Third payment from Nuffnang

Just as I was in dire need of funds to renovate my new house, I receive my 3rd cheque from Nuffnang. Last year’s advertorials were good. I was receiving two advertorials a month.

My parents passed me one of their houses to me. It’s a very old house and pretty run down. I had almost everything taken down and it costs me a bomb to re-fix the entire thing.

Many thanks to Nuffnang for the lifeline!

My second payment from Nuffnang

w00t! My 2nd cheque from Nuffnang!

When I received my first Nuffnang cheque, I used it as down payment for my mother’s car. This time round, I am also spending it on a new car. As most people would say, it is not wise to spend too much money on a car. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to replace my car as its getting too old. People will soon know me as the lawyer who drives the noisy worn down Satria.

The sum of RM7K is actually quite small compared to juggernaut lifestyle bloggers like Kennysia, Nicolekiss, Cheesie, fourfeetnine, ShaolinTiger, KY and so on. These bloggers probably have made 5 to 6 digits from their blogs. is a small blog compared to theirs.

For the benefit of blogger who haven’t made their 5 digits and also non bloggers, advertorials are the most lucrative source of income for bloggers. One advertorial could range from few hundreds to few thousands.

However, writing advertorials is no easy task. It involves a lot of creativity in a short span of time. Usually, we are given less than a week to write an advertorial.

Getting a brief to write advertorial is not an easy task. Most of the time it depends on your traffic and sometimes, your rapport with the blog advertising agency or media agency.

On another note, income made from blog is taxable. I dread the time to pay tax this year.

Churp Churp

Tweet Tweet, Churp Churp.. does these sounds familiar? If you don’t know, both of them are related to the well known social networking website, Twitter.

Churp Churp, a Twitter advertising network, has come to town. Now you can earn money by having a Twitter account. The payment structure is currently not clear as the website has only recently been launched. But you can check out the mechanism of this advertisement tool below.

Notwithstanding this brilliant method of doing business, some Twitterers are not happy with it. Some has gone into the extend of “unfollowing” anyone who automates their Tweets with advertisements. I, on the other hand, embrace this new media. When Nuffnang came on board with blog advertisements, it cause some resentment in the blogging community. Many complained that their favourite blogs have been commercialised. I think that the advent of Churp Churp on Twitter would suffer the same fate but eventually may become smooth sailing thereafter. All the best to Churp Churp.

Speaking about Twitter, Messrs Richard Wee Lopez has been appointed by the Bar Council to represent them in the inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock tomorrow. You may follow their Twitter for live updates.