Asian Festival of Speed in Jakarta

AFOS comprises of the FIA-Sanctioned Asian Touring Car Championship, Formula BMW Asia Series, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Series and the latest addition single-seater race series, Formula V6 Asia by Renault.
In the past, drivers such as Takuma Sato (F1), Alex Yoong (A1GP & F1) and Narain Karthikeyan (F1), along with many others, were all participants of AFOS.
This year, AFOS will head to eight different circuits around Asia and once again the event will attract great media attention at each venue. In 2005 the AFOS TV programmes were regularly watched by an audience of over 230 million viewers in more than 65 countries. Over 197 publications worldwide carry regularly reports from all AFOS events.
On July 21st – July 23rd 2006, the race was held at Sentul International Circuit in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Of course I was not lucky enough to have covered the event, but Channel [V] was there! Lucky people, our VJs Paula and Sarah. ;P
The VJ’s were there interviewing and conducting vox pops with the various drivers to get them to tell us some interesting and fun facts of racing.
Question: What do you do when you need to go while racing?
Answer: They just go! (Most of them have this tube thing to pee in….)

HOT HOT HOT! Hot weather, I mean..
VJ Paula looking cool under the sun in her sunnies and a white outfit.

VJ Paula doing a balancing act in order to get up to height. Nice legs, Paula. ;P

VJ Paula talking to the Meritus driver before the start of the race.

VJ Sarah trying to get this cute guy’s phone number. Just kidding, Sarah! She’s just getting him to do an interview. ;D (But if you really were, can I have his number, too?)

VJ Sarah interviewing Karun Chandhok for India/Team E-Rain – Formula V6 Asia by Renault.
The poor guy was forced to retire the race with very high engine temperature on his car as a result of the long stoppage to save the engine than to risk an expensive failure which would almost certainly have been the result of continuing.

VJ Paula with the AFOS babes, all looking cool despite the hot weather!
(Stop salivating, you guys!)
This event will be aired on Remote Control on Channel [V] (Channel 72 on Astro) on 6th August at 12pm.
Check out Channel [V]’s website for repeats or anything else, like the male VJs. ;P

Note: The above pictures belong to Channel [V] and are published with consent and permission from Channel [V].

22 thoughts on “Asian Festival of Speed in Jakarta”

  1. At a glance… I tot Sentul International Circuit is in KL… Jalan Ipoh. I was shocked. I was like.. “since when the have a racing circuit there????”.
    What do you do ? Event managements ???

  2. bimbo : i tot u took from piffles site, issit?
    ahhhhhh~ vJ Sarah, i remember talking to her at the MNG fashion show i worked at, SUPER HOT, i was like, melting like butter…until my fren called my nickname theu the walkie cause smth happen in the back and they need help and my face turn red, lucky she dun understd hokkien.
    eversice then i can’t stop smiling (ok..not evrytime!)

  3. DKBU: i wish! if i was, i’ll tell you guys next time ;P
    Darren: ;D
    pokai: jeles? ;P
    Abalon: nope, from Channel [V]. ;D ahahaha…. she’s so sweet, man. sweet looking. ;P yer, i sound so hamsap.

  4. bimbo: je les aime: i love them in french….i noticed u called avalon=abalon hehe…u must be thinking bout something……sweet ;P

  5. bimbo : can’t blame endroo G to say tat, its true lol, she is wut..mid 30s-40s?
    pokai : yalo, they (xes & bimbo) always calls me tat, from a cool name to food.

  6. pokai: i thought its je te aime or something ma. you je les aime (in hokkien, “jeles ha mi?” = jealous about what?)
    anyway, abalon is sweet? ;P
    Abalon: hehe, right on… btw, i think Channel [V] gave a few ppl the pics la.
    Amos & MaL: wipe your saliva away! ;P

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