It’s All About Creativity

Someone asked me the other day, “Why must Valentine’s Day be about spending a LOT of money?”
Well, it’s about doing something different for a change. If most of us have been real scrooges during the relationship, an occasional splurge would be nice. Yes, maybe the timing is a bit off – on Valentine’s Day when the set lunches and dinners are a bit expensive (like Christmas) and the roses cost a bomb!
So this same someone asked me to suggest the cheapest dates I could possibly think of. Bloody hell, cracking my head over this was no easy task.
1. Cook dinner at home – If your partner usually cooks, then it’s your turn to do it for a change. Don’t need the candles, if you don’t want to. You can, however, dress up for the fun of it. ;D
2. Take turns giving each other a massage – Time it! An hour of pure bliss, I should say. Baby oil is cheap, if you don’t want to use aromatherapy oils. Though, I do know some guys who don’t like being oily.
3. Have a picnic – A picnic at night sounds pretty romantic to me, if it doesn’t rain. If you know a location, go there. If not, how about on the balcony of your apartment, or by the poolside? It’s just blanket, a bottle of wine and some food …… mosquitoes? Mosquito coils may ruin the mood, you know ….. the smell!
4. A walk in the park or along the beach after dinner would be just fine. But it may be a bit too crowded if everyone has the same idea. ;D p.s. Bring insect repellant, just in case.
5. Watch TV – share a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine together. It’s the company that matters, right?
Gifts. As long as it comes from the heart, simple gestures can tug the heart strings.
1. Make your own Valentine card – If you’re not good in art, so be it – make it a fun card. Make he or she laugh is a good way to start the day.
2. Send text messages – I didn’t say just ONE for the day. Think of 24 nice things you like about him or her, send one for every hour of the day. [It’s still cheap, right?]
3. Wash his or her car. Haha, it sounds like a birthday present, right? Wrong. Leave some love notes in the car, after you’re done with it. He or she will have fun reading them. ;P
4. Song dedications – on TV, or on the radio. Tacky, I know, but it’s the song that counts, not the message.
5. Play some games, just the both of you – the penalty for losing could involve losing a clothing article, or a kiss, or drinking alcoholic beverages …… go ahead and figure it out!

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Debt Collection Agencies in Malaysia

Lately, I’ve been receiving numerous letters from one company by the name of Ztrade Sdn Bhd (note: name has been changed). The letters were addressed to one Nian Aik Sdn Bhd and one Chua Choo Lam, both whose address is almost similar to my current address.
Prior to this, I’ve received one letter from the Registrar of Companies regarding Nian Aik Sdn Bhd. I’ve no idea who or what Nian Aik Sdn Bhd and Chua Choo Lam are and as such, I’ve written to the Registrar of Companies explaining that I’ve no idea who these people are.
So, since I’ve been receiving letters addressing to Nian Aik Sdn Bhd, I decided to look at its contents to see whether this Nian Aik Sdn Bhd is causing further problems.

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Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash @ Velvet

It was an excellent night. Sathya, Tay, Sow, ivN Melvin, Sharon Dilirius, Gena the Filipino chick and I were drinking all night long.

We had one table by the side of the dancefloor. Sow got a little bit bored and told ivN,

“Tell me which chick is cute!”.

ivN: neh!! that one over there. (randomly pointing towards the crowd)

Sow then went over one girl and mumbled something to the girl. The girl then came over to introduce herself. Her name is Valerie.

Sow, ivN and I introduced ourselves. When it came to my turn to introduce myself, the girl stepped forward, smiled widely and said, “Are you Ivan???”

Me: No! Ivan is next to me..

She then sprung towards ivN.

I walked off thereafter. I asked Sow how he managed to get the girl over.

Sow: I told Valerie, “Hey! My friend ivN thinks you’re cute!!”.

I bumped into another lawyer, who is also my opponent in a case which I’m involved in. Hot girl, I saw one uncle with bodyguards hitting on her. Nevertheless, I went to say hi.

Me: Hi hi! How are you?
M: Good! How about you?
Me: Good! Oh, I just served you 2 applications on Friday! It’s fixed for hearing on Tuesday!
M: O______________________________________O||||

Suilin, Sow & Gena

Sharon Dilirius @ DJ Anatta & Sui Lin

Gena & Sui Lin

Me & ivN

Pictures courtesy of Sui

We couldnt get Sow drunk cause he said he had to work the following day O___O

Friendship Books and Slams

I used to have penpals when I was in secondary school and in college. It gradually stopped when I was in university. The one thing that made me happy was receiving letters and admiring stamps from other countries. It was nice to have a mailbox full of letters!

