Alex Woo’s birthday

Alex Woo, my Sheffield Uni classmate and also CLP classmate, invited me to his birthday party at his place. Even though I arrived late, I was in time for the cake cutting session.

The party was good. We drowned him with alcohol, then threw him into the pool and then drowned him with alcohol again. We made him drink beer, wine, sake and Martel.

We adjourned to his apartment after security guards shooed us away for being too noisy. We made him drink again but he was pretty reluctant to drink though.

Alex: I can?t drink anymore, I?m drunk
Us: pussy!

Us: you call that a sip? Tiu lei!! Drink more!!
Alex: I?m drunk (lies on the floor like a flipped turtle)

Us: my mother can drink better than you la
Alex: ? (lies on the floor like a flipped turtle again)

We had this card game. Anyone who gets the smallest card (2 of Diamond) has to drink. Poor Alex had 2 of Diamond for 3 consecutive rounds. No doubt he was fucked. We left the place after he puked his guts out in the toilet.

The morals of the story are:
a) Never buy excessive alcohol for your own birthday party unless you want to die of alcohol poisoning
b) Never held a birthday party next to a swimming pool unless you want people to throw you into the pool.

6 thoughts on “Alex Woo’s birthday”

  1. pennypupz: :)~~ why u drooling ah? ehhemichaelooi: heeh yeah god damn friends just want to see you suffer on your bday ehhefrank: i vaguely remember all my drunken bdays..siewlee: dont think he’s reading thischoon: yayaya rightttt.. and another thing, to that fucker who used my nick to post a comment here..screw you, i fucking despite those motherfuckers who uses my nick to post messages here, dont let me find out who you are.

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