sotongs (cuttlefish). However, I never clubbed on Sunday hence it was purely assumptions.
Recently, I found one event on Facebook – held on Sunday at one of the famous clubs in Kuala Lumpur. The flyer was rather intriguing. It had a picture of a naked man with a suggestive title that indicates that the event is only for men.

I went through their “Confirm Guest” List and I notice that most of them are guys – pretty boys and muscular.

Some of the attendees’ Facebook profiles were open and on their “Interested in” section, it was stated “Men”.

And I was invited to this event -_-


Notwithstanding the above, the thing that interests me is the DJ of the night, DJ Ann Ang.

According to her Facebook, she said she’s a DJ based in KL and a ladyboy.


Ladyboy or not, she is no doubt a good DJ. This is evident from the mixes that she posted on her IMEEM. Makes me wanna take off my shirt and dance like sotong!! YEAAA!!!

Just kidding.

Cream (Princess Ann vs Robbie Rivera Re-Tribal Mix).mp3 – Federico Franchi

Sandy Lam – Diva (Princess Ann Tribal Mix).mp3 –

The Nighttrain 2008 (Princess Ann vs JR Triba-Up Mix) – D.O.N.S & DBN feat Kadoc
Tribal mixes – Great build up and execution!

Check out:
Her Facebook for info. Don’t bother adding her if you’re not a PLU (people like us, a gay slang denoting homosexual individuals)
Her Imeem for more music!

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part IV

We got off from the hotel at around 12:30pm and drove to Seremban for Yee Kee’s Beef Noodles. Some of you may remember that the makan team drove down to Seremban for Yee Kee’s Beef Noodles. Many thanks to Ivan Lau for his hospitality.

Yummy Beef Noodles.
Thereafter, in line with the tradition of KL-Lites, we bought some famous Seremban siew pao (pork buns) back home.

Recommended place to get Siew Pao. It’s just a stone throw away from Seremban Town.

Aunty! Siew pao 10 boxes pls!!!
[Note: Those who hasn’t fill up the survey, please take few minutes of your time to do so]

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part III

Despite the negative publicity, I’m still going to blog about Freedom 08.

Cosmic Gate
The main area was extremely packed. Rubbish was over the place. Getting one place to another was a hard task. Our gang got broken up few times but were fortunate to find each other. Johnson on the other hand was a little bit unlucky as he disappeared without realising that his digital camera was with me. I had to carry it throughout the night.

Huge booth just to sell cigarettes


Man surrounded by rubbish

SASAU MAXIMUM HAHAHAHA, They were lying on the grass for quite some time.

ivN, Me & Eric

As you can see, it’s Acidtripping Ben’s first time hanging out with us. Only part of his face is revealed.

The gang. Acidtripping Ben saw some hot chick up there.

Acidtripping Ben – I’m a butterfly!!

Like high school photo. Rombongan sambil belajar.

Acidtripping Ben tired. He partied so hard until he had fever the next day.
At 12am, Tiesto replaced the Cosmic Gate. His 3 hours set was excellent – dropping all time favourite hits. Great laser beam show complimented his songs. It was also the first time I see such laser beam show in Malaysia. The only place I’ve seen them was in UK.

This was also the first time I see people selling Domino’s Pizza and Friday’s. They had booths set up just to sell them. They also have a booth selling sandwiches at RM5 per piece. It was quite tasty.

Domino’s Pizza



Redemption Booth
It ended with a video of him walking away – with his back facing the crowd.
The rave ended at 3am. The gang went back to their rooms extremely tired.

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part II

The Star Newspaper ran an article on Freedom 08 two days after the event.

Port Dickson folks irked by youths’ out of control behaviour at rave event


Residents of Port Dickson are unhappy that the seaside town is being used by certain quarters to promote booze, drugs and promiscuity among the young.

Port Dickson assemblyman M Ravi said a recent wild party at the seaside was a real shocker to him and the community here. He said that such parties did more damage to the young than promote tourism.
“I made a surprise visit to a so called world music event in the wee hours of Saturday morning and what I saw was shocking.

“Thousands of teenagers, many drunk and wearing skimpy clothing were misbehaving and some were even involved in substance abuse,” he claimed.

Oblivious to his surroundings: Two teenagers trying to wake a ‘fallen’ mate.

She said it also made little sense to see some female teenagers wearing swimsuits and other skimpy clothing although it was 4am.
“When I asked them if their parents knew if they were here, they shied away. Most of them are from Kuala Lumpur,” she said.

A friend of hers said it was quite a sight to see several youths lying on the ground clearly intoxicated.

“Medical people were on standby but some of the party goers were too hysterical. Beers were sold openly and some had been drinking for hours,” he said.

Ravi said the authorities should not treat the matter lightly.
“If the idea is to promote PD, then we can do without such events since it creates such a bad image,” he said

He said government departments which give out permits for such events should not “close an eye” when granting permits as this would be tantamount to endorsing social ills.

Source: The Star Newspaper

First of all, this article paints an extremely bad light on raves in Malaysia. As boob_omatic put it, “only sohais go to these kind of sohai events”. This article no doubt has caused negative effects on the public.

