An open letter to bimbobum

This is a letter from a fellow lawyer and also reader of

    Dear Bimbobum,
    I write to seek your advice on a personal problem of mine. You see, I have this problem, I sleep around and it’s hard to control myself.
    I have been having this problem since I was in high school. Teachers have reprimanded me many times but I’ve never listened. Now, I’ve brought this habit to my working life as well.
    I must highlight to you that this problem is very serious. I might lose my life one day because of this problem.
    You see, I get very sleepy during the day. Sometimes I sleep in the office although I try to control myself and due to this I have to work longer hours to get my work done. Also, last week, during one of the talks by a visitor to my office, I fell asleep but woke up in time to clap my hands. Then a few weeks back, I had a meeting with a client. While at it, I fell asleep and I was the only lawyer there! I was fortunate that my client was forgiving.
    Also, when I drive, I get sleepy too. This is the problem that might cause my life one day.
    Please advise me on what I should do to curb this disease of mine. Although I drink coffee every morning, it doesn’t last me to the end of the day.
    Yours Truly