After consuming 3 Panadols, I still have a massive headache. Last night, I was down with high fever and I felt like dying. And now, my back hurts due to moving heavy luggage last night. Uh, My body is over exhausted.

Despite that, I had some chorus to do before I leave England for good.

I finally packed my luggage for shipping today. The shipping company driver came over to collect my stuff. It would take about 1 month for it to arrive in Malaysia.

It was raining heavily today hence a hoodie was essential. I had to walk under the rain to get to Watson 16 to collect 120 quid from the new tenants for the sale of our TV and fridge. However, the cleaners threw loads of our stuff such as toaster, sofa, vacuum cleaner and rice cooker. Hence we suffered a big loss.

I also got my bank statement mailing address changed, bought loads of gifts for my friends and cancelled my phone contract.

Everything has been settled now. Cant wait to leave on Sunday 😀

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