3 years of blogging..

After 3 years of blogging, I encounted loads of weird people. During the first year of blogging, I had this friend of mine who posted anonymous messages telling me that my then girlfriend was cheating on me (and yeah it was with him though). And thanks to my website, I was able to trace his IP and found out that it was him.

Then there was one a guy named Jack Ng who nominated me as one of Cleo’s 50 most eligible Bachelors. Well, it would be nice if ONLY HE POSTED A BETTER PICTURE OF ME. GOD DAMN IT.

Then not so long ago, there was this crazy lady by the nick iloveu (if u havent read this, read it :D) who gave really weird comments such as, �I AM PREGNANT. DON�T DO IT!!�. No doubt she had mental illness as she insulted each and every of my friends and even threatened to hurt them.

However, blogging has its drawbacks. There were numerous times that I ran into trouble for the things I said on my blog. Harm has been done but it serves as a lesson for me.

But my utmost respect must be given to Gavin for being to take my shits. SALUTE TO YOU BROTHER! Haha. Speaking about bitching about people online, I used to read this blog who bitches about each and every of her friends. Further, she kept her identity known. No doubt she ran into trouble and lost many friends. And the best part is, whenever she bitches about people, she would go, �I don�t care if he or she reads it, it�s how I think bla bla bla�. Like helloooooo?? I strongly disapprove any slander online. I hope other bloggers will learn from that otherwise don�t be surprised with a 100 million dollar defamation law suit.

Obviously blogging has no doubt earnt me loads of new friends. Something that I would cherish for the rest of my life….

14 thoughts on “3 years of blogging..”

  1. yo xes, i fink i heard ur nickname before, on ircnet. U’re frens with wheimeng, and co-op with some guyz maintain some unix server selling “sea shells by the sea shore” right? correct me if im wrong, it was about 6 years ago.

  2. yea yea!! i support you!! and i will nominate you as the best blogger!! erm… hey, i didnt know that you are wheimeng’s UU partner ar?

  3. ah…the notoriusly annoying iloveu!eh…dont be surprised she reads this and makes a come back!!hahaha! =p

  4. afser: you can make TONS of friends by blogging ehehdi0n: mmm.. yeah actually i felt that this post was like a goodbye post kekedee: and yaeh..when u gonna blog? ahhahaGavin: cheepetgguni: thanks yo hahaasomeone: yeah iknow wheimeng and this website is actually hosted by him 😀 YUMMIe: keke telima kasih..and err..im not a Partner in UUsehsehlan: it was on a website!!! terjin: please god..no!! suilin:mmm…err..ehehehdigma: yeah wo abit emo..i felt quite weirda lsoivan: yeah man dont pray pray ahha

  5. I’ve had a lawsuit threat before thanks to something I blogged last time :)and god knows my friends put up with my blog more htan they should need tohaha…were u in cleo 50s? which year?

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