Amsterdam – the city of sin: Day 1

We arrive at Amsterdam late in the evening. Everything was fine and we were pretty excited.

“Tiu” means ‘f*ck’ in Cantonese

As we were walking, there was one guy who offered to find hotel for us approached us. He took us around couple of hotels until we settled down at this hotel called Hotel Centre. It cost about 25 per night. It’s a pretty reasonable price. We put our stuff immediately and went to a coffee shop.

Our first dinner

» Weed, magic mushroom, prostitution and pornographic materials are legal. Weed ranges from hash to marijuana. They have many types of marijuana, for example, jack heror, black widow, white widow, and super skunk. The prices vary from types of marijuana. You can even purchase them in pre rolled joints or probably use the bong in the coffee shop itself.

magic mushrooms & a pack of weed

cannabis sativa!

» Porn ranges from gay, lesbian, animal, grandma and grandpa, incest, gangbang, rape, transsexuals, bondage and all the sick stuff you could imagine. They have shops sells porn dvd, cassettes, magazines and sex toys.

» Prostitution: blowjobs for 35 euro, sex for 50 to 65 euros (could be less if the girl really likes you), you are not allowed to kiss the girl, condoms are required even during a blowjob, the girls poses behind a glass door with a red neon light placed on top of the door outside their rooms, most of them are half naked usually in bikinis, no pictures are allowed to be taken in the red light district.

juleun *roar*

carl: *yea!*

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