9 more days! installed gate

Night market @ OUG tonight. Must go…must goo…must go and buy food and vcds…aaahhhhh
7:00PMIt’s bloody noisy now. The people who are installing our new front gate are here now. I bought them some snacks while I was on my way back home from lunch.

Mum got those guys from the newspaper classifieds. Mum chatted with the boss, a middle-aged man with 3 sons and a daughter. his sons didn’t even finish high school (they quitted when they were in form 1), and now all of them are helping him to manage the factory. Mum expressed her concern for the uneducated children. One of his children sprung up in defence saying, “Who will be fixing your gates, I were to be given education?” Very true. In Western countries, it’s very expensive to get people to do rough work for you. Most people opt to do it themselves rather than hiring people. Back in the old days, we could easily hire a gardener, a driver and maids without struggling to pay the bills. Dad always dream of this during his younger days but it seems it’s impossible now. All we could afford now is someone to tidy up our garden once a month, no driver and a maid once a week (we used to have an Indonesian maid, but she ran away after few months).

9 more days and I’m leaving for UK. Summer holiday is going to be over. *sigh*

yamcha with the monkey

Had ‘yamcha’ session with Gin Yew, Ping Sheong and Jia Lin. Gin Yew is leaving this Sunday night and we’re going to have a last game of soccer on Sunday morning. While we were talking, we spotted a monkey on the rooftop of the mamak stall. We were pretty amused with it. It’s been so long since we saw an animal roaming on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Due to years of drastic urbanization, the wild animals in Kuala Lumpur are virtually wiped out. My house used to have plenty of wild animals namely snakes, squirrels and monkeys. But nowadays, it’s quite rare to hear birds chirping in the morning.
The monkey ascended from the roof and soon it was near the place where the foods are put. Within a split second, the monkey stole and egg and disappeared with it.

I uploaded 2 extra pictures into Umeng’s 17th Birthday album.


Had a really good sleep last night. Didn’t have to wake up for anything as my class only starts at 6 PM today till 10 PM! But hell it’s worth it as my weekend officially starts today!Weeeeeeeeee! I hate calling up MAS man seriously. The other day i called to book my flight home to malaysia, the guy was so rude and was practically gigling and laughing at me for not knowing how to read the information on my ticket! Yeah well probably it’s my bad for not knowing but hell there was no need for gigles and laughter right? After giving him the neccessary information, i suddenly realise i was looking at an expired air ticket that was used in july! How fucked was that? I had to call MAS up again and guess what, the ass picked up again and yeah you can firgure out the rest. He fucking laughed again but this time i laughed along too cause i think i was pretty stupid as well. Then today i realise i didnt know what my flight number was cause Julian (Housemate) was telling me that he’ll be going back next week and asked me for MAS contact num. So i had to call up again and ask for that particular detail. Thank the sweet lord that bastard didn’t pick up the phone again. *sigh* Looks like both of my housemates will be heading back to malaysia during the holidays and i’m stuck in this god forsaken place alone. Well there’s two raves that would keep me occupied i guess during the holidays. War of the Worlds and God’s Kitchen. And besides, there’s loads of assignment up my ass to complete as well. Where as, XES has absolutely nothing to be worried about as he’s on his holidays. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! DIE CL DIE!!! I’m just sOooO in a hostile mood right now.

xes asked me to provide a brief introduction about myself so i think i better. Full name is Benjamin Hon Wye Ming. Getting pretty old as of last wednesday on the 11th of September. Although it’s on such a shitty day but i do think it’s pretty cool in a weird sort of way that i was born on such a day. Eat me. Currently finishing up my Bachelor of Computing studies in Monash University Melbourne (The SHITS!). I’m the sort of person where i wouldnt mind spending the night out alone and just catch a movie. Hate those who take things too seriously. I like girls who dresses casually. I like raves in big avenues. I like to do things which people wouldn’t expect out of me. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but because of some obvious reasons i can’t. FUCK! I have a big peirced ear hole like xes. I hate dressing up formal. I love DVDs. I prefer to listen to people’s problem then having to share mine. I love getting up in the morning and have absolutely nothing planned to do. Maybe that’s why i have commitment problems. LOL

xes is a horny bastard

Hellooooosss….this is ben blogging…xes has given me access to his blog and told me to wreck the hell out of it…but first..bertestingss first…

Yes it’s working..FINALLY!!!..weeeeeeeeeeeeee. So what am i suppose to talk bout? I guess i’ll just rant about what’s going on here in Melbourne. Firstly, the life here isn’t all that great as most of the people expect it to be. Activities ranges from gambling, movies, cafes, studying, clubbing, raving, illegal racing,etc. Nothing too different from the life style back home in Malaysia. Although i do fancy clubbing and raving here more. The raves here are like super huge with well known Dj’s coming down to strut their stuffs on their decks. Not to mention the chicks here in melbourne are fucking awesome. Anything from locals, ABCs (Australian Born Chinese), and Asians can just melt the hell out of me. Gawddd i’m like. craving for some right now *cry*. Oh well…..

