Asian Patents Attorney Association Council Meeting @ Hong Kong, 2009 – The Peak and Stanley Market

In each APAA event, the event organisers would set out a few excursions for participants to attend. Macau was one of the excursions but unfortunately, it was fully booked and they gave me my second choice, the Peak and Stanley Market tour. I had no idea where these places are as I didn’t bother to do research.

We were sheeped to Stanley Market through buses. The drive was pretty scenic as it was along a hill with a view of the sea.

However, Stanley Market was boring. It had nothing interesting to offer. The stuff was almost like those we have in KL except that it is in Hong Kong dollars. I had drinks at Starbucks with a Japanese friend whom I met there.

Notwithstanding the boring market, the view around Stanley Market was fantastic.

There were couple of mini temples and also a well known museum. Also, there is a bar with bank notes from all over the world stuck on the walls and ceiling on the place. The bar is called Smugglers Inn Pub.

After Stanley Market, we were dropped at a tram stop to bring us to the Victoria Peak which has a fantastic view of Hong Kong city and its harbours.

We also took a 45 minutes stroll one of the pathways. Initially we thought it was only 10 to 15 minutes walk but by the time we found out that it takes 45 minutes, we were halfway through the pathway.

After the walk was completed, we were treated with a nice Indian buffet lunch. The trip back was a treat for us as well as we get to enjoy scenic view of the habour.

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