Near death experience

This happen on the night before i left Malaysia

Soon Loong and Jin Han had a little farewell for me at Cafe Happy. We had couple of beers and chips. I was supposed to fetch Melody from her place so that she could stay over. I left Cafe Happy an hour later.

Hen told me how his friend got caught for drink driving couple of weeks ago. He had to bribe the police RM500 to let him go. I laughed at his story. And now, on this faithful Wednesday night, I thought there wouldn’t be any police checks or blocks. I was wrong. While I was driving to Melody’s place, I was stopped for a Breathalyzer test. I panicked. I wanted to make an uturn to avoid the block but I’m worried that the police will stop me for making an illegal u-turn. I had an idea. Chewing gum would definitely kill the alcohol smell. Unfortunately, there weren’t any gum left. All i had is just a bottle of pikn (sour plum candy). I chomped down couple of Pikins before the test.

I turned lights on and opened the window. This would present me as a person good character and I had nothing to hide. The officer, without saying a word, immediately handed me the breathalyzer. I tried various ways to avoid blowing into the tube. However, the police spotted by mischievous act and ordered me to blow again. I blew and prayed hard. My heart beat even faster and I started to sweat. Within seconds, the result is out. The officer patted by arm and said, “go”. I never felt so relieved in my life.