Back from Amsterdam

I’m back from Amsterdam. It was a really goddamn good trip.

The ultimate highlight of the trip was definitely magic mushrooms. Abby, her sister and I shared a box of Thai magic mushrooms, with 2 sticks each (however, according to Ju Leun, 2 is not enough for hallucination). The raw mushrooms tasted really horrible. The effect came after an hour. I felt so relax, so comfy, so warm and so fuzzy. The bed that Abby and I were lying on turned to be the most comfortable bed in the world. The lights were off and I had my contact lens off (hence I couldnt see anything). It felt like the world was just within the bed. The feeling was so good, so, so good. So good that no words can explain how well I felt. I no longer felt tired, anger or worried but just pure happiness. I was in a state of euphoria!

Soon, our body shuts down. I could barely feel anything from my toes to my head and Abby can’t feel her legs. We couldn’t move our body. The only that was working, was our mind. We talked for hours. We whispered for hours. The things we’ve said, has never been said to anyone else.

However, all good things must end. I’ve no idea how long we talked for. It was like eternity. The feeling was so good that at one point I felt like dying. I don’t mind ending my life in the state of happiness. 😀

Coming down was hellish. My head started to ache and my stomach has a mint feeling on it and I cant really move. Abby on the other hand, had a massive headache and couldn’t move at all. I had to feed her water and take care of her. I’ve no idea how long the coming down effect lasted. All I know is that the next morning, I could barely wake up and felt dizzy and had a mild stomachache. Furthermore, mushrooms affect your erection when you’re at the stage of euphoria but it doesn’t really bother you when you’re at the stage, you’re just too happy to care.

Will I ever do it again? No, I don’t think so. This feeling is too good to be experienced often.

More updates tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Back from Amsterdam”

  1. weird isn’t it, my frens went to koh pangan. tried magic mushrooms and couldn’t feel a thing. You in the other hand went to Amsterdam like 10000miles away from koh pangan tried it, and got everything out from it. From your description, you went through a hell of a trip. Didn’t know it was that bad, guess it’s worse than ‘e’. Anyways can’t wait for more of your updates.erection? u mean u and Abby? unless.. u know know right.. hehehe 😛

  2. haha ah boy not being able to get an erection being with abby? some really powerful mushrooms, to say the least!

  3. mmm…mushrooms. its more visual than lsd and sometimes the way acid messes with your mind is too much. i’ll love to see the pics of mushrooms in amsterdam!

  4. 1st e always the best meh?:P my 1st e was nothing, but the later ones was GOOD! marhems, the way u put it as though the mushrooms sounds so so so good 😛 i wanna try!!! i wanna be in the state of rapture!! benhai, chris, we go koh pangan soon ok?:P full moon party 😛

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