Amsterdam – the city of sin: Day 4

Breakfast: salami, ham, dutch cheese and wholemeal bread
Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza

Words learned:
Bier = beer
Politie = police
Uur = hours
Automatisch = automatically
Instruction = instructiche

» Last day.

We were quite upset about leaving the place, seems like there’s still lots of things undone. We had our last session at Stone’s cafe (a coffee shop with Arabic designs).

stone’s cafe

We met this Australian girl named Carla. She’s been backpacking for almost a year. She said she was in Barcelona for few months and she’ll be staying at Amsterdam for another 6 months to work. woah man, I wonder when she’s gonna stop.

inside stone’s cafe – picture taken by carla

The trip back was pretty quick. It took us an hour to fly back from Holland to East Midlands and another hour to travel back to Nottingham by bus and another hour to travel back to Sheffield by train. The whole trip back home went smoothly with no delays. Anyway, all of us were pretty upset about leaving Amsterdam. We had a good time there. Everything is so much different and special, scenery wise and statutory wise. hehe. END

our favourite pizza place!

me with some statues @ Amsterdam airport

posing infront of the plane when we’re back in uk while carl looking sad 🙁

» misc. facts
We went to the Sex Museum; the exhibition ranged from Chinese ancient sex taboos to Fat French women having sex. There were also pictures of the real Casanova and Marilyn Monroe.

the sex museum

big dick!

There are a lot of dealers (mostly black people but I’ve seen a Chinese selling before) on the streets offering ecstasy and cocaine. BEWARE! Some of them are fake!!

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