Another Smartphone Review


To those waiting to get your hands on the new iPhone 4S to play with Siri, don’t need to wait so long. Speech recognition technology has been around for quite some time but brilliant marketing by Apple makes it looks like it’s Steve Job’s gift to the world before his death. The speech recognition feature in this phone is better than Siri. It recognizes Asian accents!


This phone is also more durable than iPhone 4S. Hen’s iPhone had a great fall.


With sheer brilliance, he salvaged the phone by putting a piece of screen protector to that the broken glass doesn’t stick to his face when he uses up the phone. SALUTE!

Another reason why I considered this phone is because their battery is removable. iPhone doesn’t allow users to remove their battery . Smartphones’ batteries nowadays doesn’t last long and they usually drain by the end of the day. Carrying an extra battery helps a lot.

Wondering which phone I’m talking about?

Well, the phone is no other than the Samsung Galaxy SII.

The Siri-like App that I was talking about

iPhone 4S v Samsung Galaxy S II

I’ve been wanting to get the Samsung Galaxy SII. Now with Samsung Galaxy Note in the market..Aiyoh..Need to do more research.

While browsing through the videos submitted at I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Website, I saw a lawyer’s video posted there. I know him cause I’ve done matters with him before. Very nice and jolly chap!

No, lawyers don’t lie!

Anyway, the part doing research in Court is pretty true. If you have an eLibrary with Dropbox enabled, that would even be more awesome.

I’ll be speaking on the Use of Technology by Lawyers at the Bar Council on 6 December 2011. Do attend if you would like to know something about legal practice eDocumentation, eLibrary, Dropbox and so on. Click here for the flyer.

Going back to the I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Website, it’s a user generated content website consisting of videos of users of the Samsung Galaxy SII. Do check them out!

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