One day, I was sent a few Friendship Books by a penpal.

She explained to me what I had to do.


If I was interested, I had to write my address, age and interests. This is to enable future recipients to browse through them and if they were interested, they would write to you asking whether you’d like to be penpals.

After putting my details, I would then send it to another penpal and tell her to do the same.

A slambook was also a favourite to be passed around together with FBs.

A slambook is like a survey, with a question on each page. Here, you can tell that the last person who entered her answer was me. Hehe. Guess what song did i put?

Behind the FB or slam, the creator or owner would put this message at the back, just remind the last person to return it to the owner. Sometimes, there are people who don’t want to be last to avoid incuring postage, so they’ll just send it over to the next person.

It’s like chain mail, isn’t it?

Throughout my penpalling years, I learnt so many abbreviations like NPW, AVF, SNNP …. which means New Pals Wanted, Answers Very Few, Sorry No New Pals.

I would get very excited to receive some FBs returned to me, too! Once, I received a half-filled one, because the person who returned it to me wanted to be my penpal. Yikes. He could have written to me first while passing the FB on!

A good description of FBs, slams and others is available here.
Now that i’ve found my old letters, I feel terrible that these FB and slam owners may have been waiting for their return. Oops. It’s been almost 5 years, and I don’t have anymore penpals to forward them, too. Neither are my friends overseas interested. Looks like I may have to throw them away.

Malaysian Police Station

My work had an interesting twist last week. I had to head to one of the IPDs (Ibu Pejabat Daerah, District Headquarters) in Kuala Lumpur today. I had to meet a certain officer at one building with a few floors. The building is not exactly in good shape, I can almost term it as ‘dilapidating’.
The stairs were badly lit.
The paints were peeling.
Fungus was growing all over the wall.
Rubbish was everywhere.
The offices have no aircon, bloody hot. I almost dozed off.
Ants were running all over the place, too.
But they have cable TV. O____O||
The sight wasn’t pretty, too. I saw a few men in pink “Lock up T-shirts” in handcuffs walking around barefoot.

Pink Lock up T-shirt. I wonder where can I buy one.
One elderly man had his family with him. His family bought him curry rice. The police had to uncuff him so that he could eat his curry rice with his bare hands. Poor guy.
Good news is that some departments of the IPD are moving to one building by the name of Perdana something.
I was told by a Chief Inspector that the new office is hard to find.
Chief Inspector: “One day I sent my boys to find the new office, to see whether they could find the place easily. None of them came back except for 1 who took 3 hours to find the place! And that person told me that it’s hard to find that building.”
The first thing that came up to my mind was, “tiu.. I bet they were happily sitting at the mamak la.”
Of course, this is merely speculation. I heard that our force is underpaid and overworked.

Purple and Brown

Created by the creator of Wallace and Gromit.
Two buddies made out of clay. They giggle at almost everything. So cute!

They put a smile on your face. You can’t help it, they find such simple joy in little things. 😉
Especially the way they go, “Oooohh ….”
Too cute not to add – this one reminds me of Riverdance!

The little ones are SO CUTE!!!!!
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Reinforce [Club Series] featuring DJ Maverick and DJ Drive @ Club Ohana 20.1.2007

I promised Maverick that I would drop by his gig at Club Ohana. Before heading to Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash @ Velvet, Sharon Dilirius, Tay and I dropped by Club Ohana for Maverick’s gig. Upon our arrival, it rained heavily. So heavy until the entrance of Club Ohana was flooded. Nevertheless, we braved through the rain and flood to get into Club Ohana.

Uncle Maverick

I was told that entry before 11PM is free. Hence we rushed there and arrived around 1050PM. Phew.

At that time, there were already few clubbers in the club. As I walked to the DJ console, my path was blocked by a girl who was shaking her head violently. And she was the only person doing that O____O
Club Ohana is set up in a small establishment in Megan Avenue II. The interior is nothing to shout about but they have a pool table for patrons.


We didn’t stay long to see whether the place will be pack to the brink. We had to head to Velvet for Grinder Sow’s Steal water, Suck Oil and grind with unknown chicks belated birthday bash. Till next post!

Club Ohana

Block C-LG 1&2, Megan Avenue II, 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Next to Ambank)
Contact No : 603-21668733
DJ Line-ups
20th Jan – Maverick / Drive (Darkraverz)
27th Jan – Joey G / WillyThKd
3rd – Feb – Bass Agents (TBC) / Desire