New York City: Food Guide – Part II

This entry marks the last entry of my New York City 2010 series. Finally!

Cafe Sabarsky

I found this place through the recommendation of Yelp (popular social media website in the US). I was searching for a good place to eat around the Met Museum and this place was highly recommended by some people.

This Viennese café is located inside the Neue Galerie’s museum. The cafe is not visible from outside but you can see it once you enter the museum.

Although the cafe is quite small, the atmosphere was really, really nice.

fourfeetnine and TimothyTiah!

Latte to kick start my meal 😀

Sabarsky Heiße Schokolade (House made Viennese Hot Chocolate with
Whipped Cream) :D~~~~~~~~

Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut & Röstkartoffeln (Roasted Sausage with Riesling Sauerkraut, Roasted Potatoes & Dijon). Izz zoooo zesmalllll

Apple strudel here is highly recommended. Looks awesome. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of cooked fruits. Hence the apple strudel tasted so-so for me.

Neue Gallerie
1048 5th Ave
New York, NY 10028


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Magnolia Bakery

This bakery was featured in numerous movies and sitcoms – recently being Sex in the City.

This bakery has a few outlets around New York City and the one that I went was not the one featured in Sex in the City.

The highlight of this bakery is their cupcakes.

I think it was so-so. It was a little bit too sweet for me. But if you’re a big fan of cupcakes and have a sweet tooth, do try this.

1240 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020


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Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridien

On my last night in New York City, Raymond said he will bring me to a place to eat burger. He brought us to an office building and I was wondering where could this burger place be. He then lead us to one small corridor and voila! a burger joint! It is tucked in a small part of Le Parker Meridien!

The interior, of course, was not fantastic. In fact, it was quite messy. The walls were scribbled with writings and there were left over food strewed here and there. We even had to clean the place ourselves.

However,the burgers were awesome! Many thanks again to Raymond for buying us supper!

According to many reviews, Burger Joint serves one of the best burgers in the city. Do try it out when you’re in NYC!

Other reviews
DMANBURGER “Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel


119 W 56th St,
New York‎


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Bloom’s Delicatessen & Restaurant

Sarah brought me to this place on my last day in New York City. According to her, this is a “crew joint”. That means a place frequent by steward and stewardesses.

The reason she brought me here was to try out this restaurant’s breakfast set. She said the food is good and huge. I usually have no problem in eating large meals but the breakfast in Brooms brought me down to my knees. It was huge!!

I had this breakfast set called Lumberjack – came with pancakes, eggs and bacon. There were 3 slides of pancakes and the pancakes were as big as capati!!

After my second piece of pancake, I surrendered. My “bottomless stomach” does have its limits. Those who wishes to try this, I would recommend you to share it with a friend unless you’re 130KGs.


350 Lexington Avenue,
New York, NY,
United States‎


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That’s all folks!

New York City: Food Guide – Part I

Before my trip to NYC, I was told that I should try the hot dogs on the streets. Well I did and I must say it was great!

American diners were another thing recommended to me. I am glad that I manage to eat there. It’s nothing special but it’s the experience that matters.

Anyway, here are some good places that I went.

Lombardi’s Pizza

This place was recommended by Raymond. It is recognised as the first pizzeria in the United States and was opened in 1905.

We were brought to the upper floor of the restaurant which only has a few tables. We ordered 2 awesome pizzas and I must say that they were awesome!

32 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012-4173, United States
(212) 941-7994

Open Weekdays 11:30am-11pm; Weekends 11:30am-12am


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Junior’s Cheesecake

On the next day, Raymond brought us to another awesome place for dessert – the famous Junior’s cheesecake. They’ve been around since 1950s and they have few branches all over NYC. Raymond brought us to the one at Times Square. In fact, it was so good that I went to Junior’s twice!

I would highly recommend the plain cheesecake. It’s quite big hence sharing is recommended.

Red velvet is good as well.

Devil’s Food Cheesecake was too rich for me. I was full after half a piece of this thing.

West 45th St. between
Broadway and 8th Ave.
Phone: (212) 302-2000

Hours (EST):
Mon–Thurs: 6:30am–12am
Fri & Sat: 6:30am–1am
Sun: 6:30-11pm


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Sushi Ichimasa

Timothy Tiah, fourfeetnine and I found this place by chance while waiting for our play to start. It is a small Japanese restaurant. Chefs were Japanese and one of them even visited Malaysia!

Food was fresh. Service was good. Price was reasonable. Place was cozy. It was perfect. What else more can you ask for?

