Amsterdam here I come!

Amsterdam here I come! I just booked my flight and train tickets today. It’s pretty cheap, all together for less than 100 pounds but the problem now is, I don’t have a place to stay. I was supposed to stay with a friend and her family but they couldn’t get a place for me. And to add salt to wound, she told me about it today. My god, I was panicking, 2 days is not enough for to settle everything. And now, I’m homeless in Amsterdam. I couldn’t find a place to stay online. My only solution is to go there and find a place. But it’s hard to find a single room at a cheap price and its peak season now hence most of the places are fully booked.

What’s the worst could happen? I guess it’s just me sleeping on Central train station. Despite the unpleasantness, it might be a good experience, well sort of (I’m just trying to be optimistic). A friend of mine once told me that his friends who went backpacking around Europe slept at parks to save money. However, there was once someone used a knife to cut open their bags and stole their belonging while they were sleeping. Fortunately, they bought insurance for it.

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