A Girl/Gay guy’s Toiletries

I’m going home for the Chinese New Year holidays. Half my bag consist of toiletries:

1. Facial wash
2. Toner
3. Moisturiser – day
4. Sunscreen
5. Foundation
6. Face powder
7. Bronzer
8. Blush
9. Eyeshadow
10. Lip balm
11. Lip gloss or lipstick
12. Lip liner
13. Eye liner
14. Mascara
15. Eyelash curler
16. Make up remover
17. Moisturiser – night
18. Body moisturiser
19. Deodorant
20. Hand cream
21. Tweezer
22. Cotton wool & buds
23. Shampoo
24. Hair conditioner
25. Hair mask
26. Facial mask
27. Hair wax or gel
28. Perfume
29. Mouthwash
30. Toothpaste
31. Toothbrush.
32. Nail clipper.

Did I forget anything? I’m already tired.
Happy Chinese New Year! 😉 Gong Xi Fatt Choy to all!

15 thoughts on “A Girl/Gay guy’s Toiletries”

  1. that’s a lot you got in there..
    my toiletries will consist of:
    1. toothbrush
    2. toothpaste
    3. deodorant
    4. hair wax
    5. cologne
    (soap, shampoo etc will just take from the hotel)
    did you forget soap? you already have shampoo and conditioner there..

  2. Happy CNY to all xes readers, hehehehe, GONG XI FATT CHAI, FATT ARGHH!!!
    p/s: i don’t gamble, but to those who do so, FATT ARGHHH!!!!hehehe,excited!!

  3. gong xi fa cai to bimbo and to all!!! Have a blessed year ahead…
    p/s, not all gays have that long list of toiletries or make it sound that vain for that matter :p

  4. guys would hv shaving cream, aftershave balm, leave-it-on hair moisturizer, and beard softener. Pubic hair shaver&scissors? Tissue paper? Duno wor.

  5. sounds like my toiletry/makeup bag when i go traveling too! hehehe….
    Those are all the important stuff man, can’t leave without them…
    Someone says I can’t be on ‘Survivor’ like that…. Well, doesn’t matter. I don’t want to be on Survivor.

  6. AHAHAHahaHAHahAHAHHA that’s why sometimes i hate travelling because i’m bound to forget something!
    yeah, i forgot the soap!
    it’s so much easier to be a guy, isn’t it?

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