A Gift of Life

Have you ever wondered how your life would end?

I have. I envisage myself living at a ripe old age with a close knit family. Perhaps I have some memoirs published for my grandchildren to read. Maybe I can turn all my blog posts into a book. But I can’t seem to find a WordPress plugin that does that. But I’ve seen someone turning their Facebook into a real book.

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

I would like to die in my sleep and hopefully get to say goodbye to my love ones. I also hope to document my last few days before I die – just like my friend David Thong.

But I am sure what I wanted had been thought of by those who had demised before us. Many unfulfilled dreams remain unfulfilled and vanished upon death.

If my life ended early, I thought that I would at least do something good for the world before I leave. In doing so, I have decided to pledge my organs for donations. Basically, if I die, some one can have some of my body parts.

I have been told that some people believe that by donating your organs, you may lose certain organs in your next life. Well, if there is next life and if I were to lose them, so be it. It’s something for my next life to bother. In any event, a part of me still lives on.

Malaysia is extremely short of organ donors. Many unfortunate people are waiting for organs to survive.

If you would like to be an organ donor, you may now sign up online. Please visit http://www.agiftoflife.gov.my/v2/eng/register.php to pledge your organs today!

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