I tried ordering my meal through Japanese. It’s been a while since I spoke Japanese. I managed to order my meal but the lady thought I was some second generation Japanese that cant speak proper Japanese -_-

302 W 50th St
(between 8th Ave & 9th Ave)

New York, NY 10019


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New York City: Central Park & Going Home

After rock climbing, we took a stroll around the park. There are couple of baseball fields. I wonder why the pitchers there throw their balls lightly for batters to hit.

Each bench in Central Park has a plague dedicating it to someone or something.

But this is a bit too much -_-


A friendly squirrel! p/s no the squirrel didn’t eat the sweet -_-

After our trip at Central Park, we met up with Raymond and his friend for dinner. He brought us to an awesome burger joint. Will blog about it later in my NYC food guide entry.

Night time in NYC

After dinner, Raymond brought us to his office. We had an awesome view of Central Park and the city!

Our day ended after the trip to Raymond’s office.

Since my flight is in the afternoon, I had to wake up early to catch a bus to JFK airport. Sarah brought me to a cafe in the city which serves massive breakfast. Apparently, it’s a “crew joint” (a place where airflight crews usually hang out). Will blog about this massive breakfast later. It was so much that I could feed all the children in an African village.

Walking towards the bus station…

One way ticket to JFK..

Goodbye New York City!

New York City: Central Park – Rock Climbing

The Wikipedia entry of Central Park states that there are rock climbing spots in the park. After weeks of food and no exercise, I was eager to find the place.

We found one of the spots! There was already a climber there 😀

This rock is called the Rat Rock. There’s even a Wikipedia entry on it. According to Wikipedia, this rock is called rat rock because rats swarms the place at night. Euw.

There were not many routes visible at this rock. Some can be seen through the white chalk patches on the wall.

Handholds were most crimps except for a few jugs here and there. Footholds on the other hand were tiny. It was difficult to climb without climbing shoes :/

Other than Rat Rock, there is also Cat Rock. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find that place.

Spotted 2 pairs of legs.

For more information about climbing in Central Park, check out’s entry.

New York City: Central Park – Part I

I left Boston a day after my conference ended. Since my flight back to KL departs from NYC, I took a flight to NYC.

The airport was quite near my hotel. A taxi ride there was about 20 minutes.

When I arrived at the airport, most of the flight counters have long, long queues. There was a short queue where you can actually pay 2USD to get on it. I rather pay than wait.

So when it was my turn, I gave the attendant my ticket and waited eagerly. I can wait to leave Boston. The attendant suddenly said, “Sir, it seems that your flight is from NYC to Boston. You have bought the wrong ticket.”



The attendant added, “You can get a new ticket inside”. There goes my 60USD. -_-

Upon arriving NYC, I met up with Sarah, an old friend of mine. She is one of my blog readers who eventually became a real life friend. She’s a stewardess and coincidentally she had a flight to NYC on the day I was there.

Since we only have a day to spare, we decided to spend it at Central Park. Both of us have not been there hence it was a good choice.

We decided to walk to the Park. Passed by a lot of nice places.

Rockefeller Center

We found Love in NYC!

Found Central Park!

Busker under a bridge

A cafe in the middle of the park. Check on the squirrel 😛

Boston Food Guide

My apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been extremely busy these few weeks.

This would be my last post for Boston. This entry is to keep up with my practice of having a food entry for my travel entries.

Quincy Market

This place is excellent for a quick and cheap bite. The market has numerous outlets with different types of food here. However, food is mediocre.

Clamp chowder is quite common.

Every morning I’ll come here for breakfast and each time I come here, I’ll try a different store.

Doghouse is one of the better ones and they serve hots dogs and sausages. Boston Barker Deluxe is quite awesome.

Faneuil Hall

Opposite Quincy Market lies Faneuil Hall. Food stalls are located at the ground level. Red Barn Coffee Roasters is highly recommended by a lot websites.

It’s quite good and I think it’s on par with Starbucks coffee. My personal favourite would be their cafe latte 😀


Union Oyster House

This place gotta be the highlight of Boston food. It is just a street away from Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. It claims to be the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S. Its doors have been open to diners since 1826. You can read about their history here.

Due to its popularity and long history. famous patrons such as Daniel Webster and Kennedy Family were regulars here. There is also booth dedicated to JFK.

The meal here starts off with some free cornbread as appetizer. I must warn that this place is a little bit pricey hence check the price before you order.

We ordered lobster and oysters. I’m not a big fan of oysters as it grosses me out. However, the oysters here were fine. Lobster on the other hand was good. The way they served it reminded me of a dead cockroach.

For dessert, do order the Boston Cream Pie. It was awesome.

Some patrons had posted negative comments about this place. They complained about their price and lousy service. My experience there was good. I think it’s worth the money.

