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I was one of the weakest kids in my primary school class. So weak that one of the nerdiest and weakest kids says that I’m weaker than him -___-

Being chubby and 126cm and 26kgs certainly didn’t help. Not to mention I was not academically smart. I bet my parents were worried sick to have such a poor performing child.

However, I was fortunate to have a group of friends who were very active in sports. Peer pressure helped me to be involved in sports and subsequently develop my physical ability.

My high school and post high school days were filled fun activity.

Football and basketball were my favourite sports during high school.

We played football in the evening at a park and in middle of the night at car parks (illegally). We also sneaked into condominium swimming pools and swam in our undies. Awesome memories!

We even got our own jerseys with names printed on it.

Then during university days, I spent most of my time playing basketball and going for Muay Thai classes.

My housemates at a basketball court in Sheffield. We used to walk a few kilometers to this court.

Now I’ve reach the big 3-0. My body is no longer as durable as before. An injury can take me months to heal. Back in the days, I could just sleep it off.

Notwithstanding the big 3-0, my weekends are still reserved for my sporting activities. Saturday is jogging day. Sunday is rock climbing day. Monday is futsal day!

All these sporting activities helped my health tremendously. I hardly fall sick. I’m no longer 126cm! If it’s not for sports, I may be as tall as fourfeetnine.

And another thing, sports brought me many friends. Many of friends actually originate from my sporting activities.

I wish I had taken many photos of all the sporting activities and friends back then. Looking at the old pictures while drafting this post brought back a lot of memories. There were friends long forgotten especially friends from the Muay Thai club.

Sheffield University’s Muay Thai Club’s first social event. I only remember the President’s name. That’s all. Aiseh

Learning from this experience, I suggest everyone to take pictures of their sporting activities and friends whenever they can. Those precious memories should be cherished!

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