Laptop repaired

Chinese Moon cake Festival is on this Saturday. During this festival, delicious moon cakes are consumed and children would be playing with ‘tang lung’(lanterns). Due to the competition and commercial strategy, moon cakes are sold months before the moon cake festival. Mum bought me a screw pine (pandan) flavoured moon cake last night. It’s cost only RM8.50 a piece unlike Melbourne where it cost $10 a piece (RM22.00)! However, I don’t really like moon cakes. It’s too sweet!
During my primary school days, my friends would come to my house at night to lit candles and lanterns on Moon Cake festivals. Our entire front porch would be literally covered with candles and lanterns. However, as years passes, none of us bothered to do so. But my mum would light one or two candles just for the sake of celebrating.

I finally got my laptop back. The problem with it was it couldn’t start up at all. I requested for extra ram to be added but the fellow forgot to do so. I even requested them to check my USB port but it seems they couldn’t fix it. Now I’m stuck with a lagged mouse. grr

Ben will be blogging with me in this website soon. Welcome abroad Ben!

lunch with soon yean and taxi driver fight

muahahahaha. but why did u guys fight? accident or he con u?

Posted by jo5 @ 09/14/2002 10:08 PM CST

hehe, there was once i got into a fight with taxi driver, fight until my shirt tore off. hehe

Posted by xes @ 09/13/2002 05:18 PM CST

sometimes u met good ppl sometimes the other way round, lucky u. too long never drive issit? haha

Posted by jo5 @ 09/13/2002 10:19 AM CST

It was about a year ago. I was rushing home to sleep from Melody’s place at Sri Hartamas. While speeding in Bangsar, there was this taxi that stopped on the side of the road suddenly without putting on any signal. Apparently he was picking up a passenger. I stopped and tried to squeeze my way out. While doing so, my car accidentally scratched his bumper. I looked at the side mirror to assess the damage and didn’t see any damage on the taxi. Desperately needed sleep, I drove off without bothering to get out from the car. While driving, the taxi followed me and I got out from the car after finally realize that I am obliged to talk to him. I slowed down and stopped in front of Megamall and got out from the car. As soon as I got out from the car, a middle aged Indian man charged into me with a baton. I blocked the baton with my hand. As the baton flew, I punched him on the face and gave him a roundhouse kick. However, it did not stop him. He managed to get hold of my head and tried smashing my head on the car. But he failed to do so and I pulled his head and soon we were on a dead end situation. We stopped and talked. I called my friends for backup but their phones were engage. While doing so, I looked for my car keys (it flew off while fighting).
My left earlobe was bleeding due to my earrings (I just enlarged one of the holes and haven’t fully recovered yet) and my eyesight was blur because one of my contact lens came off. The passenger was full of shit and said I deserved to be whacked. I was so pissed but I ignored him. I was in a 2 against 1 situation and both of the men were big size. However, the taxi driver and I managed to come to an agreement and I paid him rm50 for compensation (it was my fault anyway). He left as soon as I paid him and I searched for my car keys. I couldn’t find it and sat down trying to remember when did it fly to. Suddenly, the taxi driver came back. He handed me my car keys and apologized. We shook hands and exchanged numbers.
Minutes later, my friends came. Umeng drove my car back because my eyesight was blur. I didn’t make a police report because I was ashamed myself for being not responsible enough. This incident taught me a valuable lesson. Never run from a confrontation and always talks things out. Oh yeah, and also, when a person charges at you, a front push kick will easily stop them.


Fei Shia’s party was dull. She didn’t invite much of our friends and she spends most of the time talking to her other friends. There was plenty of alcohol but I didn’t drink at all but Fei Shia kept on forcing Soon Yean and Ping Sheong to drink. There weren’t many people at all. We left within an hour and headed to Bangsar. Babysun and Gerby on the other hand headed to somewhere else.

Bangsar was great. We had a great drinking session. Each of us (5 of us) ordered a jug of Illusion and managed to finish all of them. Soon Yean and I drank the most. We kept on competing and taunting each other to drink while Wai Keong, yK and Ping Sheong drank slowly but no doubt they were pretty drunk. The pub, called Echo, plays lousy progressive house on Saturday. They even hired a lady vocalist to sing. None of us danced. All we did was just drink and drink and drink. By the end of the night, all of us didn’t feel well, Ping Sheong and Soon Yean were pretty fucked and I had terrible stomachache (no idea why). We left at 3am, totally fucked.

3 hours later, my alarm clock rang. It’s time to play football. Most of us hadn’t had enough sleep or either hasn’t slept yet. It was dreadfully hot and the sun was scorching.
We played against a team of arrogant kids. Every time they scored, they would start showing off some annoying postures. However, we managed to beat them easily. Wilson, Ping Sheong and Gin Yew scored enough to shut them up.
Soon Yean puked twice while playing due to the alcohol we drank few hours ago. I laughed at him non-stop. hehe. I wanted to make him puke last night but he still could hold on and even taunted me to drink more. But this morning, while taking a break, he squatted down and started puking, my first reaction was to laugh. hehe

I’m exhausted. I’m going to sleep now. Nites.

Megamall day and Ipoh kai fan

Last night, Wai Keong, Soon Yean, Ping Sheong and I went to Ming Tien at Taman Megah. Ming Tien is a huge hawker centre that consists of 100 stalls. The place is designed in a tropical beach theme. Waiters are dressed in Hawaiian T-shirts and straw hats with Chinese actors’ name on their nametag (no idea why, but it’s hilarious). We sat under a small hut that kept on playing sounds of birds’ chirping, seashore and even monkeys screaming. As we sat down, each of us ordered a huge dish and shared. We ate till a point where food is no longer enjoyable but torturing. We were struggling to finish everything!

I woke up with a mild diarrhea. Must be the food I ate last night. uhhh slimy shit!

I bumped into David in Megamall just now. David is a BBC (British born Chinese) I knew from Sheffield. He’s here for a short holiday, staying in William’s place (another friend of mine from Sheffield) and he’ll be leaving next Tuesday. I wanted to ask him about the places that he went but both of us were going on different directions. I guess we’ll talk about it when we meet in Sheffield.

I had a fight with Chuo Ming on the phone just now. I cant fucking stand him. He keeps on pestering me with the Internet issue for our house in Sheffield. He loves ordering people around and he’ll get pissed if someone doesn’t follow his way. I just hate being ordered around. I remember once he asked Alex and I to look for someone but both of us were too lazy to do it, he ended up pissed and slammed the door at us. I guess we’ll have plenty of problems staying with other next month.

I’ll be going to Fei Shia’s place today. She’s celebrating her birthday today. My friends and i are heading to Bangsar after that. It’s been a while since i’ve been there.

bought burner

I bought the burner today at Megamall. The shop gave me a rm50 discount! Even though it’s a value buy the burner is bloody huge and heavy. I tried installing it on my dad’s desktop but it didn’t work properly. I think there is something wrong with my usb port. I guess I’ll replace it with a new one soon.

I paid for my air ticket to UK today. I’m leaving on the 28th of September. Boo hoo, I’m so sick of travelling!!

Accident last night and yamcha with MeuYan, Lola and their friends

The history of Wong Fei Hung: my all time idol http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/5990/wong.html
6:30PMI’m going to get a CDRW (burner) soon. I shopped around some IT centres namely Sunway Pyramid and Megamall. My god, there’s a big difference between an external and internal burner. Internal driver is much cheaper and its speed is much faster. On the other hand, the external driver is slower and much more expensive. However, I found a fast external drive with a much lower price. It’s an A OPEN 40 (write) x 12 (rewrite) x 48 (read) for rm540? Good buy eh?

The newest gadget. DVDRW! The new dvd burner could burn 4.9gigs worth of files in a single. But it cost a bomb. Fucking RM1000++ for one! Furthermore, the CDs arent that cheap either. I guess I’ll just stick to my CDRW until the DVD burner price falls.
6:24PMI accidentally banged into a motorcycle while I was reversing my car last night. I got out from my car immediately and apologized profusely. Thank god the cyclist wasn’t on the bike (he was about to get to his bike). He looked pissed and said “cho meh lei gam geh???” (in Cantonese “Why are you like that?” (implying why am I so careless”)) However, there wasn’t any damage at all but i offered to compensate him but he declined.