How to repel Beggar

Often, we get beggar or “Volunteer” from a Charity Organisation asking for donation in mamak or hawker centre.
As for me when i saw them coming toward me, i will just shake my head indicating to them that i am not interested in giving any donation. If the beggar is a blind man, i will sit there very quietly, pretending that there is no one.
However sometime, we do come across some very enthusiastic beggar. They will specifically ask you to give them RM1 or RM2, if you don’t they will curse you in many languages. Most of the time, i will give them what they want so they will go away. As for my friend, he has a more unique way…
One day, my friend, M was having afternoon tea in Nasi Kandar Pelita, SS2. A woman beggar came to him.
Beggar: Boss, can give me RM2 ar.
M: No. Go away.
My friend pushes away her hand lightly.
Beggar: Why you push my hand? Now, you have to give me RM5.
My friend stared at her.
M: Your dirty hand make me lose appetite!!! You should give me RM10.
Beggar: @%^&* i am a beggar!!!
M: So what, Beggar can scold people loud ar? KNN!!! MACHIBAI. You wanna give or not? If not, let’s go to Police station.
The woman took off and ran away quickly.