41 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: (617) 227-2750

Boston – Part II

Although I was in Boston for 5 days, I only managed to see Boston on the first day. The rest of the days were spent in the conference. We had meetings after meetings and receptions after receptions. I didn’t manage to take many pictures during those days.

On the first night of the event, I attended the conference’s Gala night. It was all purplish. I got to meet some interesting people and even sat next to a General Counsel of a big multinational corporation. I spent a few good hours talking to him.

One thing I notice about General Counsels is that they hardly give out their names cards. If you didn’t know, General Counsels are like in-house lawyers who dish out work to practicing lawyers. They are like shit to flies. When there’s a General Counsel walking around, lawyers would fly to them straight. Getting their name card is like getting gold.

Speaking about reception, there was one reception held at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and this museum has a collection of over 2,500 works of European, Asian and American art, including paintings, sculpture, tapestries, and decorative arts. All these were collected by one Ms. Isabella Stewart Gardner, a wealthy widow in the early 1900s. The museum has a few floors and each floor has a few rooms. Each room has different type of settings.

Mrs Gardner during her younger days. This painting sits in the museum.

When Mrs Gardner was still alive, she lived in the museum (it was only turned into a museum after her death). I was told that the settings and designs of the rooms were left untouched since her death. I must say that the museum was every women’s dream house. It has all the beauty in the world.

A garden lies in the middle of the building.

Anyway, to conclude my entry on Boston. The conference in Boston was quite enjoyable. Had good times and bad times. Will definitely go back there again!

Boston – Part I

After spending 4 days in NYC, I finally arrived in Boston to do what I was supposed to do in the United States. I was there a day early hence I had a little time to roam around the place before my 5-day conference. I knew that I wouldn’t have chance to roam around Boston during my conference. A minute rest is a minute wasted in such conference. If my body could function non stop, I would love to be in the conference non stop!

I stayed in Hilton Hotel which is nearby the well known Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. Almost every morning my colleagues and I will walk to the market for breakfast. These two buildings are now tourist attractions and primarily serve food and beverages.

In Quincy Market , there is a foyer where patrons can sit down to have their meal.

Clamp chowder is popular in Boston. However, Quincy Market only serves mediocre clam chowder.

There is also a Cheers pub. If you are born before the 90s, you will probably remember the US Sitcom Cheers. Quincy Market hosts a replica of the bar. The actual bar is located at Beacon Hill, not too far away from Quincy Market.

The Old State House Museum is a street away from Faneuil Hall. This is claimed to be the oldest surviving public building in Boston. Build in the 1700s, this building is surrounded by skyscrapers.

Just a few steps away, there is a small cobblestone ring to commemorate the Boston Massacre

To be continued..

New York City: Avenue Q

Before my trip to NYC, Timothy asked me whether I’m interested to watch a play in NYC. I said yes and he bought me a ticket to watch this play called “Avenue Q”. The ticket costs couple of hundred ringgit.

NYC is well known for its plays and those who wishes to visit NYC should at least watch a play. There are many theaters in the city and tickets can be purchased online.

Back to Avenue Q, the play is played by actors and actresses holding puppets. It’s like the adult version of Sesame Street. There’s singing, swearing, cussing and sex (puppet sex to be precise). It was nice but I didn’t like the lady who played the role of an Asian stereotype who speaks with an Asian accent. I find it degrading to Asians just like how Bruce Lee finds Mr. Tanaka degrading in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you’ve seen the 1993 film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, there was a scene where Bruce Lee and his girlfriend Linda Emery was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the theater. Bruce seemed upset with the stereotypical depiction of an Asian man portrayed by Mickey Rooney as Mr. Tanaka.

Anyway, back to the story. Halfway through the play, jet lag kicked in and I zzzzz-edd….until the end of the show. I missed 3 quarter of it!


New York City: The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Part II

So after the Egyptian section, I wandered around until I reached a room filled with all sorts of armours.

This is the armour of Emperor Ferdinand I of Germany. It’s been around since the 1500s. The interesting bit of this armour is the part below.

They have an armour for his penis!

The Greek section. Boring stuff. I’m not cultured enough to appreciate it.

2 men playing Liubo, a popular ancient Chinese board game during the Han dynasty. The exact rules of the game are unknown, but it is believed that each player had six game pieces that were moved around the points of a square game board that had a distinctive, symmetrical pattern.

This guy looks like George Bush!

Kwoma ceiling.

Gold pendants from Colombia 1 – 7 century. Still shiny after so many years!

A thousand over years old shoe. I did a throughout check on it to see whether there are any trade marks on it. Apparently, trade marks are used since the Roman days for swords. Interesting!