My group of friends and I went in free of drugs and sober. The ultimate aim was just to enjoy ourselves and meet up with friends that we’ve not seen for ages. On the 2nd day, the rave ended at 3am. Music was off and everyone was ushered out. If the patrons wants hang around the are until 4am, there is nothing the organisers can do if they are not within the perimeter of the rave. Further, there was police all over the place. They could have just asked everyone to go home. There may be bad apples that tainted this event but I personally think that it shouldn’t be a bar for raves to be held in Malaysia.

I hope they don’t ban all raves in Malaysia cause my friend Abang Fai (Fai Kor) wants to pei (trip) and he needs to do it outdoor. FAI KOR! YOU STILL GOT NEXT WEEEK!!

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part I

It’s been a while since I went for a rave. The last time was probably at Speedzone @ KL Tower in April 2007.
Freedom 08 was a 2 days dance event held at Admiral Marina, which is around 78km away from Kuala Lumpur. first day consists of DJ Ferry Corsten and DJ Tiesto. Second day was Cosmic Gate and DJ Tiesto again. Patrons have the option to opt for a 2 days ticket or a 1 day ticket. It’s the second time a rave was held at Admiral Marina. The
The gang, Acidtripping Ben, Angeline, Elaine, Eric, ivN, Sharon Dilirius, Jimmy, Heidi and I battered the traffic jam before reaching Port Dickson in the evening. We were stuck at one slow moving stretch near Seremban for half an hour – only to realise that the cause of the jam was one stupid hole in a divider.

Jam aaaaa!
Jimmy and Heidi came all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to attend this rave. Acidtripping Ben on the other hand joined us to a rave for the first time.
We stayed at one hotel by the name Selesa Beach Resort, which is 2 hotels away from Admiral Marina. The room was pretty crap. ivN and Acidtripping Ben’s room smells of wet dog. And they don’t have warm shower too.
We had dinner at one waterfront restaurant nearby our hotel. It’s a very nice place but the food was crap.

Port Dickson beach – looks nice but polluted like hell.

They also forgot my order. I was so frustrated that I screamed, “WHERE THE F*** IS MY BURGER??”. It came few minutes later and they were nice enough to give me a complimentary ice lemon tea for the error. I hope they didn’t use my buns to wipe their armpit.

My 2 Litre Asahi Beer from Langkawi
Getting into Admiral Marina was painful. It was extremely crowded and hot. We had to endure a pushy crowd through their ticket and security counter to get into the venue. The crowd control was terrible. There were a few lanes opened for everyone to enter and everyone had to fight their way into the lanes – loads of queue cutting and pushing involved.

The crowd at the entrance

Someone actually wore this slipper to the rave. It’s our hotel’s slippers. Oh, one guy came in wheelchair too.
Security was pretty tight this time. They went through everyone’s pockets, wallets, handbags, cigarette boxes and even shoes to check for weapons, drugs and forbidden items. Some girls had their bags flipped upside down and shaken.
I was told that one of the forbidden items was candies (including chewing gum) and many had their candies confiscated. The worst bit is that recording gadgets are not allowed. Some friends had their camera batteries confiscated.
On the first night, some people were arrested after they were caught for drugs. A friend was arrested after they found pills hidden in his pocket. Hope he’ll be fine.
The venue made up mainly of 2 rooms, electronic dance music (main area) and R&B music. The main area was located on a sandy field. By the end of the night, I had sand everywhere.
Just as we stepped into the main room, someone screamed, “WOOOHOOO FERRY CORSTEN!!!”.
Elaine: What a noob. Cosmic Gate is spinning la. Ferry Corsten was last night.
It is unfortunate that Cosmic Gate had to play before DJ Tiesto. It would be great to see Cosmic Gate to go all out.

Part II Coming up!
In the meanwhile, check out the following movies I took.

Tiesto’s first track of the night.

Tiesto – Love comes again

Diamonds & Pearls ft. DJ Anatta @ 7atenine – 22.3.2008

As part of the F1 party series, aunty DJ Anatta played an awesome set at 7atenine.

7atenine is a…well it’s hard to explain. It serves food – al fresco dining with Asian and Western cuisine. It also has a DJ console and small dance floor. It’s owned by the husband and wife team who also owns Souled Out and Café WIP in Kuala Lumpur.
The interior is excellent and has great view of the Petronas Towers. Music is not too loud, great place to chat. Drinks are reasonably priced too.

[Pictures courtesy of Sow]
Cris, Sow, Melvin, ivN, Eric and I went on ground to give our support to DJ Anatta. Right opposite us was a group of ladies tearing the dance floor with DJ Anatta’s music. We were pretty amazed as this group of ladies are umm.. looked like they’re having their time of their life as their husbands are not in town.
We later found out that the group of ladies were actually DJ Anatta’s ex classmates. O_o
Before DJ Anatta’s session ended, we were given free pasta (in a paper box). I was told that this was a practice by 7atenine to clear their leftovers whenever their kitchen closes.

The Ascott KL, 9, Jalan Pinang.
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03.2162 7789
Fax: 03.2163 7789
Business Hours:
Mon-Thurs, 5pm-1am, Fri, 12-3pm, 5pm-2am,
Sat, 5pm-2am.
Closed Sunday
Official Website: