Are You Confrontational?

I don’t know whether the title is apt for this post, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

You know the situation where you’re about to step out of the lift, but the people waiting to step IN blocks your way? And there are some who go as far as getting into the lift BEFORE you even step out?

I hate it when it happens. Once, I was so irritated, especially when a fat lady with small beady eyes and looked generally rude in nature did it to me. (Ok, I was being judgmental.) I told her off, “HEY! Can’t you wait for people to get out of the lift first, Stupid??”

C’mon, I was the ONLY person in the lift, alright, and was it SO difficult to let me out first? Bloody hell.

Naturally, Stupid being stupid, didn’t hear me. Damn. Unless she pretended not to hear me.

Another time, a young lady (like me) cut the queue and got in front of me at a buffet line. Shooting daggers at her did not help, because she pretended as if there was NO line. Bloody rude, don’t you think?

Especially when there were about 20 other people behind me!

“EXCUSE ME. Aren’t you supposed to be in the back of the line? There is a queue, you know!” I remarked.

She merely turned to look at me, while plopping food on her plate and said, “Oh, sorry!”

“SORRY IS NOT ENOUGH!” I said, irritated.

She just walked away.

I was so tempted to grab some food and through at the back of her head. But all I did was yelled, “STUPID!” at her. Damn.

I don’t know about you. What would or will you do in situations like these? Let them push you around?

A friend once told me that an idiotic makcik (auntie) double parked on an already narrow street. She walked out of her car and walked towards the nearby night market. My friend was so annoyed, as it slowed down traffic, and when he bumped into her in the night market, he told her off.

“Hey, makcik. You shouldn’t have double parked your car there. It’s making the traffic jam worse,” he said in a rather polite manner.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT, STUPID????” she screamed at him. “ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT???”


I’d probably would have done the same thing if were him!

7 thoughts on “Are You Confrontational?”

  1. just today, a lady cut da queue while i was lining up for buba tea. i was so mad until i wanted to tell her, KURANG AJAR! TAK TAU BERATUR AH!!. but i realise that getting worked up over menial things like this is a waste of time and good karma

  2. i beg to differ. imho some people require others to ‘guide’ them when it comes to manners/ethics. wouldn’t you be ashamed and profoundly humiliated when everyone along the buffet line start shouting profanities at you because you chose to cut the q? at least i would, and would definitely serves as a reminder whenever i’m tempted to be obnoxious and insensitive to the people around me.

  3. harm0ny: some ppl CAN be rather thick-skinned, though. i don’t know lahhh, sometimes it just depends on your mood and how you want to tell the person off, in a nice way or rudely.
    xes: hahaha, ya, i know that, too, so sometimes i secretly wish these sort of people will trip and fall and drop their food. mUaHahAHAHa!!!!!

  4. There’s so much to add…
    – I’ve seen so many separate cases of duo-motocyclists riding side-by-side each other chatting away while hogging the first lane. Hello~ Wanna chat… go home together and you can do more than just chatting. Can’t wait… get yourself a car.
    – Just like the toll funnelling effect, there are people are in a human queue who’d discreetly place a foot in front of you… then a shoulder… before the he/she becomes in front of you. *FUAH! The Incredible Teleportation Magic Act!
    xes: I’m worse. I always wish these stupid drivers on the road will get themselves into accidents.

  5. I have told off an old, fat, rich looking uncle for cutting into my line at a bank.
    He actually said (rather defiantly) “hey it’s just a short question ok?” and then looked at me like I was the mad one for making a fuss. I would have let him in if he had politely asked me first.
    As long as we don’t know how to observe decent manners and to respect the rules of a civilised society, Malaysia will always remain a backwater country.. sad to say. I don’t give a flying rats how much BLING BLING is dripping from your fat Uncle Genting neck- if you don’t have manners then you can be an uneducated hack.

  6. al’sera: yep, the list is never ending!
    mon: exactly my point. is it so difficult to be polite?
    chuoming: u probably look like a Big Brother or something ….. ;D

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