All Ladies Just Wanna Be Young

When we were younger, we always wanted to be older to be treated like adults. From watching too many American programmes, we’d think that being Sweet Sixteen or 21 years of age was A Great Thing.
Now that we’re in the working world, we don’t want to be old or even look older than our age. When men mistake us to be in our late 20s or early 30s when in fact, we’re just 22, we’d be offended. Sniff. I hate being mistaken for being an auntie.
The other day, we found out that 2 of my colleagues, Mei Ni and Ke Ai, and I were born in the same year.
Ke Ai: OOoOoOooOohh, we’re of the same age, eh!
Mei Ni: We are?
Ke Ai: Ya, ya. Bimbo’s birthday in April*, she’s the elder one among us! Haha, I’m the youngest, just one week after Mei Ni!
Me: *thinking to herself* -__-
Just as another colleague walks by, Ke Ai excitedly grabs her by the arm.
Ke Ai: Hey! Guess what? The 3 of us are of the same age! CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE OF US IS THE ELDER ONE, and who is the younger one???
Me: (WHAT THE HELL! Must we compete with our looks?!)
The colleague looked at the 3 of us, as we stared back at her expectantly. “Er,” she started, “This is such a tough question…… Can I not answer this?”
If she had asked me, I would have told her I looked the youngest because they are just too petty like aunties. MUAHAHAHA!
Anyway, I bet Ke Ai was disappointed not to have been pointed as looking the youngest, since she asked!
*Bimbobum’s Imaginery Birthday.

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