Adelaide, Australia 2009

While I was in Melbourne, I made a trip to Adelaide for a wedding and also to MC the wedding.

Signboard at Melbourne Airport – don’t make jokes about bombs in bag.

Adelaide is a small quaint and tranquil city. Although it was summer, it was quite cold. It felt like winter! Thank god I brought a jacket along.

I stayed at the bride’s house. The groom house was about 8 houses away. The wedding was a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese wedding. We had the chip san leong ceremony (the tasks were pretty mild) and also tea ceremony. Further, there was also a church ceremony at an old church.

Check out the cute outfits! 😀

Moments after the bride threw a bouquet of flowers. Check out the lady on the right in pink dress…fightooooooooo…..hoorryuukueeennn…

The wedding was held in a restaurant of some sort of Italian related club. There was a dance floor for people to dance (not fengtau but ballroom dancing etc). A and I MC-ed the wedding. We made little preparation as we only confirmed our participation as MC a day before the wedding. Fortunately, we didn’t screw up.

My friends bought their own wedding cake! Looks tasteeehhhh

Lobster yo!

The wedding went well! On the next day, the groom and the bride brought us to Barossa Valley 😀 More details later

I was only in Adelaide for 4 days. The 1st day was spent on preparing for the wedding, 2nd day was spent on the wedding, 3rd day was spent at Barossa Valley and the last day was spent on last minute shopping. I overshopped, spent rm1600 on 2 suits. I won’t be buying any more suits for the next 5 years!

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